Shiraz mosque explosion

Not a terror attack, Iranian authorities say

BBC: At least 12 people have been killed and more than 200 wounded in an explosion at a mosque in southern Iran (April 12, 2008). Authorities in the city of Shiraz were investigating the blast, which some early reports had blamed on a bomb. But a local police chief told Fars news agency that he had ruled out sabotage, and that "negligence" involving old war munitions might be the cause.



It was an accident. If the

by Anonymous9 (not verified) on

It was an accident. If the government wanted to blame someone and use it politically, they could have. Easily. Im actually impressed that they haven't blamed us (The Baha'is). Maybe they are doing their job.


The truth is that the

by Ali Reza (not verified) on

The truth is that the mullahs probably planted the bomb in the mosque. Watch. More of this may happen. They have a target in mind. The mullahs will blame it on the bahais (fear that people are starting to defend bahais), kurds (fear of viable kurdish statehood), or sunnis (will be called agents of the west in a proxy war in iraq). The mullahs will lay the ground work for a terrible oppression against one of these targets. if it is bahais, we all have to worry, because their non-violent position will make them suseptible to the greatest dangers. These are signs of the desperation of a corrupt and despotic iranian government. the saddest thing is we deserve so much better.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Stupidity and ignorance are not fatal diseases. Otherwise, Choobe would be in a funeral home.

This IS an Islamic act, Choobe. It's an act of cowardice and terrorism at the hands of sociopathic savages who call themselves Moslem and use Islam as a front for their trash.

Moslems have killed their own since the beginning, as if one village idiot had a clearer picture of God's idea of Islam than another village idiot.

What happened is sad and sickening. And it was likely at the hands of people who are hopefully in the carpool lane on the freeway to hell right now. Then again, that lane is filled with many more sick bastards like them, so maybe there's a traffic jam.



It makes me sick to...

by Arya Pournourbakhsh on

It makes me sick to see us blaming the Bahai, the Jews or other people for everything wrong in our lives and beloved Iran.  How are we going to have our country back if we can not respect one another?  I know many people from many faiths that are good.  A handfull of bad apples don't make the whole box bad.  Is it OK to call all Iranians terrorists?  Stop this nonsense.  Let's get along.  Hate is a desiese that can be cured.  Look in your hearts before judging others.  Try a bit of love and respect.  We don't need this.  We are Iranians.  we are not rednecks!  May God have mercy on the souls of the ones that were killed in this tragedy.  May He watch over and heal the injured.  God Bless Iran.

A. Pournourbakhsh



by Shahyad on



Choobeh Eslaam = Choobeh Do Sar Gohi

by Islamish Kardi (not verified) on

Can you stop to blame Bahai, Jew, Turk, Kurd for everything. Based on the latest news, they are blaming Shirin Ebadi to be Bahai as well.
Shirazi Jan, Shirin Ebadi is a Jew, bahai, or Kurd. Please let us know.
I think, all of the above people are willing to take her with open arm.
You keep your low life Arab lover, Dozde, Adam kosh Akhound.

The most scary part of Iran is not Akhound and Bunch Low life Mullah rather these people whom support them.
Mullah is milking Iran for every Rial. They are shipping all of it to thier Masters in Dubai. After 30 years, people blame Israil, jew, Chirstian, Bahai, Turk, Kurd, America, Inglis, Faransa, Alaman, and everything between them for lack of progress.
World is looking on how to send human to Mars and beyond. Mullahs debate, how to go to Tolet left foot or right foot. Since 1979, We fall behind 140 countries. We have to kiss rear end of bunch of Arab to allow us to join the stupied Orgnization of Moslem Countries.
This is Sad... If you live it to Mullah. They will switch the name of Ostan Fars to Ostan Arabaha.
Hamechi Shoa, Isalmish Konid


Name Just ONE Bahai act of violence..

by Brotherhood (not verified) on

Dear Shirazee Hamavatan,

Please don't repeat the lies you have heard from Mullahs or other uninformed people. The head of Savak (General Nasiri) was NEVER a Baha'i. Nor was former Prime Minister Hoveyda. Hoveyda's GRANDFATHER was a Baha'i in the mid-19th century. But neither Hoveyda nor his father were Baha'is. If you have ANY RELIABLE proof to the contrary, please PRESENT IT TO THIS FORUM. And reliable proofs, don't necessarily include an ANTI-BAHA'I publication but one that people on this forum would consider UNBIASED. Otherwise, I humbly ask you to be fair in your judgement and do not simply repeat what you have heard from others. Thank you.



by JAVIDIRAN (not verified) on

May their soul rest in peace. This is so unhuman to kill before in their holly place and during their prayers.


How sad

by lili (not verified) on

How sad.

Whether accident or not, many people have died and many more are injured...

As in any circumstance resembling this one, many are devastated, bewildered and full of sorrow.

I will pray for the departed and for the injured and their grief-stricken families.


You've been had!!!

by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

I'm always amazed at how irony and humour seem to be missing from Iranian character, at least judged by the people who frequest this site. Choobe Eslaam is just having a little ironic fun. Lighten up, folks!


Nadias you are right

by Abarmard on

As always :)


I don't think there were any

by Sad (not verified) on

I don't think there were any groups, just an accident (I hope)!!!!

My condolences to the families of the victims.


az ghadim goftan: Karma is a

by Persian_Pride (not verified) on

az ghadim goftan: Karma is a bitch ya chah nakan bahre kasi, aval khodat badan kasi!


خوب مگه

Anonymous123 (not verified)

خوب مگه نميخواستند شهيد شوند ? الان فرشته ها دارن براشون " شربت شهادت " مي يارن . ديگه چي ميخوان ?


No academy awards here...

by Donya (not verified) on

Is it me, or did this look totally staged?


Israel, US & UK the axis of evil started their war against Iran!

by gol-dust on

Of course they are behind it! It is now their proxy war against Iran! it happens just after the general accused iran of killing americans! Read the book by Scott Ritter "Target Iran". He told us so! Now stop the distraction by calling everyone else as the culprit! Of course, iran is lying about the cause since it wants to prevent panic! Israel is the real enemy of Iran and the main culprit! Down with Israel and Lieberman!

Mona 19

Re: Shirazie ~ We are told...

by Mona 19 on

... to show the utmost love, rectitude of conduct, straightforwardness and sincere kindliness unto all the peoples and kindreds of the world, be they friends or strangers ~Bahai writing

NO HUMAN BEING ENJOYS WATCHING ANY KINDS OF MISERY,TYRANNY,INJUSTICE, TORTURES....which are happening (happened) to other people( NO MATHER WHO THEY ARE)...Baha'i are forbidden to carry any kind of weapons.(We use our tongues and pens) WE rather be killed than take away other people's lives.

We are told "
If others hurl their darts against you, offer them milk and honey in return; if they poison your lives, sweeten their souls; if they injure you, teach them how to be comforted; if they inflict a wound upon you, be a balm to their sores; if they sting you, hold to their lips a refreshing cup."~ Bahai writing

LOVE,PEACE for all





history of Shiraz

by phushang (not verified) on

Shiraz has been sad for about 1400 years now, the whole iran actually, after the arabs slughtered all the hamshahries. You still celebrate their victory over the hamshahi, sad indeed.


Name Just ONE Bahai act of violence..

by Shirazie (not verified) on

The head of Svak ( shah's secret Police) was a Bahai.

So I could not name one act. But name 3200 of them, including family members.

Do not get me wrong, I think they are wonderful people. But it is shameless for youto Joy in death of Hamsheris.

History of Bahi's is sad one in Shiraz


Chobeh Eslaam you are so wrong .

by Tahirih on

Bahaullah in the kitabeh agdas says:

""Ye have been forbidden to commit murder or adultery, or to engage in backbiting or calumny; shun ye, then, what hath been prohibited in the holy Books and Tablets. "" We as Bahais do not raise arms and Jihad is forbiden for us,so how could we  get accused of bombing a mosque??? Just tell us once when we have killed anyone ? Your prejudice and unfounded hatred is so obvious. Tahirih


Does anyone Know Nazi parties original name?

by Freidoon (not verified) on

I give you a hint.. It had something to do with a Cross.

The Nazis and Adolf Hitler are commonly thought of as representing the antithesis of Christianity and Christian values.

Crusaded was also a Muslim thing?

I met bunch of French in South Africa that ran away from other French (has something to do with a Cross again)

Getting lectured by bunch of redneck, gun loving, baptist bitter folks is getting very old. Their last lynching was a Jewish men in Georgia in 1970's.

And for those Socal Iranians who have became a Christian. Do not fool yourselves - you will not be accepted. You will be called "Iranian Terrorist" - Real Iranian Christian are Armenians.

The sadest part of seeing a bombing my beloved hometown is that the Southern Iranian Mullah's always marched to the English Union Jack.

In the 60's there were similar anti Suni sermons by Mullah's in Kazeron , Ahwaz and Shiraz.

Shiasm is rumored to have been started by the English during the Savfie era. We all have heard that.

What is the Solution? NO Religion -


And here is a great lesson

by Majid on

See guys?? 


See how one, just one idiotic comment get you all wound up and how easy you all got off the topic !   

Never ever under esitimate the power of IGNORANCE and IDIOCY!

Specially in numbers.


 LEARN! FOCUS! and know your PRIORITIES! 





by Nadias on

Several people died and many were injured by the explosion. Whatever your religious or political ideology.............they are your people...................Iranian.

Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)



Where is Imani to provide

by antarshenas (not verified) on

Where is Imani to provide chooboleslam some facts about brother killing!

Insider job and here is why,
The wise clergy has done a good job making the whole world the enemy and put the country on anhilation watch, well thats the best they can do.
Now the last thing they need is another wise clergy to preach hate, (something they'r really good at)against another violent sect of islam which is right next door! And since they donot know how to talk this is how they communicate with each other!!


To Choobe Eslaam

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

You are either brainwashed or have serious problem depending on your childhood.What are these nonsense??? Kurds have been one of the pillars of foundation for the birth of Iran. You are nothing but an racist savage, and an uneducated individual. As for turks (Iranian Azeri's) they are all shia, so are Kurds from kermanshah...


Where was Allah to save you?

by fozool (not verified) on

God's will.
isn't it?!
god wanted you to die.
isn't it?
in his house. sending you all to heaven.
isn't it?


This is the funniest Joke Ever

by Bazam Islamishkardi (not verified) on

So Mosalmona don't kill eachother.
Let me start with saying, there were One Million Iranian and Iraqi died during Iraq and Iran war. last time, I checked both Iran and Iraq are Moslem. Buddy, You need to go and visit Behshteh Zahara and find all the dead people.
Islam is all about killing and nothing more. Tell me one word in Koran about peace. Tell me one of Islamic leader tought about peace.
Islam is the problem. I think, too much Arab blood boiling in you. You need to go and live in Dubai and kiss your Arab's Buddies. There is no place for people like you in Iran.
last time, I checked, all the people blow up themselves were moslem.
Islam is most hated religion in the planet.


to Choobe Eslaam

by 99999999999999999999999 (not verified) on

Muslims never killed each other...this is so funny...i am a muslim and you can even say that I'm a Pro-IR but what u're saying is total crap...Who are Turks??? if you mean Azari people, you must be one person said, Bahai's, eventhough i don't like them, don't act like this, because they are not killers...and I doubt Kurds would do something like this...kurds are more iranian then anyone, that only leave Mojaheid Khalgh, the traitors of Iran, and sunni baluch's which are connected to al-Qaeda...or who knows...but i definitely know it wasn't Bahaie or Azari or Kurdish people...and don't talk crap Choobe Eslam...Muslims never attach Muslims...look at Iraq right now...muslims are killing each other because they have small brains like yours.


Name Just ONE Bahai act of violence...

by faryarm on

Just ONE..


Khalkhalee never killed anyone

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

At the begining of the revolution accused criminals were arrested by the authorities. These criminals had their day in court. A lot of these individuals were then pardoned. Many SAVAK men after the revolution and a pardon worked for the "Dastgah Ettela'at", the IRI "FBI" agency. The Shah's best friend, Hossein Fardust was one of these individuals. Convicted criminals depending on their crimes were sentenced to death. Naji, Rahimi, Nassiri, Moghaddam, Hoveyda some of the people who were executed. The Shah and the Pahlavi family had fled long before the revolution. The Shah was the last to leave on January 16, 1979. When the Shah was asked by his Generals if they should shoot down Khomeini's Air France plance the Shah gave a Farman (Royal Order) that Ayat'Allah Khomayni must land in Tehran. The interim government of Bakhtiar fell and independence day was February 11, 1979. Bakhtiar fled to France. In the early 1990s Bakhtiar was killed by a friend who came and visited him. That friend killed Bakhtiar with Bakhtiar's own kitchen knives. Bakhtiar met Saddam during the Iran-Iraq War and gave Saddam all the military locations in Iran in return for a leadership role in Iran if Iran would lose the Iran-Iraq war. Bakhtiar was expelled from the Nationalist Front by Mehdi Bazargan and Karim Sanjabi.
Let us not forget the Shah made a pact with Saddam to abandon the Iranian Kurds. The same Shah gave up all Iranian rights to Bahrain.
Historians view both Bakhtiar and the Pahlavi Dynasty as traitors to the Iranian people.
In 1980 Mohammad Reza Pahlavi died in his new country of citizenship Egypt. His children and wife were given Egyptian citizenship. And the story of the monarchy ends there.
The Shiraz Masjid deaths and injuries are a shame. The police in Shiraz should do more to help secure domestic tranquility in Iran.