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Man istiram buluram........

by Mehran (not verified) on

I'm not a sparatist but I like to see and hear "Iran yasasin" and not Azarbaijan yasasin. You have to understand that we are Iranians, all of us, including Azaris, Baluchis, Kurds etc. Then lets say Iran yasasin.


Mehran jan, aslan sana na?

by n.zanincanadai on

Mehran jan, aslan sana na? man istiram buluram ke aslan san fikr elisan ke san burda bujur danishisan, masalan na faydehi var? You are the only one who picked on this and your rant is the only thing here that is spoiling the unity of the mood. So, if you are a speratist, say it loud and proud. Don't start something out of nothing. Azarbaijan yasasin Kurdistan yasasin Baluchistan yasasin Iran yasasin...catch my drift? Thanks


To Irandokt

by Mehran (not verified) on

What they have in mind does not deserve any tolerance. My concern is not just what they said in Norooz party, in general if they don't see any action and resistance they will have more motivation and then we will have a much bigger problem. As I mentioned before I'm a Azari and I know my own people better than anybody else!!!!!!


Dear Mehran

by IRANdokht on

Do you think by attacking anyone who says "zendeh baad XXX" and labeling them as "separatists" we can keep a unified nation?

I believe such reactions can be seriously harmful. Let everyone love their own and "want" to be unified with the rest. That's a much better strategy than trying to shut them up or shoot them down. Isn't it?

you say shame on all Iranians who were there and tolerated this? you wanted people to fight during Norooz celebration and kick each other out?

Please try practicing some tolerance! it'll go a long way



To Ali. P

by Mehran (not verified) on

Saying "zendeh bad Tehran" has no political motive. I'm an Iranian of Azari descent and I know what they mean when they say Azarbaijan yasasin. If you visit the websites run by the Azari separatists (of course if you speak and understand the Azari language) you will see that it does matter to us partiotic Iranian to be sensitive to the crap like this. Dear friend if you love your country(Iran) than you should be aware of all those issues because it is a dangerous mind behind that!!!!

Ali P.

To : Mehran

by Ali P. on

My friend:

 This is about 10 minutes of video about all Iranians celebrating Norouz. Why focusing on 5 seconds of it, when someone said "Azarbaijan yasasin"?

 Besides, not everyone who takes pride in his hometown(or home state) is a seperatist. I am from Teheran. In a gathering like that, can I yell "zendeh baad Tehroonee haa"? Am I a seperatist if I do?

 Or everyone else can, expect for Azerbaijanees, or Kurds, because of events of 1945?

 I think showing this much scrutiny towards them by the rest of the country creats a resentment in them.

 I know it would in me.

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Bravo and Season Greetings to Bebin TV ( Cast and Crew).

Keep up the Good Work and all the best for the New Year!

Peerooz Basheed !



No to separatists, they are not Iranian.

by Mehran (not verified) on

Listen to the Azaris in background what they say when they perform the azari dance. They are between the real Iranian and sing "Azarbaijan yasasin". Shame on all of those Iranian that were there and tolerate this nonsense and crap. Sepatatists are not Iranian and should be expelled from all Iranian communities.