Tehran: Another Side

Iranian-American goes back to explore Iran

Trailer for the soon to be released documentary film "Tehran: Another Side". The film explores the streets of Tehran, exposing a side of the people and culture that we don't usually see in western media. We pushed the release date to April 9th due to a few minor technical difficulties. I truly appreciate all of your support. -- Sam Ali Kashani, www.anothertehran.com


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I should narrate my Iran travel videos

by farrad02 on

It'll be yet another side of Iran, too! :)


Persian rap...

by sanazi on

is da best!


Persian Rap is Crap

by Reza1985 (not verified) on

Looks good and all but why did you have to ruin it with Persian rap. I'm sorry, I don't have anything against hip-hop and rap but Farsi as a language is not structured for that type of music. The flow of sentences and the tone of Persian words does not accommodate for rap.

It's much easier to rhyme in Farsi than it is in English, mostly due to our extensive use of various suffix endings the fact that you can break down the sentence and move the verb, subject and object around without loosing the meaning of the verse.

The reason rap exist is cause it's hard to rhyme in English, so to do it in Persian it's like solving a problem that doesn't exist.


I am sick and tried of these

by Ali (not verified) on

I am sick and tried of these "documentaries" about Iran and Iranians! Nowadays anyone with a camcorder and too much spare time, is showing us the "real image of Iran" or "another side" of it or goes "beyond the veil"....!

Can't you just go to Iran like you'd to Spain and enjoy the summer without interviewing people on the streets about nothing and making a documentary about them?!!!

What are we? your clowns?


Looks really good!

by IRANdokht on

It was quite an experience to see all the changes went I went back after over a decade ... I can't imagine how a young Iranian who was not even born there would feel.

I'll make sure to watch the whole movie when it's out.

Good luck Ali and thanks Party Girl