Tehran street musicians

Accordion player from Gorgan and Zaboli dayereh player

Plays and sings with a warm and sweet voice on the streets of Tehran. Also a boy from Zabol sings with a dayereh.


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باد هوایه وطنم

Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified)

BAAAD E HAVAYE VATANAM is also very nice. I have that song with multiple pics on my desktop. A meant it says: baaz havaye VATANAM AREZUUST. But BAAD E HAVAYE VATAN is for me also a pure pleasure as well. I hope i can download this song too.
TO Mr. JOHN JOHN: Likewise performances are for me very valuable. I click on "IRANIAN" because of nice pics, nice real iranian music. sometimes i get repeated words of wisdom from Ferdowsi, Saadi on so on. I THANK YOU FOR ALL THESE and this is because I DO NOT WANT TO MISS "iranian". sO i MUST ALSO ACCEPT THE IRREAL REPORTS ABOUT ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF iRAN AND THE UNLOGICAL AND HATEFULL ARTICLES ABOUT THAT COUNTRY. i TRY NOT TO RESPONCE. BUT YOU KNOW? i HATE UNLOGIC AND uNTRUTH and just pure statesments without any proove. These sound then as words of Bushy Bushy and not words of Iranians. GREETING


First one sounds real good,

by پیام on

Way better than most of today LA-singers. He sings a bit in Abbas Ghaderi's tradition :) Plus he plays an instrument, way more than average LA-singer. Second one isn't that bad either.


باد هوایه وطنم



وطنم ارزوسـت


Very nice voice



by Iva (not verified) on

Very nice and entertaining.


Most street musicians make

by Anona (not verified) on

Most street musicians make me feel so sad!
I just hope and pray they won't bug these 2 much.


Missing Tehran

by Alireza467 (not verified) on

Akh....Wish I could be there right now. Nice.