The Soldier and the Road

Short film by Nahid Ghobadi

Towards the end of 2007, when our fears of a military conflict between the U.S. and Iran were at their peak, Cultures of Resistance resolved to use images and stories to continue building a cultural bride between our two societies, even as our governments ratcheted up their language of war. We made contact with award-winning Iranian filmmaker Bahman Ghobadi (HALF MOON, TURTLES CAN FLY, A TIME FOR DRUNKEN HORSES), and discussed how best to go about this. We decided to commission five up-and-coming Iranian filmmakers, two of them as young as 10 and 13, to produce a series of short videos on the themes of war and peace. Ghobadi's company, Tehran based MIJ Productions, co-produced. About 'The Soldier and the Road': This quiet film speaks to universal feelings of loss during wartime; without saying a word. An elderly woman makes a long hike through the snow-covered hills to meet a soldier at the side of the road. What she receives from the soldier can never replace what she has lost.


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Very artistic

by Mehdi on

Very talented people. Thanks!


More Blood

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

Thousand and thousand of Iranian boys ages 14-25 died in the bloddy 8 year war against Iraq.

Who was behind it?

Iranian Regime
Iraqi Regime
Gulf Countries
USA and the so called civilized European countries

The same countries mentioned above excluding the Iraqi government this time are yearning for another war against the people of Iran.

More blood more pain


Good one

by Assadi (not verified) on

Thanks. A very nice short film.