Soraya of Persia

Former queen in 1964 Italian film about her life


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by Larry (not verified) on

I am not Iranian, but have tons of Iranian friends. One of them is related to Soraya. Very beautiful woman. So, why did Shah divorced her? I just watched her complete channel on Searchles: //


The most damaging aspect of the Shah

by Davood Eshaghzadeh (not verified) on

The most damaging aspect of the Shah's private life was not his divorce with Queen Soraya. His homosexual activity with this Ernest Perron that is even mentioned in the MI6 database. See:
If the British intelligence service mentioned him, then this guy really existed.
Even the Iranica, the Iranian Encyclopedia printed in New York mentions Ernest Perron, as the Shah's "private Secretary". What does "private" mean?
We can only conclude that this Swiss guy was not only getting tea for the Shah but was also servicing the Shah sexually.
In todays world we should not be shocked, the Shah just lived an alternative lifestyle. If the Shah had changed the laws of Iran and made Homosexual marriage legal, who knows, maybe Ernest Perron would be Iran's Shah today.

Darius Kadivar

Kambiz K Thanks ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Personne n'est parfait ;0)


Soraya of Persia

by Kambiz K. (not verified) on

Aghaye Darius K; since we're being nit-picky on spelling, it's "it's" not "its." :)


"I Want To Weep Like Soraya" ...

by maghshoosh (not verified) on

... or "Je Veux Pleurer Comme Soraya" is a 70s song by some sentimental French guy commiserating for the travails of the ex-queen, which you may listen to at

Darius Kadivar

Gee Abarmard You gave me an Erection ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Well for once we agree !

Except its spelled Throne not Thrown ;0))



A true beauty

by anon22 (not verified) on

What a beautiful lady she was indeed.
Very sad life. I wonder if it's the bad Karma of what Pahlavi's did to her that the current pretender has yet to produce an heir. There is talk of making his eldest daughter a queen by changing the constitution but in that case why not Princess Shahnaz who is after all the eldest daughter and is of Royal blood from both sides and I belive has a son.

Shame how MRP's grand children from Shahnaz are forgotten.

By the way if you people call Farah a peasant (she was from a very notable family) what would you call the current queen Yasmine? I belive she is of lower stock!!!


what I can do ?

by hajiagha on

in stupid Iranian history or life every things is all abut drug's. money, we lucky Iran change under islamic mullahs .relative of shah rich and happy and rest of Iranian poor


Shame on you

by سرباز كوچك (not verified) on


Off with their heads

by Farhang (not verified) on

All I can say about monarchy is: Off with their heads!


she was beautifull

by MRX1 (not verified) on

from what I underestand she was shah's true love.their seperation must have took a toll on him.Had he known back then what the future would look like, he might have stayed with her who knows. thanks for the clip.



by Ayatoilet (not verified) on

Compared to Princess Soraya whose beauty was obvious, Faezeh's beauty is mainly covered and hidden, her beauty is in essence a sleeping beauty, just like Hazrate Mahdi, who awaits an awakening. Long live the Queen.


Why not

by Abarmard on

To declare a girl, the Queen of Iran? Now that would have been a forward move to advance the mentality of the people.

She could not have children and that's understandable, but generally the great idea would have been to change the constitution that a girl could inherit the thrown.


All Iranian Queens are beautiful

by Imperial Lion (not verified) on

Her majesty the queen Farah and Soraya are both beautiful and each one with a different destiny.

What is this with the Shah being a closet man?! This is just an old stupid non-sense propoganda by his opponents.


Soraya Esfandiari was wronged by the Pahlavi Royal Court

by farrad02 on

They could have fixed the problem and given them a kakol zari boy in one of several ways!!!!



by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

Classic! How on earth did you read anything about size in what I wrote?
talk about dig be dig....LOOOL! And then you can see my nose through the screen? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Darius Kadivar

I Tre Volti aka Three Faces of a Women

by Darius Kadivar on

Nice Find Party Girl

This is Michelangelo Antonioni's film made in 1964. Soraya played three different parts and in this one she plays her own self. As Princess Soraya chased by Paparazzi's in Rome.

Learn More Here.

Stardust Memories...: Princess Soraya's Hollywood Temptations


Her Accent

by Faridj (not verified) on

She has a mild Isfahani accent! Her persian side was from the Bakhtiaris in Isfahan.


Was Shah a closet man?

by Anonymous eruni (not verified) on

This is a first time that I hear the Shah was a closet man,but the rumor that I heard while I was in Iran was that Farah was in love with the actor George Hamilton and our own beloved pop king Viguen.This is true or not I do not know.


Farah was a nobody. Soraya was a Real Princess

by Edward Tehrani (not verified) on

The autobiography of Soraya was thought provoking. She detailed the wierd life of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. In her book she detailed that, a foreigner, by the name of Ernest Perron. This individual was mentioned in Ashraf Pahlavi's book, "Faces in the Mirror", Witness: From the Shah to the Secret Arms Deal: An Insider's Account of U.S. Involvement in Iran
by Mansur Rafizadeh, Pat Golbitz (Editor), and General Hossein Fardust's 2 volume autobiography.
Ernest Perron was the Shah's lover. Several years before the Revolution, A book was published titled, "The Shah's Husband, Ernest Perron". The subject was also mentioned on this site see:


It seems that his closest friend in Switzerland was Ernest Perron, the son of the school's gardener. Perron was ten years older than Mohammad Reza. Upon his return to Iran, he insisted on bringing Perron with him. It is truly amazing that despite his father's strong opposition, Mohammad Reza managed to keep Perron at the court. Although the Shah never mentions Perron in his books, their friendship lasted for more than twenty years. According to Soraya's diaries (published in Persian), the Shah consulted him on an almost daily basis. Perron left Iran in 1953, apparently following American insistence on the removal of such a constant source of rumors.

-Other sources write that Ernest Perron died in Iran under questionable circumstances. Hossein Fardust mentions that Perron was a member of the British intelligence service.


no one knows what future holds for him!

by Anonymous eye (not verified) on

The poor shah went through 2 marriages because his ex wives could not have a son for him so he would inherit his monarchy.After marrying Farah Diba finally he had a son,but unfortunately life had other plans for him.Anyway Soraya Bakhtiari was very beautiful compare to Shah's other brides.By the way she was collecting a very nice alimony after Shah and her divorced.


Drop dead gorgeous.

by desi on

Drop dead gorgeous.  However not much of a thespian.


To Anonymous 77

by NR (not verified) on

You know what, you don't call anyone retarded peasant no matter how big a sentence you have in paranthese. Read your comment again. You make no sense lady. You're offended by Farrah's cheekbones?
Well then, I'm offended by the size of your nose.


I'm not even a royalist or rather MIGHT have been

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

if it hadn'tbeen for the current brigade of plebs.

But Soraya was regal in her own way. What a fate of beauty.
Makes me laugh somehow, when that retarded peasant (I have nothing against peasants, but peasants who pretend that they are not peasants) farrah figure trying to have her cheekbones fixed and no amount of surgery does it.Such a retarded primitive idiot. LOL


can u tell me what is this clip for?

by sheyda (not verified) on

can anyone tell me what this clip is for?
its really interesting and what surprised me was that they were speaking in farsi ,soraya was doing movies in italy but not in farsi!!!!
i would appreciate some info on this clip.