Suhaila Salimpour

Dance artist and instructor

Performs a modern belly dance. Learn more in her website:


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2 out of 5

by jirjirak (not verified) on

Where do I start!
1. She has no Bellydance boobs.
2. She has no bellydance butt.
3. She has no bellydance belly.
4. She hardly ever moves her waist and legs.
5. Her hand movements are copied from Egyptian paintings on the pyramids
6. She's obviously trained in America
7. She should at least see 2 videos from Jamileh.
8. she should gain 10 pounds to have a female shape.


dear Bahram9821

by Souri on

! I was looking for you 

? Could you help me please to find a song of Farrokhzad

It's called " Dive Tanhaee" , I will copy part of the lyric here to remind you. I  am desperately looking for this song in s CD, no way

I know the name of the album is the same of the song but don't know even the name of the poet who said it. Here it is 

با صداي رفتنت ستاره افتاد و مرد
ترس تنهايي اومد همه فكرمو خورد
آخه عادتم نبود بتونم تنها باشم
طاقت آوردن من كار سختي شد واسم
مي‌ديدم با رفتنت چشم بارون صفتم
واسه يك لحظه شده نميذاره راحتم



با نوشتن نميشه همه حرفامو بگم
روي كاغذ با قلم حس دستامو بگم
حرف آخرم اينه واسه من هميشگي
خبر اومدنو كي مي‌خواي بمن بگي

? Would you please help me with that 



by bahram9821 on

Here is a clip of Jamileh dancing, I am not a belly dancing expert, but she is pretty good.


I do agree with Hmmm...

by Souri on

But the score is 4 out of 5 for me.

I find this girl very beautiful and her movement very charismatic. Her dance is great too, although not a very authentic belly dancing, but there's something modern on it combined with the oriental dance charm, and I just loved it. 

Indeed, she is very beautiful and seems she loves what she is doing. Why being so critical all the time ? BTW, I wish I had her outfit, what's wrong with her abdo ? Guys, you seem too exigent to me :O)

Ah, another question: why  her name "Suhaila" sounds Arabic ? Is she really Iranian or not ?

ebi amirhosseini

Majid jaan,

by ebi amirhosseini on

oomadi nasaazi haa !

Invite you to Caspian restaurant,Gaithursburg,For a delicious persian food & real belly dancing.

When? let me know.



Where is the smoothness of Belly dancing??

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

i have seen quite a few professional belly dance performances....they are usually A LOT more smoother than this...she seem really rigid...almost like if she didn't have that outfit on there was absolutely nothing in her dance....i love belly dancing but i have to admit i got bored watching this


Nice, room for improvement

by Hmmm (not verified) on

Pros: Very attractive, mostly smooth moves on the hip

Cons: Several stiff moves, especially on the upper body. Moe rattling hip moves needed.

Score: 2.5 out of 5.

PG, where do you get these videos. Where does Soheila work? :-)



by Majid on

In my humble opinion she looks much better than Jamileh.

Jamileh is so.......... hezaar o devist o....... Ahmad shaah !

AKA ....Baazaari pasand. 


Okay so she's no Jamileh

by desi on

Okay so she's no Jamileh  but her belly?  Baba kojayeh een khanoom chagheh?  You guys must be married/dating women with some serious abs.  If that's the case khosh be haletoon.

Irandokht Jan:  But does your outfit have her She-ra Princess of Power strappy arm bands?  



by Anonymous Promenade (not verified) on

This dance was very unflattering. If a person's profession is being a mathematician they should know what two times two equals to. In that same regard if this woman is a professional BELLY dancer then at least she should have a more pleasing belly.

kaleh dar

Send the lady back to the school !

by kaleh dar on

Belly dancing school, that is. Also some lipo suction of mid abdomen would be helpful.


OK, fusion...

by sima on


Far be it from me to require "authenticity" but you gotta have technique. No problem mixing ballet, jazz (musical theater), modern and belly dance but... you gotta have technique.


thanks PG!  there were

by IRANdokht on

thanks PG!  there were some moves in her dance I had never seen before. It must be a fusion belly dance


PS: Desi Don't worry  I'll let you borrow mine :0) 




by Bol Hassan Danesh (not verified) on

... I found Suhaila Salimpour's dancing performance as one of the best. The setting, the music, the movement all went together in great soothing harmony.

Suggestion for improvement: She needs to work on her belly to shrink it in ways it is always attached toward her back glued and not forward. This dimension adjustment will magnify her erotic appeal to a great extent to the point that she becomes virtually etable from head to to in the current world of scarce resources and diminishing fresh food supply...

Having said that now let me continue finish my stake with this awesome october fest dark beer...simply delicious!


ما را

امیر کبیر در قصر سرخه حصار درحال جمع آوری گردو (not verified)

مارا بیاد خاطرات قدیم انداخت. مخصوصا سرسره ناصرالدین شاهی.


Where do I get that outfit?

by desi on

Where do I get that outfit?