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To yetanotherexmuslim

by Azad1234 (not verified) on

Wow, on one hand you vow to eliminate Islam from Iran's "cultural DNA" and on the other hand, you claim that you respect my right to believe in whatever I want?!!!

And this is the worst insult to the Iranian nation to say that they were "forced" to abandon their own beliefs and adopt another religion by force for 14 centuries!! If Iranians became Muslims and REMAINED Muslims for 14 centuries despite all the ruthless "Islamic" monarchs and dynasties that ruled on them, it was by their own CHOICE, otherwise, I would be ashamed to belong to a nation who's willing to give up its own beliefs and pretend, like cowards and hypocrites, to believe in another religion for 14 centuries!

And as I said before, this is the reality of today's Iran; a Muslim country that has been Muslim for 1400 years. Now you can love it, hate it, or be indifferent to it. But living in the illusion of the past Persian empire or in the fantasy of a future non-Muslim Iran, is NOT loving Iran but loving an IMAGE of Iran.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Now, I'm hardly a religious person. I was taught that if you want to talk to God, talk to Him. You don't need a mollah, or priest or rabbi or any other intermediary, especially one who is as flawed a human being as you are, and probably more so. If I want a middleman in your life, call a stockbroker or insurance agent. God doesn't need a publicist or a spokesperson, and if HE did, I would like to think that He would hire more qualified individuals then these idiots.

But I am wondering why is it that you take the actions of a tiny minority of people and equate it with "the true face of Islam". The majority of Moslems do not subscribe to the heinously twisted ideology of the mollahs or Bin Laden or their ilk. The numbers of those who do are very few, in relation to the entire Moslem population of the planet.

You're right, Iran became Moslem and then Shia by force. And as much as the thought of that sickens me to the bone, I disagree with your assessment that Islam is corrupt to the foundation. It was ARABS who corrupted it and forced it on Iran, just as there are Born-Again Christians and those other bible-thumping fringe groups and cults who manipulate scripture and people to serve their corrupt intentions. They're the real enemy.

And look at these people! Look at who they are catering to. They consider the intelligentsia to be the enemy because they cannot fool us into their way of thinking. We are too smart for them, and that's why they're threatened. Invariably, their only constituency is the lowest common denominator of humanity. The sub-basement of the socio-economic infrastructure, with little if any formal education. These people were born into and raised by families who simply don't know any better. They have no hope, no future, no nothing. They still think babies come from the stork. They lack basic common sense. They're not bad, just stupid and ignorant. That's how the mollahs have these people eating out of their hand. Why do you think they so swiftly executed countless (educated) people without due process in 1979?


Iran will not a be Muslim country when this regime has gone

by yetanotherexmuslim on


Given time, Iran wil not a be Muslim country.

When this regime has gone, more and more people would have seen Islam for what it is! 

This country was turned Muslim by force,

It turned Shia by force,

Today we have seen the true face of Islam so many like me will ensure that our Iranian culture is protected from the virus of Islam which has infected our cultural DNA.

It isn't just Mullas, Islam is corrupt to its foundation.

I am not planning to hand in my Iranian passport, I love Iran and want to see it free from this madness of ignorance, and filth that has destroyed it.

In such a future I will not ask you to hand over your Iranian passport, because the majority are then non Muslims, because I respect your right to chose your religion, and unlike you I genuinely believe in Azadi, but I think your sons or daughter might become yet another ex Muslim if they have any sense!


about the video....

by rouzbehan (not verified) on

Iran is today a Muslim nation, be it with a unique Persian culture and history. My intention with posting the video was however not to credit the religion of Islam with the great achievements of the Iranian nation, but rather to show foreigners the capabilities of, what is to them, just another “backward” Muslim nation.





by Azad1234 (not verified) on

Whether you like it or not Iran is a Muslim country and Iranians are Muslims and have been so for centuries. If you can not accept that fact and if you can not respect the faith and sacred figures of millions of people in Iran, turn in your Iranian passport and stay wherever it is that you are! Iran is what is it TODAY (a product of the Islamic, pre-Islamic Persian and the Western civilizations), not what is was 15 centuries ago. If you can not at all identify yourself with it, if you don't like it and if you can not respect it, then you just don't have to be Iranian. In this modern world, you have the opportunity to chose another nationality than that of the country in which you were born!!

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

The host/narrator sounds like a horrible imitation of Eric Idle from Monty Python.

Anonymous1, you can bet the use of Arabic music was the result of some production assistant's total ignorance of the fact that we're not Arab. They might as well have used gangsta rap.

Exmuslim.....I wouldn't call that degenerate a genuine Moslem. I don't even consider him Iranian. I know you're no longer Moslem, and your reasons are valid, whatever they may be. That murderer was a sociopath who prostituted the religion. He wasn't even a fundamentalist. All you have to do is follow the five pillars. That's a true fundamentalist. This guy took advantage of the fact that there were and still are an overwhelming number of poor, illiterate, uneducated people who will follow anything and everything they are told, just like sheep.

You are right when you say morality already exists on our instinct. That half-Indian possessed no morality, which allowed him to manipulate the sense of morality in others as he did, with impunity. But know this: he would have done it just as effectively with any other religion as the framework for his madness.


background music

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

I am baffled why the chosen background music was Arabic.


It is time our Iranian culture seperated itself from Islam

by yetanotherexmuslim on

It is time we started calling Iranian art and Architecture Iranian rather than Islamic. When the dust of Islam invaded the mother Pearl of Iran, this mother wrapped the dust with Pearl. We should not confuse the dust with the Pearl, they are not one, the dust is still an irritant on the side of our culture and should not be credited for this magnificence. I don't like the way the culture of large part of the world is summed up in one pot of Islam it makes Iranian achievement invisible in history books, and Iranian, Turkish Yemenis Architecture have their own distinct form. Khomieni's tomb may look magnificent but we all know that his ignorance and tyranny, which in his case was a by-product of his religious beliefs, did not contribute to humanity. A machine that produces thugs and murderers should be shut down. He was not a fundamentalist, he was a genuine Muslim, so there is something wrong with Islam! Know Islam for what it is. Humanity does not need such a faith to be good, morality already exists in our instinct, it exists in a civil secular society. For how many centuries are we going to build magnificant tombs for dead butchers?