Rock video

Composed, directed & lyrics: Amin Ghashghaei
Vocal & Piano: Amin Ghashghaei
Guitar & Bass: Ehsan Ghashghaei
Drums: Hamid Rahimi (less)



I don't know, it is kinda

by sherry (not verified) on

I don't know, it is kinda khashen, and doesn't quite go with my temperment. Like war movies, which I never care for. It seems like a guy music to me.


ba salam

by hajiagha on


nice work, great place to shot this music video and some things was new from Iranian I never saw like this this guy myst be from Iran.I wish get back in Iran and bring my art in a right place and do not waste time here  



Make us to be proud of Iran and its heritage

by Anonymous666 (not verified) on

Very talented with great voice. Give us confidence to unite and overcome this sad and painful, dark and barbaric period of our history.


Great Voice

by Immortal Guard (not verified) on

Unfortunately sometimes war is a necessary evil.

The definition of a hero is someone who is willing to go down so hundreds of his kind may go on and go up even if he is betrayed by his own kind. A perfect example is of course Babak Khoramdin who was betrayed by Afshin.

That's why all the war veterans are heroes.


we know about war, sing about freedom in iran

by what about (not verified) on

Sound like kourosh yaghmaye, but much more depressing.


Great, Great, Great

by Majid on

Buatifuly done.

I always thought that people who can have a voice out there, they have a weapon in their hands and they should use it for a good cause.

A brush in a painter's hand, A Mic. in front of a singer, A pen in a writer's hand and an instrument in a musician's hand is a weapon,use it and send a message, if you have one!

Everyone in this clip, GREAT JOB and THANKS.


Enough of dimbool dambool! 

Omid Hast


by Omid Hast on