For Shamloo

Shahin Najafi & Tapesh-2012


یه مرد که واژه ی مردو رو سفید کرد

یه مرد که مرگو واسه انسان بعید کرد

یه دشت بود که کوه پیشش زانو زد

یه مرد به شکل اسطوره ای هر درد

خط بطلانی بود روی تز سقوط عشق

اون تموم واژها رو دوباره تعبیر کرد


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Kouroush Sassanian

Thank you!

by Kouroush Sassanian on

 Thank you for posting this.


Dear Shima

by 135 (not verified) on

Thanks for this thread and letting us to virtually participate in Shamloo's 8th memorial ceremony

... I found this on his website

پس، از تو چه خواهد ماند
چون من بگذرم؟
تعويذ - ناگزيرِ - تداومِ تو
تکرار ِ «دوست‌ات مي‌دارم» است؟

با اين همه
بغض‌ام اگر بترکد... ــ
پَرِّ کاهي حتي بر آب بنخواهد رفت

God bless him for all his efforts towards; improving and evolving the contemporary Parsi language and most importantly, compile and writing the most comprehensive Parsi slang literature, Ketab-e Kooche

God bless Shahin Najafi and Tapesh as well. As they keep blowing my mind and breaking my heart with their controversial songs, which usually leaves me in an unbearable homesickness phase


By Far...

by A Hassan Danesh, Sociologist (not verified) on

I say if there was a competition between Ahmad and Vigen as to who is more handsome and more mandly I would say Shamlou even after he lost one of his legs in a traGic surgical amputation--

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