A Thousand Years of Good Prayers

The film I played in is being shown in Europe and Los Angeles

"A Thousand Years of Good Prayers" (100 saal doaye kheyr) directed by Wayne Wang, has won four international awards. If you like to laugh, go see it. Starring Henry O, Pavel Lychnikoff, Feihong Yu and myself (Vida Ghahremani).




by Mardjan ghahremani. (not verified) on

hi my dear cousin vida ghahremani...
its nice to see your film ..im trying and trying and trying to download it but you know ?our internet speed is like a Turtle's speed..lol
unfortunately i couldn't download it untill now .but i'll get it as soon as i can..
your coomments are here and im looking them ,i see how sweet & funny are them nearlly about your past memories.
im so glad & really proud that you are my cousin......I rap about you really!!!!



Karimi-e aziz

by Majid on

I'm sorry if I go off the topic here, since you're not registered I can not send you a direct e-mail, but...

Are you talking about "Mashd Ahmad"'s store, close to "Se raah-e Takht-e Jamshid" ?

Find a way to contact me if you would please.

World is shrinking I think...LOL


I was in love with her or had a crash

by Once upon a time (not verified) on

that was when I was a teenager, she certainly is beautiful. I think I saw the movie Bolbol Mazrae with her and Majid Mohseni, or it could have been another movie, but truly a lovely actress.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

It is a small world

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear Ms. Ghahremani,

Congratulations on the movie. I look forward to watching it.

My mom says that your mother was her teacher at Sepehr High School in Abadan. It is small world.

With all the best wishes,



I love Vida Ghahremani!

by Nader on

Not only she is an absolute lady, also she is one of the best stage actors ever! (Most brilliants actors around the world have powerful & strong stage experience).

Her commanding presence on the silver screen is NO accident!

It's an honor to know this lady upclose and personal as well.

Vida khanoom ROCKS!

By the way, she is one beautiful woman inside and out (good looking and very down to earth). You guys must see her face to face to understand what I am saying!

In one sentence; she is a babe! (sorry Vida, but I had to say it).

Here is a tribute clip that I found on YouTube. The great Vida Ghahremani with a fantastic ColdPlay music in the background!

Enjoy it folks!!




Salam Majid jaan

by Karimi (not verified) on

I used to live right across from the grocery store (baghali haaj Ahmad) 2 blocks away from your house. Indeed what a small world.


Mrs. Ghahremani

by Majid on

It was so good to see your name here,

We were neighbors in Mohseni alley, named after your father "Majid Mohseni, and your mother was the principal in the school next door to our house!

What a small world!