No music in universities

Khamenei tells university officials to curb music



The good news is

by Abarmard on

That he is not a leader or anyone important...oops!

Maybe he doesn't like music because he hasn't seen Britney on the stage.


Daius Kavidar

by Dariush (not verified) on

Kavidar you showed in the link you attached just what kind of freedom and democracy Monarchies and new breed of Monarchies like you have planned for Iran. I am so glad you are cheering for Pahlavis. This is what you all were doing in Iran in the 50 years being in power. Swinging your families with each others!
I called you new breed of monarchies a few days ago in respond to you in another blog. This proved I was right about you.


Reality Shot!!!

by Mansoor (not verified) on

The video date has no importance. Regardless of the subject & the timing just follow the logic & the wisdom in the speech & also notice the "hallucinating" faces around him!! This man, almost at his grave, is devoid of any leadership quality & only can be a "Rahbar'e Mow-Azam" in a country where its so called revolution was led by a 79 yrs-old!! man when he came to power. As it is well said in Farsi "Taj Cone va Bar Sar Go-zar" or in English "Make a Shining Crown out of Him & Carry it on Your Head!!"


Successor on Hold...

by Abol Danesh (not verified) on

...But when I look back and see Emperor Khomeini kept changing successors as a way to reign his Empire to the last breadth up and until the age of 85... I tell myself ...Are you kidding ...Emperor Khamenei by watching bith his diet and his deit he is gonna push ruling his empire all the way to age 90--Look at his can't find even a single grain of white or gray hair in it...

Emperor Khamenei in charge of Hakhamaneshian Empire in continuous expansion well beyond the lebenon territory ...


It's Islamic Republic. Deal with it!

by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

What do you expect him to say? He's the head of I.R. He's also an Ayatollah and supposedly a "marjaie-taghlid." Do you want him to say that music and dancing is okay and should be promoted? Do you really think if he was really against promotion of music in universities, he couldn't stop it?
People expect him to say things like that, even though they know and he knows that they cannot stop it.


outdated video

by negar on

calm down people. as someone else pointed out, this clip is a few years old - dating back to Khatami's presidency. if this was even half serious, music had been banned from the universities by now. obviously he's just picking on Moein, the minister of higher education at the time, for ignoring the mandates that the "shoraaye eslaami saazie daneshgah ha" came up with. it's all politics.

Darius Kadivar

Some say he is depressed ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I heard that he was going through ups and downs lately and isolating himself to recover, and wakes up only to be a party booper and ruin the show.

You should have some good time Ali Khan, I suggest you to get wild like them ;0)))


You surely never had this type of fun in your youth. They could teach you some stuff.




Weep at what we did to ourselves in 1979!

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

What a disgrace for a country like iran, with its rich history, and with so many intelligent people, that are successful anywhere but inside iran.

See what you did in 1979 and whom you brought to power; someone from 7th century to rule you as if it is 14 centuries ago in arabia.

May god damn khomeini, who cursed the nation for 30 years with nothing but lies and deceits, and his stateless thugs who sold out iran so cheaply. I bet khomeini is laughing on his ugly hendi stomach at his then and now followers, while dancing duet with the devil in the hell.

We ruined our beautiful fertile country starting in 1979!

Bahram the Iranian

4;44 minutes

by Bahram the Iranian on

anybody who is going to make a comment on his words should first listen to the whole clip and then pass judgment. this must be few years old when Khatamei was persident (no commrnt).


What about poverty, drug addiction, crime in Iran?

by Anonymous-AZ (not verified) on

Is music the only problem in Iran? I hate this Mullah, he is a disgrace to us Azeris. I'm ashamed that he is from Azerbaijan, the place where Babak Koramdin and sattar kahn was its heros. He has Qajar's blood.


This was said in 1875,and it still applies to our land.

by Tahirih on

O people of Persia! Awake from your drunken sleep! Rise up from your lethargy! Be fair in your judgment: will the dictates of honor permit this holy land, once the wellspring of world civilization, the source of glory and joy for all mankind, the envy of East and West, to remain an object of pity, deplored by all nations? She was once the noblest of peoples: will you let contemporary history register for the ages her now degenerate state? Will you complacently accept her present wretchedness, when she was once the land of all mankind’s desire? Must she now, for this contemptible  sloth, this failure to struggle, this utter ignorance, be accounted the most backward of nations? Tahirih


Iran, a country hijacked since 1979

by Revolutionist (not verified) on

What happened to the educated men and women of Iran? what happened to the politicians? what happened to justice? What happened to common sense?

Why is the country being governed by a person with such lack of sense and educations? a dictator. Only one answer to all these questions:



prescription for freedom!!!!

by Tahirih on

O People of Persia! Open your eyes! Pay heed! Release yourselves from this blind following of the bigots, this senseless imitation which is the principal reason why men fall away into paths of ignorance and degradation. See the true state of things. Rise up; seize hold of such means as will bring you life and happiness and greatness and glory among all the nations of the world. Tahirih



by afshin on

Aside from his holiness speaking from his proverbial derrier as usual, i found the animated ads on the periphery showcasing the new Abjeez video particularly intrusive and frankly annoying.  Who do we have to write to, to get that fixed?


A dictator must fool all the

by Anonymousas (not verified) on

A dictator must fool all the people all the time and there's only one way to do that, he must also fool himself

William Somerset Maugham


Only IR supporters, goons, and those

by Parthian on

who have an economic stake in the regime, such as those degenerates selling great satan's products that has gone through 5 middlemen want the regime to "EVOLVE". This regime needs to be destroyed. Any student of human history knows that these sort of regimes don't evolve, they DEVOLVE. Pretty soon, Iranian people will become monkeys! sorry to say it, but to some extent, we have become worst than monkeys. You don't see monkeys hanging and executing their children, while the rest of tribe watches gleefully!



Successor Please...

by Abol Danesh (not verified) on

It is time for Emperor Khamenei to formally announce his successor before it is too late--

Life is too short ... you may as well enjoy the music and of course no music at all during the sleep time as well as inside the grave...

Reza shah Died at age 66
Mohammad Reza sHah died at 60


iranians are such an

by Anonymous99999999 (not verified) on

iranians are such an extreme/emptional people. i hate two sides of the coin. khameneie on one side and some of you sell-outs on the other side...i hate all of you.


Ghav be donya amado Ghav ham az donya miravad

by mahmoudg on

Just like his Morshed, Ayatoilet Khomeini, Khamenei and all the IRI goons as we say in Farsi, Gav be donya amadando Gav ham az donya meeravand.


Thats the way his belifs are

by Alborzi (not verified) on

In all the religions there are asinine beliefs.
Even the most modern, catholics (my wife's religion)
bans birth control and being gay (and sometimes pedophile) is accepted more than heterosexual priests.
The Jews have difficult laws for being kosher and some sects even make their women shave their head. The problem is not the specifics of his beliefs, Iranians have put up with more autocratic regimes, the problem is not having an intelligent, honorable, trust worthy opposition.


That is what you get for

by Ghafass (not verified) on

That is what you get for following this kind of ...., you got no one to blame.
This is the ultimate oppression that kills any hope of a future. The most unwise of all leaders are the iranian molllaa and they will go nowhere as you have witnessed in the past few hundred years. The worry is where they are taking the nation with them!
Somebody is going to say, givem time theyr evolving, yap
evolving into what?


There is only one destiny for a MARDOM AZAR regime: Downfall!

by farrad02 on

First of all, I agree with Ben Madadi's comment.

Secondly, don't be upset people!

This radicalism is taking the Islamic Republic regime right down the path of their destiny! A regime that pressures the people (especially the youth) of a country and insists on annoying and distressing people constantly (MARDOM AZARI) can only have one destiny! DESTRUCTION! Let them do these things and say these things. No foreign intervention is necessary! They will self destruct in due time! And I'm afraid the results will be unknown (other words, don't bet on someone better replacing them either!)

And believe it or not, Khamenei is not the worst of them. He is considered a moderate! There are leaders in this ruling coalition (Mesbah-e Yazdi and his followers - like Ahmadinejad - leading among them) who put Khamenei to shame! He looks liberal comparing with Mesbah and his follwers!

And this did sort of surprise me because I know of Khamenei's background playing Persian TAR and dabbling in poetry, etc. So, for him to express such views, is either the metamorphysis induced by absolute power (as someone suggested below in another comment) or a sign that he has been smoking too much high grade opium!




Mona 19

Music & Singing are Lawful ...

by Mona 19 on

This wonderful age has rent asunder the veils of superstition. Blessed Beauty Has made it Lawful to listen to Music.

Singing and Music are the spiritual food of the hearts and souls....Music is one of the arts that is highly approved and is considered to be the cause of the exaltation of sad and desponding hearts.



Please Enjoy :)

Jameh Tohi By: Ostad Shajarian

Poem: Freydoon Moshiri




by -sohrab (not verified) on

reason number 23 not to return to Iran




by . (not verified) on

small minds


Absolute power induced Metamorphosis

by sz (not verified) on

The irony is that in days prior to losing the feeling in his right hand after an unsuccessful assassination attempt the music averse “Dear Leader” of today was a decent musician. His Mashhadi friends prior to revolution recall along with the habit of puffing on tobacco pipe and other more illicit smokes his fondness for playing music, reciting Hafez and composing poetry.


shoar jadid dar namaz jomhe

by azadi55 (not verified) on

shoar jadid dar namaz jomhe mishe "marg bar mosighi". khak to sare har kasi ke in ahmagho rahbar midone.

default much cherto

by Anonymoussss (not verified) on much cherto pert....

Ben Madadi


by Ben Madadi on

The problem is not his idiocy. The problem is the common idiocy and complacensy of the masses who take his idiocy seriously!