Nowruz foods for kids

New book by Najmieh Batmanglij

National Public Radio [LISTEN]: The foods served during Nowruz are loaded with fresh herbs. This dish features green rice with herb kuku and caramelized barberries. It's accompanied with fish sticks and smoked white fish and garnished with half a Seville orange... Najmieh Batmanglij lives in Washington, D.C., but grew up in Iran. She has written several Persian cookbooks including her latest, Happy Nowruz: Cooking with Children to Celebrate the Persian New Year [See Mage Publishers]. Batmanglij prepares the same spring foods for Nowruz every year. Everything is cooked with loads of fresh, spring herbs. She begins and ends the holiday with a soup with noodles that symbolize unraveling the difficulties in the year to come. Cooked with fresh dill, parsley and four pounds of spinach, it tastes like a bowl of spring>>>LISTEN



Hajiagha this is a good kid's joke.

by Anonymouse on

and very appropriate for kids.  I'm sure the kids will laugh if people tell them the joke.  By the way, this may be similar to an "Iranian" knock knock joke.  Like this:

Knock knock.

Who's there?

How is your family?

Family who?

Family is good.

Knock knock.

Who's there?

How is your dog?

Dog who?

Dog is good?



Just joking.  Kids will like your joke's ending.


in ham az ma

by hajiagha on

طنزوقتی دو ایرانی به همدیگر می رسند چکار می کنند
سلام اقا.
سلام جانم
حال شما خوبه
شکر خدا بد نیستم
حال شما چطوره
من هم خوبم
خانم بچه ها چطورند
سلام می رسانند
شما خوب هستید که
شکر خدا
اقا بزرگ چکار می کنند
سلام می رسانند
خانم بزرگ  پا دردشون خوب شد
پیری و هزران بیماری
اقا پسرتون کار گرفت
نه اما ..
سگ تون تب داشت خوب شد
گربه تون کچلیش چطور
خدا رحمتش کنه
سقف خونه تون چیکه میکرد ..نه..
دخترون از ایران برگشت..
ماشین تون دود می کرد ایرادش چی بود
سر سیلندر می خواهد
همسایه تون بلا خره بچه دار شد
دو قلو زائید
برادرتون درس شو تموم کرد
نه یک ساله دیگه مونده.
باغچه تون گل داد
نه درخت مون زائید..
بابا این احوال پرسی یا باز پرسی..


thanks for sharing

by yasi (not verified) on

Actually Davar Ardalan is a lady working for NPR. This segment was a nice introduction to Noruz. I also have Batmanglich's book, the "The Food of life", and I love it. It is great of her to write a new book and introduce this rich tradition to others, including children. Good luck to both of you.

Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

I love her book " New food of life", and Thank You for sharing her  new book with us.

Happy Nowrouz , wishing you HealthHappiness, and Prosperity for New Year.





by ts (not verified) on

Practically all this information is provided for free on Persiantraditions.com.


I need this book.....

by Nadias on

I am so going to buy it and use it next Nowruz.

Sepaas for sharing this book with us.

Happy Nowruz!

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