Rostam Tales

Comicbooks based on Shahnameh epic

Images from "Rostam Tales from the Shahnameh", the serialized comic book adaptation of the epic story by the great Persian poet Ferdowsi. Two volumes have so far been published in the U.S. and the third is currently in production. Visit


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Rodney King said it best...

by Grateful Iranian-American Parent (not verified) on

Why can't we all just get along?

What is our problem? Why can't we just support Iranians who are trying to do something which we all benefit from in the long run? (If you don't know what the benefit is for the collective community then please stop reading my comment).

Nothing is going to be perfect. We never expect it from anything that we supposedly care for (like our family, children, ... OURSELVES) but then why do we expect it from the few people who step up to the plate and try to make a difference. There will always be ways to improve. If you truly care, then contact the creators and give them your constructive criticism. I am sure it will be welcomed with open arms. What is astonishing is people seem to get their kicks out of attempting to publicly humiliate or deride them by criticizing absolutely every minute detail of their hard work.

I take my hat off to Bruce and the gang because over the years I have seen them receive well deserved praise and very unfair criticism as well. I for one love reading the comic books to my 3 kids and they now know at least two stories from the Shahnameh - which they otherwise would not have known had these guys decided to sit on their fat asses and not create the comic book!

Afareen, Zendebad, Dametoon Garm.


US and International Ordering

by bahmani on

To all fans of Rostam who live outside the US, our online shopping system can process international orders. We also did a complete review and have shipped ALL orders we have received to date. If you feel you have placed an order that has not been received, or if you have any questions about charges to your credit card, please contact us at:


I have seen these comics and I approve this message...

by Ferdosi (not verified) on

If comic books were around when I wrote the Shahnameh, I would have done it as a comic book. This is much better than those awful Chinese miniature paintings that gave my poor Rostam eyeshadow and made Raqsh look like a gay horse!


Re: Samuel

by jamshid on

Samuel you are so pathetic that it makes you funny. We are talking about a COMIC in here for crying outloud! What that has to do with racism?!! Please STOP!

The characters in the comic look neither mongolian nor northern european. They easily pass for Iranians, specially the girls. It is just that we are not used to the women clothings, and men with long hair.

The only thing I would criticize is the color of the hairs. A few of the characters needed a darker color for their hairs. That's all!

hala enghadr herso joosh nakor!


Looks like you just want to

by Samuel. (not verified) on

Looks like you just want to insist that you are right. Yes Iranians look different, BUT most don't look like Mongolians, northern Europeans, and a mix of Mongolians and northern Europeans.


Actually "Samuel" you seem

by Another Iranian (not verified) on

Actually "Samuel" you seem to be the blinded racist here. How can you claim that a population of 60 million is represented by what you feel and iranian should look like? We are a diverse nation ethnically whether you belive it or not! It's like saying every american needs to look like a blond surfer from california. Why don't you try and look beyond your own personal limitations and take the story and artwork for what they represent.....a comic book.


Jamshid, you're such a

by Samuel (ala "Jamshid") (not verified) on

Jamshid, you're such a ignorant and blind racist fanatic. Do they put classes for you to write crap 24/7 or is it just your nature? or do you work for a paycheck for the crap you write? They look mongolian, and some look northern European, and some a mixture of both.


Well done

by legofish on

First of all, as a comic fan and comic-strip artist I must say I LOVE the idea of having the rostam comic series and I fully support them (I plan to purchase a copy soon as well).

At the same time, being very picky, a part of me wishes that the art for these comics were better. While the pencils are decent, the colouring artist doesn't appear to be at the same level (with all due respect), and am I right in assuming there isn't any inking done on some panels?

 Again, I dont want to sound like a typical nagging Persian. I will buy these comics, but it would only be for supporting a fellow Persian, and not for its art (which is why I usually buy comics).

I know the difficulties in finding Persian comic artists here, and I know that's why you had to hire a non-Persian to produce these. But I'm sure if you had managed to find involve Persian artists in the production process you would have had a more authentic, visually pleasing product.

There are many VERY talented but little-known artists in Iran who are great at what they do. I have had the pleasure of discovering them on the 300 blog (// I'm sure if the logistical problems could be overcome, there are many talented artists in Iran who would be capable drawing these comics at very high qualities (and perhaps at a fraction of the costs you are paying now).

That would be something we could be even more proud of.

In any case, you've had the courage to start something great and I truly admire your efforts and wish you the best of luck. Hopefully this will inspire other Persian artists and entrepeneurs to start more comics.


Re: Anonymous2

by jamshid on

They DO look Iranian! You are just not used to their clothing, perhaps you are used to chador and roosari and amaameh, etc. 


I wish the creator(s)

by Anonymous 2 (not verified) on

I wish the creator(s) success, but why was there such a big emphasis to make the Iranian characters look more like non-Iranians? I hope the creators will give this a bit more thought. Was it intentional? why? (I'm sure if Ferdosi were alive he would not approve of this decision).


where is my money

by London123 (not verified) on

I paid and ordered about a year ago from London, but I didn't get the books. I have tried several times to contact the site mentioned without any luck. Where is my money!! can you at least reply


I think you should consider

by libidinous_per-jehn (not verified) on

I think you should consider doing a Farsi version. It'll be an underground hit in Iran.


Thanks Bruce!

by Midwesty on

I recommend purchasing the combo package. Great work! Keep on making us proud!


You create such a great

by jamshid on

You create such a great work, create a video for it, all about Iran's most well known warrior, and then you ruin it all by putting an English rock music in the video... Don't you have any brains for creativity? Why not use one of Iranians' warriors themes? We have many.


Bruce and team, Great Job!

by Ben Bagheri (not verified) on

My 8-year old son and I are avid Rostam comic fans. We have ordered and own multiple copies of each so far and plan to support you with following volumes!
I'm proud of you!



by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

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Ferdowsi's Shahnameh abounds with depictions of the Persian Empire, neatly presented within the beautiful poetry.
It tells of the Kings and warriors that made the land of Persia an empire throughout the ages. Simultaneously, it brought back to life the Persian language, which was Ferdowsi's primary goal.
Ferdowsi is revered for his efforts to regenerate Persian and Iran's cultural traditions after the Arab conquest of the seventh century.
Iran's cultural heritage organization is currently compiling a list of 1500 Iranian poets to submit to UNESCO. Documentation must also be provided for UNESCO's appraisal.
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