Norooz eidi

Warmest wishes to Persians around the world

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Special thanks to Hourieh Tahmassi whose beautiful voice has enriched my video clip:>>> Watch



you need to learn

by Luke (not verified) on

you, all of us, need to learn to respect our differences in opinion and practice of our traditions and rituals. It certainly is okay if an Iranian Christian put the bible there, or Zoroastrian put the Avesta on the table. How come it is not ok if she chooses to put her holy book there because some of us don't agree with it? People are born free and are free to practice their traditions and rituals to the best of their understanding and desire, and so long as it does not interfere with basic human rights of others. Beyond that, everything else is dictatorial and not sustainable in a meaningful way.
Happy NoRouz!


To Azad1234

by korosh (not verified) on

Islam is not our faith and beliefs by choice. It was something that occupies our country for more than 1400 years. It set back the progress in Iran for more than 3000 years. We should not repeat the same mistake and wrong doing that million of Iranian are doing for centuries. Enough is enough.


No Koran on Haft-sin

by MM (not verified) on

What in the world does Koran or anything Arab have to do with Norooz and other Persian tradition? Millions of Iranians may do a lot of things but that does not make them right.


Shahnameh Ferdowsi is our

by Zartosht (not verified) on

Shahnameh Ferdowsi is our Holy book not Arab quran which %99 of Iranians don't even know what's in it and if they do, hell breaks loose!

True Iranians decorate their Norooz table with Senven Sheens.

1- Shokoofeh (flower blossom), 2- Sheer (milk), 3- Sheerini (sweets), 4-Sham (candle), 5- Shahnameh (Epic of Kings), 6- Sharub (wine), 7- Shahdaneh (ancient Iranian medic)

Noroozetan Pirooz - Har Roozetan Norooz
Dorood to Iran with more than 8000 years of history, knowledge and wisdom!


Millions of Iranian put a

by Azad1234 (not verified) on

Millions of Iranian put a Quran on sofreyeh Haft-seen as a symbol of their faith and beliefs and they have done so for centuries. This has nothing to do with "Arabs" nor the "Islamic Republic"!

Let's not turn everything into an "Arabs vs Iranians" issue or a political one! Just enjoy Norooz for God's sake...


a very beautiful piece indeed

by luke (not verified) on

beautiful to the sight, pleasant to hear. keep on more nice things like this please.


Just Beautiful

by Sibil (not verified) on

I admire your taste.
Noroozetan khojasteh baad.


بسیار خوب

میز ابوالحسن خان صاحب جمع (not verified)

عیدی ما یادت نره


No Koran on Haftseen

by Dariush (not verified) on

Koran does not belong to the haftseen. you should put Avesta(zoroastrian holybook) or deevane Hafez on your haftseen. Arabs books have no place in our traditional celebrations. With its Satanic Verses, this book had killed millions of Persians about 1500 years ago when the Arabs invaded Persia and even today Mullas kill our people by this Ahriman book.


Wishing you a Healthy, peaceful and a non religious government!

by gol-dust on

Very beautifully done! I know koran was added after our conversion, but it has no S or SH, unless it is Soran! but i think to keep it true  we should remove it! Then, it would be the true spirit of persian celebration.



by Siamack (not verified) on

That glass is just too small for the poor goldfish...


Your Haft sin and video is

by Man (not verified) on

Your Haft sin and video is very good. But Koraan is out of place in Sofreh-ye Haft Sin.


very beautiful

by rey (not verified) on

Thanks for such artistice celebration of nourooz... very beautiful.