"Persian Rock"

Southern California band

Persian Rock performs "Bedaanid" in Orange County, southern California, before 8,000 people last October. Lead singer is Peyman Montazami. Montazemi (Sophistix Records) joined Behrooz Pakshir (Porchooneh Show) to form a new band called "Persian Rock", which explores the beautiful corners of Persian melodies with the tools of Classical Rock and Heavy Metal.


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They are no AC/DC but

by zzTop (not verified) on

They sound pretty good. Keep in mind that the audio quality is not the best in live informal performances.

As Bon Scott (great lead singer of AC/DC) said: "It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock'n roll", and I say: keep on rockin'.

Party Girl

Thank you Critique

by Party Girl on

Dear Music Critique! 

Touche!  Those words were a combination of what I wrote and what the clip description said.  I'll watch the words more carefully next time.  I'm glad you "somewhat" enjoyed the music! 



by music critique! (not verified) on

Damn! Persians don't rock in such a LAME fashion! Out of tune guitars, bad vocals, messed-up guitar melodies (of course all of these are covered up with the fuzz of the guitars)...the background vocals are so lame too! Party girl, I'm not sure if you were serious when you said "explores the beautiful corners of Persian melodies"....oh maybe you meant the lame half-ass guitar solos!!!!

Although is very lame, ye notesh miarze be 100 hezarta dabolikosake LA. So keep it up but don't overexpress it!


ROCK ON............

by maziar58 (not verified) on

very nice i'll be checkin your myspace site later on.



by Majid on

Even though I love classical Iranian and pop music, I'm all for any new blood into our music, like this one and Kiosk, but not rap! sorry I'm too old for the latter.

I wish (and that's me!) they would get a little away from heavy metal style and more into classic rock type, but what do I know?