Norooz: Missing home

Delam baraat tangeh, Tehroon... Tehroon

Some photos of my lovely home, Tehran, with Shahram Solati's Shab haye Tehroon. You'll enjoy it if you miss Tehran as much as I do.




by urstruly (not verified) on

Jahanshah joon,

Thanks for compiling so many variety of beautiful and heart warming Iranian things on this website for us to view.


Delam Gerefteh Hamcho Abr!

by G. Rahmanian (not verified) on

One more year away from Iran and as always I miss it.

Thank you so much for the photos, Maryam.
We enjoyed them a great deal.

Bahaaraan Khojasteh Baad!


Missing Iran

by Mehrdad Emadi (not verified) on

I miss the whole country, its people, music, its cultural diversity, warmth of most poeple. What I shall not miss is the intolerance toward others, culture of blame, and indifference toward those who suffer in a dignified silence. May the New Year bring more tolerance and dialogue and sharing of our fortune.

Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

Have a great trip :)

eat lots of ajeel, and sangak instead of me ;)



Sweet Nadia..You're welcome :)


Kheili mamnunam......Muchas gracias

by Nadias on

for the videos Maryam and Mona. :o)


Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)



Eide Shoma Mobarak

by natnaz (not verified) on

I miss home so much that my brother and i are going back for a visit next week.I love Tehran around Nawrouz,less trafic and people.It reminds me of the old Tehran around 30 yrs ago.Thanks for the pictures.


I miss nothing about Tehran.

by Sohrab in Manchester (not verified) on

I miss nothing about Tehran. it’s a dirty and cold city with a lot of fake and self-serving people

The pictures were nice tho


Jedan Keh

by lovely (not verified) on

Delam tangeh... :(

Mona 19

I miss my beuatiful Iran, and specially Tehran... :(

by Mona 19 on


Thank You Maryam Jan, and Happy Nawrouz, and wishing you all the best :)