Obama on Iran

Barack Obama responds to John McCain regarding Iran

In Billings, Montana on May 19, 2008.


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Mr /Ms Anonymousis

by samsam1111 on

"You love to see Iran obliterated"

No Sir/Maam! It,s already obliterated by your  mentors, the Khalifate.

rethoric just like your mentors. If I were you I be carefull to use the name "Iran" for the occupied land by Khalifate. conratary to your beliefs ,the election of your "Imam hussein Obama" won,t help the Khalifate one bit.He is an opportunist & can turn 180 degree on a whim if idea is popular.and that whim could be to attack Iran if need be. So hold your horses. Mr Mccain is the wise choice.



Anonymous8, you are welcome!

by Nader on




by Behrooz (not verified) on


At least he is honest enough to state that he does not actually give a monkey about the human rights of Iranian people and the hardship they are going through as a result of incompitency treason and brutalities of the current regime,or their disire for democracy and better life. as he did not even makea single mention of their desire to get rid of this facist regime or the amount of supression and number of excecutions in Iran.

At lease with Obama we know where we stand. he clearly stated that in our strugle against Islamo facism, we are on our own and should not wait for U.S to help us to get rid of these murrderers.

and that was what I was saying all along too


Love your logo, Nader!

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on



That was a beautiful speech,

by azadi55 (not verified) on

That was a beautiful speech, but I think talking sense to Iranian regime and Al Qaeda is like talking sense into the Borg (from Star Trek). And just like the Borg, the only way to get rid of Iranian regime and Al Qaeda is for them to change and/or self destruct from within.


Mr. Multi-track-mind ism

by Anonymoush (not verified) on

Did I touch your communism nerve. You still have some schooling to do before starting to post comments. As a democrat (and x-communist) I have seen enough in my life to not fall for the sweet crap that this imbecile is feeding the likes of you to get you so excited to mortgage your future and get him elected. You and the likes of you are those who invited evil to my land 30 years ago. I will assure you it will not happen here.

By voting Obama you are indirectly (and un-knowingly) promoting McCain. And, when McCain is your president you call Americans dumb, redneck, illiterate, racist, etc.…

God forbid, if this liar, 2-faced friend of terrorists is elected (by fraud or otherwise), then get ready for Armageddon.

I hope I didn’t insult you (that was not my intent if I did).
Now you can go and ask someone to change your diaper….


Bad History

by Concerend Iranian (not verified) on

Obama, obvously, you don't realize that he U.S. was willing to talk to Gorbachev because he was in favor of dismantling the communist regime. That is not so with Iran. If Kennedy talked to Khruchev, he did so in order to avert an imminent war, not in the spirit of reconciliation. He simply does not know history and foreign policy.


Re- What a bunch of idiots

by ...the ism (not verified) on

"What a bunch of idiots"
You had me till "thanks god" ... how sad! :O)
By the way ... left is also part of democracy! If you want an all "right" government ... go back to Iran and sport a turban. Are "left" and "liberal" the new "n" word these days? You can't even type a few words without being offensive. That's called "one-track-mind"! Typical bitter Irooni. Grow up and accept the facts. Your comments would be sad if they weren't funny :O) Good luck in 08 cup-cake.



by Anonymousis (not verified) on

You love to see Iran obliterated. Your love for the right wing warmongers is obvious. I hope this site wont delete this one too.


Common Sense

by Commoner (not verified) on

Too bad common sense is not common!


What a bunch of idiots

by Anonymoush (not verified) on

are those who think this imbicile has any chance of being president. He goes on his horses talking about idiots before him who chose to talk to their adversaries. He has to fire his speech writer (or himself if he is the one who wrote that nonesense).

For the record, Kennedy and Khrushchev met in Vienna in June of 1961. US was not on the brink of nuclear war. The Cuban Missile Crisis was 15 months in the future.

If this stupid and his followers think that talking to bin Laden and his proxies will stop terrorism or Islamo-fascism, they better think again.

Thanks god the people of this great nation (save and exclude the dumb idealists and liberal communists), are alert and would never let a worshiper of "God-damn-America" be their president.


Mr Obama is a Naive lefto-centric & detached from reality!

by samsam1111 on

America needs a Pragmatic leader with the right vision who is brave enough to face the grave challenges it face.

Mr Obama is NOT it!.

 How ever I would vote for him If he was running for my neighborhood library chair or a high school Principle,s job.



A grownup for President...

by ...the ism (not verified) on

Finally a moderate between the 2 regimes! The brilliant failure minds of Monarchists and Mujahids believe in not dealing with Mullahs at all! How the hell will anything ever improve between 2 people if they never talk to each other at all? Like it or not the Mullahs are part of Iran and we have to accept them as part of our society (so far they’re ruling and it’s they who need learn acceptance… that’s also called “diplomacy”). This nonsense about Mullahs not being receptive towards open dialog is a sack of baseless, childish crap. Diplomacy is the ONLY way to improve any relationship between the 2 countries and most importantly reaching the people of Iran. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is heading towards confrontation out of selfish rage and lack of understanding for politics/diplomacy. All at the expense of innocent lives!!! US needs to engage in open dialogue and follow the cold war Soviet model. Obama needs to open borders to young Iranians, trade in science/technology/arts/media and economy … while putting pressure on human rights and other extreme ideologies. So far it’s only punished the people of Iran and strengthened the Mullahs.
Obama 08.


Only one name:

by Nader on


Take it or leave it!


Nothing can stop Obama now, except may be a bullet or racism!!!!

by farrad02 on

I'm afraid the still-thriving racism or something more frightening is going to derail his road to the Whte House! Otherwise, there is no comparison between him and McCain. Can you imagine the Fall debates?! This 72 year old dinosaur, with no agenda but a 3rd term for Bush's failed presidency and a failed Rebublican ideology, going against one of the greatest speakers in contemporary American politics; someone who can electrify people with a few sentences! I think he is a shoe in for the White House unless they either kill him or if people vote against him out of racism and dishonesty!



Bless and BLISS! This man

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

I am so so worried about him being assassinated, just because he talks about not buying into Halliburton, the usual Industrial Military Complex insanity.

If I could, I would become a US citizen on the spot, just to vote for Obama.

Obama, I wish you well, well, well!


decline of once mighty empire

by MRX1 (not verified) on

amazing how much U.S has declined to the point that a joker like Obama can become a presidential candidate. Now he wants to talk to islamo facists(good luck). like you can have a dialogue with people whose brains are frozen in 9th century.

Ben Madadi

He's right on this

by Ben Madadi on

He is wrong on Iraq, saying that the US must leave quickly, and his economic plans are leftist and not wise, but he is right about talking to Iran. The US must encourage also other countries to talk to Iran. But being tough with the Iranian regime is also the right way because the IRI is indeed a dangerous regime with a dangerous idelogy.



by amirkabear4u on