The Real McCain

A look at Senator John McCain's positions

Description from robertgreenwald: There's no question John McCain is getting a free ride from the mainstream press. But with the power of YouTube and the blogosphere, we can provide an accurate portrayal of the so-called Maverick. We can put the brakes on his free ride!


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Next round of morons...

by ...the ism (not verified) on

Just like we needed Bush for people to vote for Ahamadinejad ... we also need this moron to bring the next opressor into Iran. Every action ... has a reaction and good thing we have the Iranian monarchist/neo-cons to count on. Brint it on cup-cakes.


And my vote goes to..............

by Majid on

If I have to choose between McCain and Molla Hasani "Reza'eieh's Imaam jom'eh" OR...... a " pit halabee" know who gets my vote !



Take your pick, McCain or Hillary

by Anonymoush (not verified) on

Let's hope that Osama wins the noination from all the communists and brainwashed lefties.
This nation is not going to make the same mistake twice. They know what happened when they elected Carter. And, they love democracy more than that to let another imbicile become their president.
You can bank on it. I rather give up my citizenship if Osama is elected.

Ben Madadi

It's his age :))

by Ben Madadi on

He seems to mess up quite a bit!


But johny will fix it!!!!

by Nader on

Go Johnny go!

Fix the economy like George did and bring 'FREEDOM" to the whole world like George has been doing.

Kill baby. Kill. Destroy Johnny, destroy!

Go Johnny go;-)



by amir goon (not verified) on

no my friend its going to be the war of our time,millions will die,but most of them will be the poor people on both side,also entire middle east will go in flames,like I said iranian revolutionary guard has been training and arming itself for last 30 years by russians only for one reason:make iran the american stalingrad
and judging the encounters the both countries had in last 6 years in lebanon and iraq:irgc is up to the task.and us army is in very bad position also its economical and psychological position is ideal for stalingrad scenario.
only future can say wheter the war will be good for iranian or not,but its magnitude are at least 10 time bigger than iraq invasion,do the math


President elect Mccain is symbol&beacon of American Justice

by samsam1111 on

The america that is right is the America who won,t close her eyes on Injustice around the Globe. Mr John Mccain is the right choice at the right time for a divided nation.God bless johny boy! and Georgie too .eventhough the latter has the right vision but  kinda slow on managing the process wisely. But johny will fix it. 


Another Tyrant in making!

by Nader on

This one is Bush, episode three!

Same mistakes/lies, different person!



McCain is the man who can do the job!?

by A Big Man From Alabama (not verified) on

And the job is to invade the Islamic Republic, take down the mullahs, kill a million terrorists, and bring democracy to Iran.

God bless America and McCain


There must be something positive about him...

by Zion on

...when he manages to piss off all the well known wrong people here. He might have many disadvantages, but this slone shows he has some important merit.
That alone deserves our support, doesn`t it? ;-)


cut the bull... americans

by amir goon (not verified) on

my dear iranian countrymen we all know that mccain is elected as us president for only war reason:war with iran.
the result of 2008 election was decided the day cia said iran has stopped its military nuclear activities(in other words)george bush can't attack iran so the next president mccain must finish the dirty job,he is the only one who said from the start that he will attack iran
but worry not,this war was planned 28 years ago by russians and us(after TABAS)and believe me the chance is iran can somehow win the war!!!
so sissy americans stop talking and just BRING IT ON


What a bozo!

by Anonymous... (not verified) on

What do you expect from a dysfunctional fossil whose greatest achievement in life has probably been dropping bombs on Vietnamese? Just because he has been captured and tortured in another unjustified war doesn't make him experienced and qualified to run the country. (Well I take it back. I guess no one can be less qualified than GW!)


Ah, Blah, blah, blah. Dah, dadadahhhh.....

by Ali Esfehani (not verified) on

Babeling idiot. If elected he will expand the war into Iran. God help us all. Ob(s)ama or McBush. It is going to be a fun 4 years to come!



by Abarmard on

Can't watch this dude anymore. We need a new America.

America that can teach and stay a head of the game.

America that has the power and doesn't need to show it.

America that is right.

America that is United for peace and prosperity.

America that everyone respects.

America that I came to live in.

Go Obama


Thanks Bahram

by Dariush (not verified) on

This was a great one.


McCain Presidency = Third

by sadegh on

McCain Presidency = Third Term for George W(armonger) Bush...


This man is evil

by farokh2000 on

This idiot is another one who worships GW and is dreaming about, and being coached to continue GW's murderous acts, if they can shove him to the WH, of course, like they did with GW.

This man is dangerous, even more evil than GW.

Hopefully, people in this country have had enough of Hitler types and will dismiss this moron and let him go kiss GW's butt for the rest of his life.


Mr Mccain is a true American visionary & a hero

by samsam1111 on

An independent thinker minus the rethoric and empty promises.A proud pragmatist son of America.I wish him all the best  .Go Johnny boy Go!!!



by me (not verified) on

thanks bahram for posting this so more people see how
mainstream media and rights flirting with each other!
yes we have to put the break on this.