Sculptor Ali Akbar Sanati

"Iran's Rodin"

Sanati was the symbol of self-reliance who worked for the sake of advancement and sublimity. He has left about 1,000 paintings and 400 sculptures in record of his career.Ali Akbar Sanati was born in Kerman in 1916. He lost his father at an early age and was looked after by a benevolent man. Very soon he discovered that Sanati has a special talent in artistic works and sent the young Ali Akbar to Tehran to receive training at Kamal-ol Molk Art School...



Ostaad San'ati's museum

by Majid on

I was probabely 9 or 10 when for the first time I visited this museum totally dedicated to his art work in the Northwest corner of "Meidaan-e Toop khaane", and that was my first close encounter with the art of sculpture.

I could barely move from one art piece to the next, and I had the exact same feeling in my last visit about a year ago.

He WAS one of the many true and talented artists Iran ever had.