Sultan and Islam

"When You Criticize Their Prophet, It Is As If You Chopped Off Muslims' Noses" -- Wafa Sultan

Arab-American Psychiatrist Wafa Sultan Blasts Islam, the Prophet Muhammad and Sheik Al-Qaradhawi, and States.



Re: Azarin Sadegh

by Anonymous Mosalman (not verified) on

You know nothing about me, so don't pretend to be smart saying that I 'confirmed your point'.

Mosalmans like myself don't like people who attack our religion. It doesn't matter if they do it savagely and bluntly like Wafa Sultan or gently and politely like yourself.

You and Wafa Sultan are both the same kind of people but only express your ideas in different ways.

Azarin Sadegh

Dear Anonymous Mosalman

by Azarin Sadegh on

Thank you very much for your clear response. You just confirmed my point :-) Azarin


Re: Azarin Sadegh

by Anonymous Mosalman (not verified) on

Boro baba. Khanoom jan, avaze sher goftan, beh Wafa Soltan begoo shortesho bekeshe bala va doorogh nageh. Ajab doniyayeh?


re: A Muslim woman (or whatever), a bit of logic for you

by Anonymous honest (not verified) on

Be honest. Wafa Sultan is an enemy of all moslems and Islam. So if you are a 'Muslim' as you claim, then you can not possibly love her! Unless you love her as an enemy, not as a 'savior'.

So, why don't you tell us what your real religion is? Christian, Jewish, Atheist or what?

However it is understandable that sinners and liers like and support each other. Logically it makes sense for you as a sinner and a lier to claim to be "A Muslim woman" and support that witch. Makes sense?


I don't care if she....

by Anon1 (not verified) on

....criticizes Islam. But I am wary of all those who do such w/o criticizing other religions as well. That's when it gets hairy. That's when I smell a rat!

Her criticism of Palestinians and Syrian government and remaining "mute" on Israeli crimes makes me wonder if mossad is signing her pay checks to be such vocal critic of Islam leaving crimes of Christianity in history and crimes of Zionists today unnoticed!


Pandering and pimping to be fashionable

by Anonymouse on

She is not brave. That would be the first reaction, wouldn't it? I posted my comment as a blog.

Azarin Sadegh

to Anonymous Mosalman: Problem with your comment

by Azarin Sadegh on

Your comment is a wonderful example of the main problem with moslems that this little story (true or fiction..i don't know) explains so well...enjoy!

از اسرار اللطيفه و الکسيله  بي اخلاقي مسلمانان راز

و "خواجه نصير الدين " دانشمند يگانه ي روزگار در بغداد مرا درسي آموخت که همه ي درس بزرگان در همه ي زندگانيم برابر آن حقير مي نمايد و آن اين است :

در بغداد هرروز بسيار خبرها مي رسيد از دزدي , قتل و تجاوز به زنان در بلاد مسلمانان که همه از جانب مسلمانان بود . روزي خواجه نصير الدين مرا گفت مي داني از بهر چيست که جماعت مسلمان از هر جماعت ديگر بيشتر گنه مي کنند با آنکه دين خود را بسيار اخلاقي و بزرگمنش مي دانند ؟

من بدو گفتم : بزرگوارا همانا من شاگرد توام و بسيار شادمان خواهم شد اگر ندانسته اي را بدانم .

خواجه نصير الدين فرمود :

اي شيخ تو کوششها در دين مبين کرده اي و اصول اخلاق محمد که سلام خدا بر او باد را مي داني . و همانا محمد و جانشينانش بسيار از اخلاق گفته اند و از بامداد که مومن از خواب بر مي خيزد تا هنگامي که شبانگاه با بانويش همبستر مي شود , راه بر او شناسانده شده است

اما چه سري است که هيچ کدام از ايشان ذره اي بر اخلاق نيستند و بي اخلاق ترين مردمانند وآنکه اخلاق دارد نه از مسلماني اش که از وجدان بيدار او است.

من بسيار سفرها کرده ام و از شرق تا غرب عالم و دينها و آيينها ديده ام . از "غوتمه ( بودا ) "در خاورزمين تا "ماني ايراني" در باختر زمين که همانا پيروانشان چه نيکو مي زيند و هرگز بر دشمني و عداوت نيستند

آنها هرگز چون مسلمانان در اخلاقشان فرع و اصل نيست و تنها بنيان اخلاق را خودشناسي مي دانند و معتقدند آنکه خود بشناسد وجدان خود را بيدار کرده و نيازي به جزئيات اخلاقي همچون مسلمانان ندارد

اما عيب اخلاق مسلماني چيست اي شيخ ؟

در اخلاق مسلماني هر گاه به تو فرماني مي دهند , آن فرمان " اما " و " اگر " دارد .

در اسلام تو را مي گويند :

دروغ نگو ... اما دروغ به دشمنان اسلام را باکي نيست

غيبت مکن ... اما غيبت انسان بدکار را باکي نيست

قتل مکن ... اما قتل نامسلمان را باکي نيست .

تجاوز مکن ... اما تجاوز به نامسلمان را باکي نيست .

و اين " اماها " مسلمانان را گمراه کرده و هر مسلماني به گمان خود ديگري را نابکار و نامسلمان مي داند و اجازه هر پستي را به خود مي دهد و خدا را نيز از خود راضي و شادمان مي بيند .

و راز نابخردي و پستي مسلمانان در همين است اي شيخ کسلان ....



God bless her and give her more courage to speak

by A Muslim woman (not verified) on

Wafa Sultan will lead Middle Eastern to freedom

More power to her.






by sadegh on

It's absolutely hilarious how many of the twits on this site try to have their cake and eat it. If you desire to point out the antiquated and 'barbaric' notions and anecdotes present in the Quran and the Hadith, then let’s be fair, and denounce the calls for genocide in the Old Testament, the murderous and blood-soaked Crusades, Martin Luther's (the father of Protestantism) anti-Semitic rants which many scholars have argued later formed the basis for Hitler's Mein Kamf, St Paul's fanaticism and religiously sanctioned violence – i.e. religion must be propagated at the point of a sword, the Vatican's unabashed imperialism and later complicity in the Holocaust, the spread of Christianity by military means through the Roman Empire and European colonialism, and finally of course Jesus's very own fanaticism - the man allowed himself to be killed, crucified in fact, and died a painful, long-drawn out miserable death out of a grand delusion that he was the Son of God - hmmmm, sounds like fanaticism to me. Should we regard the cluster bombs and hail of bullets murdering innocent Palestinian women and children as the ‘true’ emissaries of the Jewish faith??? Or how about Bush’s F16s as the properly ‘Christian’ vanguard?

I think largely because many Iranians are so astoundingly ignorant about the history of the rest of the world, so narcissistic and parochial that they prefer to brag about achievements and platitudes in which they played no part (I’m referring here to the many neo-Nazi self-proclaimed "pure bloocded Aryans" who roam these web pages). I AM NOT SAYING THAT ISLAM AS IT IS PRACTICED OR EVEN ASPECTS OF ISLAMIC DOCTRINE WHICH DATE BACK TO THE MIDDLE AGES SHOULD NEVER BE CRITICIZED, BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE LET'S PUT ASIDE THE INSIPID ORIENTALIST MYTH OF ISLAMIC EXCEPTIONALISM. Every religion has had adherents who advocate extreme violence, even Buddhism for crying out loud. 

As regards 'Islam' and the wholesale branding of it as 'barbaric' by the simplistic bigots in our midst, it might be helpful to repeat a very insightful reply I once read here on "think of your grandmothers (that is of course if your grandmothers were practicing Muslims or even had possessed faith which impressed itself on the way they lived their lives) and the religion they practiced". Are you then denouncing them too? Are they responsible for death and destruction across the globe, much more of which has been the result  of American missiles, cluster bombs, and the armaments supplied to its allies, Israel, Egypt, the Contras, but also the spread of Wahabism directly as a result of petrodollars furnished by the Saudi monarchy? Were your grandmothers fanatical drones calling for the annihilation of all those who opposed 'Islam'? Did they lack humanity and compassion? Seriously, is this what it has come to?

What the hell is 'Islam' any way? In Indonesia for example 'Islam' coexists with such diverse cultural practices as animism and various other rituals, so I challenge any one but a dogmatic fundamentalist to provide me with a coherent adumbration of 'Islam's' definitive ontological status. Please enlighten me????!!!! 

Finally Zion - any one who has become acquainted with you regular rants on this site knows that you are a zealot. Right off the bat let me state in no uncertain terms that I am a secularist, and that I detest all forms of anti-Semitism - it's advocates and proponents make be sick to my stomach. Your hypocrisy, however, is so depraved that I was incapable of holding my tongue. My friend: if we denounce an essentialist interpretation of 'Islam' we must too denounce an essentialist interpretation of 'Judaism'. And I for one do!!! If one wishes to work within the limited framework of the Old Testament qua TEXT it is a pre-eminently 'barbaric' and 'primitive' religion. Really quite disgusting, and God features as a vengeful and demented psychopath throughout. These are the facts (on the basis of a literalist and unyielding reading), if you need reminding, I suggest you turn your attention to the works of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Israel Shahak...You want to be literalist, then let's be literalist with respect to ALL RELIGIONS. As a god-fearing individual (I really pity you) you should know better than being a dead-to-rights-HYPOCRITE.

I choose a different path. I realize that there are multiple forms of all the world's religions, whose followers and practitioners can’t be summed in a video of several minutes (that is the absolute arrogance of so many people here, they are so conceited as to believe it possible to condemn and compact an entire person’s belief system in a pithy Youtube clip; pathetic in my opinion is the only word for this woeful micromanaged Youtube world we today find ourselves in). There is no overarching meta-narrative that exists for any religion which are inescapably shaped by political, historical, cultural and economic forces. They have their mysticisms, their humanisms and their intolerant, barbaric fundamentalisms, which by the way, is itself a consequence of modernity – as far as I am aware there were no ‘Islamic REPUBLICS’ in the Middle Ages. Only historical ignorance and outright bigotry lead us to think otherwise and perpetuate the right-wing ignoramus's myth of the unsullied past and present of all religions except 'Islam'. 

Ba Arezu-ye Movafaghiat, Sadegh  




by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on

bashing will make the Iranian secularists and monarchists truly the below comments to understand that.

but if there's anti-Judaism or anti-Christianity bashing taking place in Saudi Arabia/Iran...these same secularists and Monarchists would be outrage.

talk about hypocrisy and defense of selective free speech.

Wafa Sultan is as courageous as Ann Coulter.


Is IRI kinder compared to the Free World?

by Iran lover (not verified) on

Maybe showing this video is a part of the proof! Can't you see?!

Maybe they should start showing anti-Jewish and anti-Christian programs in Iran from now on. Shouldn't they savagely attack those religions and those people like they do to Islam and moslems here in the so called free world? Shouldn't they?

But that will not happen because maybe IRI is good and kind to those minorities, unlike some of the pigs and pig eaters here in the free world.

Iranians, you have now seen the proof. It can not get any better than this!



by amazing (not verified) on

We need more courageous peolpe to disect Islam and get the naked truth out. I think specially iranian muslims should rethink about islam specially what they did to our country and look at us now we have gone thousand of years backward. Iran was once the country of braveman and brvewoman with first established human right and equality between men and women. Islam is a cult, a very unforgiving and unspiritual cult.

Just making a comment from a zoroastrian.
Please refrain from making comments to me as I will not respond to you. Just try to be tolerant to other peole's opinion without imposing anger and judgment. So many peolple up to now have been tolerant to Islam without agreeing wit it!!



by nefleh (not verified) on

god bless


Re: Americbear4you she does

by true/false (not verified) on

Re: Americbear4you

she does believes in Jesus and he did predict coming of Mohammad, i.e. another profit. As punishment she should be forced to marry a Muslim!

where did you learn this bit of info?? In Koran or in Madrassa.

Your statement is categorically false. Please read the bible and history of Jesus.


To: All Please refrain from

by Anonymous00 (not verified) on

To: All

Please refrain from innuendos and name calling. If you can refute her assertions, please do so by substantiating your rebuttle. If you can't, then you're not fooling anyone.


Another non-moslem with hidden agenda

by Anonym (not verified) on

Yet another pro Zioinist, pro neo-con, islamophobic non-moslem given the right to speak her displeasure and hate against moslem people and their religion freely.

Why don't they bash other religions in this so called free world?

There is nothing brave about her. She would be brave if she tried to attack Israel or Jewish-Christian radicals in her words

She is not the first and she won't be the last. All these people do is to give islamists fuel to embolden and gain strength.


Wafa Sultan is a typical

by Ali1234 (not verified) on

Wafa Sultan is a typical example of the new breed of Israeli propaganda agents; self-hating Muslims or "ex-Muslims" putting all the blame on their own people.

The power of propaganda is quite amazing; The Bush gang has invaded two countries in the last 8 years and caused the death and destruction of over a million lives, they have occupied Iraq and draining it resources, Israel is holding people hostages in their own towns and starving them to death! Yet they find a way to blame the violence on the "religion" of their own victims!! They go back 14 centuries in time to blame it on the "life-style" of their prophet!! They try to make this mess look like an "ideological" battle between modern democracy and religion!

It is so shameful that this kind of hate propaganda always has a forum and a supportive audience on!


IT is not the religion it is the people

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

Islam is a philosophy, it is a doctrine, it is a religion. Like anything else in life it can be interpreted in many ways. Any religion can be very dangerous and lethal by the people who lead t and preach it.

Unfortunately we have been behind in progress and understanding Islam. The reason is because Islam has been written in Arabic and many people do not speak Arabic. Therefore, they rely on people for interpretation.

The other reason is many of the countries that have Islam as main religion are countries ruled by dictators who use Islam and religion for their dirty work.

Most of the Muslim countries have also been former colonies of the European countries. Therefore, most these countries have high illiteracy rate and uneducated people and again they rely on interpretation of others.

She is very wrong in depicting and criticizing the religion the way she is doing. Again it is not the religion. The crimes that Chrsitianity has commited against humanity are far greater than what Islam has ever done: the crusader war, the killing of 6 million Jews and responsible for 2 world wars. They forced native and aboriginal to accept Jesus or they would be beheaded.

Therefore, this type of propaganda is not healthy and wrong.


A remarkable and brave woman

by yetanotherexmuslim on

With all respect to Muslim delusionists, She is not making up facts.

The cruel murder of the woman she is talking about whilst she was feeding her baby is part of Islamic history and recorded by historians such as Tabari. There is also a section of Quoran with regards to poets which is dedicated to such an event. Basically she was a poetess who was critical of the genocides conducted by Mohammad and she was assasinated.

These events were recorded because every aspect of Muhammad's life was seen as just. This mentality of not questionaing the actions of thugs, theives, rapists, slave trades such as him and this utter submission under the force of sword, or mere ignorance is what has been the destructive nature of the Islamic part of the world.

It is regrettable that some people's brains has become so beaten into slave mentality that there is no shred of logic left and they do not question such events and still call themselves Muslems. Learn the facts about Islamic history and come to your senses!


How do you know?

by innocent bystander (not verified) on

How do you know that she is speaking the truth? Her truth is as good as you want it to be. I understand (but don't agree with) the obsessive hostilities of Zion, Fred, CS, Kadivar and a few others against Islam but all such rhetorics apart you guys are as emotive in your judgment as Ms Sultan is. In the realm of belief, as I am sure Zion would agree - as he is simply a believer and not a rational thinker - scientific thinking plays no part. Ms Sultan is like many neo-liberated muslim women has a chip on her shoulder and feels belittled by the misinterpretation of her father's faith. So she, rebels against it. As simple as this. If we believe that she has no other agenda up her sleeve, all she has to do is ask herself if there are other versions of the stories she is qouting and if so, how thruthful those stories are.

The problem is that despite her so-called scientific schooling she remains as prejudiced as Al-Kardawi.


The Ideology Behind the reaction

by kalvaks on


She should go public

by amirkabear4u on

It is her democratic right to express herself which is also very good which she has done it. Because for a very long time I had this believe, that the Islam our grandparents learned was different to the one we all see today and she proved it. I only wish they broadcast her comments and similar ones more openly. You all want peace don’t you, this is one way of doing it so everyone will know this is a pre-arranged miss guiding and activities in Islamic societies. If you talk to your older generation of your friends and family they will say that this is not what they were thought. For sometimes I have been wondering if there are any new print of Koran and other Islamic books. Sultan has proved it that there are. You don’t believe me then this is it. She mentioned about reading that a woman’s paradise is under her husband’s feet. Well all Iranians know that the expression says, “paradise is under mothers’ feet”. I never heard what she said. She also mentions Mohammad’s life is all raids and wives. What does she read fiction? Does that make sense the entire Islamic society since 1300 years ago been so out of touch to mention their profit’s raids in any book OR has she been reading recent books? It all indicates she had bad education? And regretfully there are a lot of people like her who dislike religion mostly because of if you like this new Islam or recently printed books.

But then she is not much different from her opposition which are fanatics. She wants to open up Muslims skull and clean it. Well this sounds like a dictatorial action too. She does say that she can’t harm an ant but wants to open skulls. She sounds very confused too.

But not to worry there is at least some hope for her because she does believes in Jesus and he did predict coming of Mohammad, i.e. another profit. As punishment she should be forced to marry a Muslim!


My hero

by nema on

She is simply my hero in Arabic world. We need more brave women like her to bring about peace and education, harmony to human kind.Thanks for sharing



School of Hard Knocks -

by kalvaks on

What caring bunch you are ? Let Moslems learn for themselves! What do you care ? You are not Moslem! Psychopathic constructs and artifacts are facades and not a manifestation of Islamic values.

How grotesque? While US and Israel murdering Muslims… some are busy blaming Islam for it i.e. “Islam makes for bad Moslems”…

Look at the Iraq war. Specifically, look at the Abu Ghraib incident and ask; what kind of a mind set (religion/culture) takes joy in inflecting pain to another human being. Or for that matter what kind of a mind set can allow for use of Depleted Uranium in a cold and calculated action that can bring total destruction of a race.




by AnonymousHaha on

Thank you for comparing apples vs. oranges for us again. Maybe the toofan is actually in your head and that is why you can not think straight.



Islamist proving her points yet again!

by Fred on

The agnostic Islamist proves her point refers to the “agnostic” Islamist proving Dr. Sultan’s point. This too is yet another proof of her points about the brilliance of Islamists. 


RE: Fred

by ToofanZeGreat on

Its a He, not a She. Toofan is a male name in Iran.

and your the perfect example of a pre programmed robot, a tool, an ant that works without questioning whats being fed from the queen.

In other words, your the problem in the grand equation of humanity.



Yes, who doesn't know this?

by Koohnavard (not verified) on

Yes, who doesn't know this? if you want to become famous, get attention and be supported in the west, just start criticizing Islam. You get publicity, will be regarded as brave and intellectual, will probably get citizenships and even bodyguards, and all the possible supports.
Especially if you are an artist or writer.

Now, really brave is the one, who goes to the west and starts to defend the real Islam, which has nothing to do with Akhoonds, Talibans or Barbarians.


The Islamist "agnostic" proves her point

by Fred on

The self proclaimed agnostic‘s defense of the Islamists replete with the usual Islamists’s use of sexual acts as a put down/weapon of terror is virtually indistinguishable from those of the garden variety rabid Islamists. 

Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

I would like to know what has caused her to choose the truth over her own life...I wish her the best! Azarin