Salome cooks on TV (1)

PART 1: Cooking for TV reality show

British TV program, Take Home Chef's Curtis goes into a supermarket in San Francisco and picks Salome, an Iranian woman, to go home and cook dinner for her and her husband, Kourosh. Actually, some of the conversation he has with Salome are the interesting bits of this program. She tells Curtis that she lived in London and met Kourosh on the internet and they got married. And take a look at that house!>>>PART 2


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I understand her

by kayla (not verified) on

I understand her infatuation...the Chef was hot!



by observer (not verified) on

she was totally infatuated with him, kinda unusual for a "newlywed"!


Another Clip from Salome!!

by Farshad jon (not verified) on

This is another clip from Salome and Koroush:



Same woman

by B-Naam on

Yes Arde, it's her.



by Arde (not verified) on

Pardon my ignorance, but isn't she the same woman who appeared in the Yeki Bood Yeki Nabood (My family life in San Francisco) video on 14 February 2004?? It's also available on the YouTube!!



by The Chef (not verified) on

She is Iranian alright!

In the fish section, they are talking about what spice Iranians like in their cooking and deciding on saffron.



by Amigo (not verified) on

A complete waste of time to watch the tape. What is "Iranian" about Salome??? Listen to the video carefully next time. She is saying "She is from London" & nothing about Iran during the talk whatsoever. If we are going by the names then I am for sure from Mexico. But "El Polo Loco" is the only Spanish I know to say about Salome!!


fun video

by California (not verified) on

She seems really cool! It was fun to watch and I enjoyed both videos. Thanx for posting!


JJ, Do you know Koroush!! He is from your home town!!

by Farshad jon (not verified) on

That was an interesting clip. Actually, Salome's accent was pretty sweet. I like it very much!!