Obama T-shirts

With names familiar to Iranians

This site allows you to make fully customized Obama shirts with the name of every city in  the USA, including the town of Persia in Iowa and Kerman in California>>> barackobamaismyhomeboy.com


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I believe Obama is the best for Iran

by Ali Reza Sa'atchi (not verified) on

i believe obama is the best candidate for Iran and 70 million Iranians. He is the only candidate that has said he will talk to the governemnt in Tehran without any pre-set conditions. He will visit Qom, Mashad and Tehran. He is the best man for the job. McCain is too old. McCain is senile. McCain knows nothing about world politics. The only thing McCain knows about world politics is being tortured by vietnamese during the Vietnam conflict and having Mexicans mow his lawn. That's it. McCain is the loser candidate.



by Hajminator on


You didn't heard what Obama said in the annual jewsh lobby meeting? He exactly repeated what other candidats say about Iran, that a nuclear iran blablabla

You know why, that's because if presidential candidats don't repeat what bloodsuckers 10000 km far away want to hear, they won't have any chance to be elected. So either Obama or McCain would exactly do what these bloodsuckers want.

If you want to say all 'Dasht loot' is for Obama why not, but don't say that all Iranians are for him, because I'm not. Capice?


mullahs will love this...

by ali1348 (not verified) on

wow, there are some really smart mullahs out there!
they would love to have obama win the white house....it would be carter's second term- when he ushered in the mullahs and helped ruin iran and the middle east.

god help us if this happens....look for a mullah-lead caliphate in the middle east


Jimmy's second term....

by Antibullshit (not verified) on

Brace yourself for Jimmy Carter's second term...It has been a joy ride....


Nothing against Obama personally, but....

by BK (not verified) on

isn't it a bit presumptuous to assume that Persia (or more accurately, Iran), as a whole is supporting Obama or at the very least imply that you are speaking on behalf of Persia by advertising these t-shirts?

Unless of course, you have carried out an extensive poll that provided with good reason you to believe that "Persia is Obama", in which case I will stand corrected.


Freaking LAME.

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

Freaking LAME.



by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on