Prostitution behind the veil


The film is a sympathetic portrait of the two women, exploring their day-to-day life and the workings of prostitution in a country that bans it and prosecutes adulterers, sometimes with the penalty of capital punishment. The film is narrated by the director, Nahid Persson, who fled Iran 20 years ago.


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In the West country, the

by sad (not verified) on

In the West country, the Oppression of women and men are not legislated by the government...that's the difference, Realist..

The difference is that in the US if a woman is abused they have legal recourses but in Iran they don't. The difference is that in the US pedophilia (age of marriage is 9) is not legal but in Iran pedophilia is the norm.

The difference is that in the US we can disagree and disagree loudly and people don't suffer. In Iran people who disagree are imprisoned, tortured, and sometimes put to death.


blah blah blah..

by realist... (not verified) on

I'm confused.... How is this any different than issues among certain class couples here in the west?


This is great

by Abarmard on

I like the fact that many of these issues are coming out. We always had many problems as such but was taboo to talk about them. This is definitely a huge step in the right direction.