Tahmineh Milani: Park segregation

Film director criticizes plan for women-only segregated parks in Tehran

Tahmineh Milani, whose films focus on issues facing women in Iran, appeared on Iranian television and criticized segregation of men and women in public, this time with the allocation of a women's only parks... [( AFP) -- Tehran municipality has opened the "Mothers' Paradise" park in the upmarket north of the city to create a male-free zone every day of the week except Friday. Built on hills and filled with lush evergreens, it was deemed an ideal spot for any park. It is now surrounded by iron sheets up to four metres (13 feet) high to keep out prying eyes. Despite its instant popularity, the park has met with some disapproval, with critics arguing that segregation would not be the right answer to social problems including harassment in public places.] >>>


Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

RE:Milani is WRONG!

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

I went to the link that you provided on "women only buses", it is no longer available. It sounds like an isolated case rather than the rule. Also, Mexico is not a Theocracy and also rejected the Monarchy several times. Mexico is a Federal Presidential Republic. Religion is an important part for Mexicans but it is also a personal matter.

It has been my experience that there is only a seperation of genders as regards to bathrooms. Otherwise, there is no segregation.

Solh va Doosti


Rosie T.

Beesavad/All--I blogged on this last night. Please read

by Rosie T. on

B, thanks for asking for clarification.  I actually blogged on this last night and my  position tjere is clear as a bell.  The blog is called "I Want to Ride a Bicyle in North Tehran."  I explain why.  It is very controversial but I believe the issue of the park should be left alone because it is a double-edged sword which cuts both ways, and focus should be given to other issues, such as lack of staffing in womens' only hospitals, and the hijab police, etc., which are clearly and incontrovertibly disgusting.

Please see my blog on this issue here:



If Only We could have one in the USA!

by Persian Angel (not verified) on

Not that I'm a mother needing a "male-free" park, but the idea of having a harassment-free day sounds like Paradise!
Who is she kidding? She should come here to the USA where women are constantly harassed and intimidated and grossed out by nasty, disgusting, ugly perverts that are losers.
We should make alot of places just for women so we can breathe...


Rosie T

by Beesavad (not verified) on

I read your comments three times and I still don't understand what you talk about. Are you against it or not?



by yaas (not verified) on

What a brilliant solution; I wished, I had thought of it - a divided united Iran - I love it :)


What an enlightened woman

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

She really thinks clearly and extremely brave. The host I must say is an idiot.


cheaper alternative

by MRX1 (not verified) on

A better alternative is for the regime to build a wall from Noth to South and divide country to two sides. one side all women, the other all men! problem solved. Now all we need is islamists on this site to propose it to the regime.


I am a little bit disappointed with the host.

by hazratee on

She needs lots of training, with emphasis on communication.


Status of women in

by dfd (not verified) on

Status of women in Iran:



Bravo Indeed

by Samira (not verified) on

she is a wonderful person. and i am so happy she has the guts to say something like thhis, i am suprised however she didn't land in jail.


Bravo Tahmineh !

by yaas (not verified) on

Dear "Tahmineh Milani Is Wrong";

We need to cure the disease not the symptom. Mexico is not the oasis of a progressive civilization; why would you even use Mexico as an example? By segregating men and women, this regime is only adding more fuel to the fire; it's the archaic Islamic ideology that should be permanently abolished from an ancient civilization like Iran. The day, this tumor called Islam is removed from Iran is the day Iran will no longer need a segregated park to give women a chance to enjoy the outdoors without being policed by a bunch of thugs and hooligans like the die hard Islamic sidekicks of IRI.

I wouldn’t be shocked, if in not a distant future, this regime would start to publicly hang those young men who climb the walls to take a peak! Would you?

And, yes, there will be a new humanitarian group who will oppose the killing of peeping toms!

Rosie T.

Well of course she's right if she's saying having a women's park

by Rosie T. on

is GOOD in the short run and BAD in the long run. So it's good AND bad, can't go wrong with THAT stance. I'll just have to TRUST that that's what she's saying because I don't understand much of it, and if it is, well then, how on earth could she possibly be WRONG?

The way I see it (with my limited non-Iranian vision) is that of course there's been a progression toward more segregation of sexes which of course is BAD. but different types of segregation have both different practical AND symbolic meanings. Segregation in public transport, of male hairdressers from women clients and vice versa, and so on, those are BAD, they're JUST bad.   They close women IN.

But despite the walls, despite the segregation, there is still both a practical and symbolic FREEDOM here.   It's OPEN as well as closed, you can feel the WIND in your hair when you ride a bike, you can feel more sunlight on your skin. And that's WHY the park has so quickly become so popular.  Segregated subway cars are not POPULAR. And of COURSE the park is a double-edged sword and yes we all know who holds the sword, but sometimes,  at the end of the day, zire shamshire ghamesh raqs konan bayaad raft...that one I DO understand.  Under the sword of our sorrow we all must dance.  And bike ride with the wind in our hair.

This park is only ONE more incremental step toward the segregation the hardliners aim for, and in the end, they will either get it or they won't, so...why not focus on the buses, or the hairdressers, or the fashion police, instead of this park which these women FLOCK to because they so DESPERATELY want it?  Does anybody understand what I mean?


I support Tahmineh's position...

by Mehdi-Palang on

She doesn't disagree that having a women-only park would be nice, but she adds that this type of segregation is only going to be to the detriment of Iranians in the future.  I agree with her call for more education and less gender-based segregation.

 I think she handled this interview well.  I hate how the video ends with the interviewer asking her about her kitchen.

(Iranian women are so much more than there kitchens)


The interviewer is Chris Matthews of Iran.

by Anonypishi (not verified) on

She does a wonderful job to interrupt people.


Islamic Republic of Hookers

by IRIOH&DA (not verified) on

Islamic Republic of Hookers & Drug Addicts

Read it and weep:



Opinionated & Strong Lady..

by hey (not verified) on

She is one of the greatest Iranian film directors and script writers, with beautiful movies such as Do Zan, Nimeh-ye Penhan, Zane Ziyadi

I have had opportunity to meet her in couple of Iranian mehmoonies in east cost. What a strong and opinionated lady. In one gathering about 4-5 US PHD guys started discussion with her in regards to situation in Iran. How amazing she was defending her argument... with her strong logical reasoning she almost hanged them on the wall. I won’t forget her last statement that "you guys are sitting here in your comfortable worlds complain and criticize people of Iran for not doing anything and she finished the discussion with

دَم ِ گود نشستید میگید لِنگش کْن . ."

She truly deserves couple of those honorable PhDs


For the commentato calling himself " Milani is wrong"!!!!

by Tahirih on

Separation of bathrooms and dorms is called " privacy" , having public parks segregated is ignorance!!!!!!!and not trusting people to control their urges , treating them like animals not being able to control their sexual urges!!!!

You can not even find a decent name for yourself:))))



واقعا این خانم مجری باعث تاسف شد!!


این خانم مجری برنامه یا گوینده واقعا بنده رو متاثر کرد. اولا که به کلی از نقش مصاحبه گر و حرفه مصاحبه کردن و راه و روش مصاحبه بی خبره! و یا اینکه روش مصاحبه در برنامه تلویزیونی که صاحب اختیار آن رژیم حاکم و وزارت اطلاعات آن هستند همینه دیگه! و خوب این خانم هم به جای مصاحبه بی طرفانه به بحث و جدل میپردازد. و حتی بعد از اینکه به جواب خانم میلانی اعتراض کرده (!) و با آن مخالفت کرده و ایشان (خانم میلانی) مودبانه با دلیل و برهان جواب کاملتر میده که شاید خانم مجری روراضیش کنه، ایشون با کمال بی ادبی به مهمان برنامه متلکی میاندازد که بله خانم میلانی مرغش یک پا داره!! تو فقط یه جایزه پولیتزر باید واسه پررویی بگیری خانم!  انگار نه انگار که خانم میلانی با منطقش جواب خانم مجری را داده و این خانم مجری هست که اصرار بیهوده میکنه! مسله دیگه که به طرز دردآوری آشکار بود اینکه از نظر سواد و پختگی ومنطق و سنجیدگی سخن، خانم میلانی یک سرو گردن که چه عرض کنم، سه چار بنج تا سرو گردن از این مجری خانم بالاتر بودند و سرتاسر این مصاحبه این نابرابری را به نمایش کذاشته بود !  

البته بنده مطمینم که این خانم مجری در گوشی و از اتاق فرمان خط میگرفت و بدون شک مجبور به دنبال کردن دستورات به اصطلاح کارگردان یا تهیه کننده برنامه بود (بخونید مفتش سازمان امنیت!) و بعید هم نیست که این خانم هم به قول معروف مامور است و معذور و ته ته دلش شاید هم با تهمینه خانم میلانی موافق باشد!  انشاالله که همینطور باشه!




by MILANI IS WRONG! (not verified) on

No segregation is not GOOD or BAD, there is a PLACE for segregation and a place not to.

We have WOMAN and MAN bathrooms, that is a SIGN of segregation, is that bad? If it was up to Milani she would make them co-ed? Why is it even in US they make DORMS in universities men and woman seperate?


these neo-crazy feminists cant understand this


Thank you Ms. Milani

by goftegoo (not verified) on

Ms. Milani I cannot agree with you more.

If your interviewer dos not have the capability of understanding the long term effect and gravity of the situation, perhaps by your attempt(s) to enlighten her and others (even if you have to repeat the same thousands... of times ) I believe, for the final verdict there is still 'hope'.

As long as we have women such as yourself.

Thank you.



by Anonymous user (not verified) on

Bravo. If only more people had her courage!


Good regime

by XerXes (not verified) on

Produces good artists and intellectuals. Now go support your regime before you get stuck with another Egypt like system that the US wants to bring for you.


The Islamic regime of Iran

by sdf (not verified) on

The Islamic regime of Iran hates its own citizens and it wages a daily campaign of oppression, harrasment and abuse against women and young men and any body who wants to be free. The more repressive they become, the sooner the system will fall. Look at the moral police harassing women and men in the streets.



What a brave and wise woman.

by Tahirih on

She is absolutely right ,segregation has never worked,and never will. Boys and girls need to grow up  together to be able to see each other as humans not  as sex objects.

I am very impressed by her courage.

Zendeh bad shir zan.




Milani is super

by sad (not verified) on

Milani is super intelligent...What a fantasic woman.

The interviewer is an uneducated/lompan fati komando. It is also obvious that the younger generation have been fed lies and propaganda about the pre-revolution era.

Iran will be a Taliban state in 15 years without any resistance. Keep people ignorant and they will obey you like dogs.


To "Milani is Wrong"

by kishmish (not verified) on

So segregation is good? Well I was in Iran and I got much more harassed by men and their matalaks and veshkoon for no reason than I did in a western country wearing a skirt and no hejab. So segregation in Iran has really helped hasn't it! As Ms. Milan says it's just mosaken to cover the problem. That country is so messed up and it's funny how the people defining it are the ones who go on short trip visits for fun and think everything is just great.


The Interviewer

by Kishmish (not verified) on

That interviewer is dumb or what. Where did they find her . I just can't get over her idiotic stupid questions. Milani is so good and smart and professional and well put together.


Hats off to Ms. Tahmineh

by desertlion (not verified) on

Hats off to Ms. Tahmineh. It is nice to know there are people like you in Iran.

The interviwer is right because she has not experienced life without segregation. Obviously, for her going to the park and be able to do what she wants to do without Fatmeh commandos harrasing her is a BIG FREEDOM.

However, Ms. Tahmineh, being very well educted and "donya dideh" believes this is not a big deal! Woman should be able to feel comfortable anywhere they go not just a particular park.

In short, this interview shows the difference between life during Pahlavi era and Mullahs.
The more suppress a human being, the more he/she will disobey. One of the many reasons the men like to harras women. The men are full of shahvat and no where to empty them!!!!

one more point, the interviewer's job is to inerview not supress the guest's opinion.

I was really shocked at the end when the segregation subject was changed to kitchen design.


Een Bache Por Roo digeh Kiye????

by Mani321 (not verified) on

Ajab rooee dare? Hay mipareh vasate harfe Milani. Yeki be een boz majeh yad bedeh ke mardom be aghayede mehman alaghe daran na be aghayede een bache por roo.

Babak Khorramdin

Bravo Mrs.Milani

by Babak Khorramdin on

این مجری خجالت نمی‌کشه که مجدند وسط حرف خانم میلانی می‌دوید...حقا که خلایق هر چه لایق

رو رو برم میگه "" اینجا شما به راحتی فیلم درست مکنید و صحبت مکنید""

واقعا خجالت نمی‌کشی مسخره !!!!!!

دروغ و ظلم و ستم تا به کی؟؟؟؟