"In a Persian Market"

Used in GPS ad

Music by British composer Albert Ketèlbey in 1920. In 2006, a syncopated arrangement of this tune was used in a TV commercial for TomTom automotive GPS navigation systems.


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این آهنگ در فیلمی از وودی آلن هم آمده

عثمان (not verified)

Woody Allen used this song in a movie he made about a hypnotist who used his hypnotized subjects to pull off a robbery.


Strange, yet familiar music

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Thanks, Darius jon.
I really enjoyed listening to this splendid piece.



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چقدر قشنگ،از بازار ِ مس گر ها شروع ميشه و حالتى از موزيك ِ آسيا ِ دور هم ميشه توش شنيد...بيشتر راه ابريشم رو بياد مياره.ممنون