Star Spangled Blues

Gita Saedi tells her story of a once pacifist cousin serving in Iraq

Through memoir, archival footage and a distinct American beat, Star Spangled Blues asks the hard question of why we fight war. Gita Saedi, an Iranian-American, weaves a narrative telling her story of a once pacifist cousin serving in Iraq; of the rise and fall of two empires that span centuries; and of optimistic hope through her son and the next generation. The 8-minute essay film contemplates family, peace, war, freedom and American values. The film was made as part of the International Documentary Challenge, a timed filmmaking competition in March of 2006.


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Great video!

by IRANdokht on

I like her calm voice, her candid views and  sound reasoning. She's right, we haven't evolved much as human beings...

Hope Darius is now back and safe.

Thanks Part Girl :0)