Namjoo USA tour

Iran's "Bob Dylan" to perform in U.S. for first time

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 08, 2008 – Mohsen Namjoo, Iran’s best known, and most controversial contemporary musician, is scheduled to perform his first 6 US concerts, starting September, 2008. Namjoo has signed an exclusive agent agreement with Beyond Persia, a San Francisco based, non-profit cultural organization, dedicated to fostering cross-cultural appreciation via the arts. Beyond Persia will be representing Mohsen Namjoo as his sole US agent through 2009, and has sponsored the visa application he needs to perform legally in the United States>>> Concert dates


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His style you say?

by Anonymous2222 (not verified) on

He doesn't really have any style. One minute the tune sounds like it is in a specific dastgah and then the tune turns into pop, then again you hear him make totally sensless sounds. Other times it is a straight Latin music with Persian words of famous poets. To be fair I would call his style 'Man darAvardi'.



by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

what's his style?


Best wishes of success

by Hajminator on


Mr Namjoo is one of the pioneers of the post Iran-US discussions among civilizations.


سؤر آن جو كه در عرصات

ز شفاعت او يابي درجات


my 2 cents

by Erfan (not verified) on

im actually a fan of his music, my favorite being "Toranj" so i wish him the best. but i have to keep it real, and he doesnt have that many good songs. a few of them are good, but i agree were blowing up a lil too much with the titles. regardless, if he comes around, ill got to the show to support.


Anon 222

by javaneh29 on

Then listen again and  open your mind ..... he has a flavour of both east and west. I like some tracks more than others and I dont know about comparisons with Bob Dylan who Im not a great fan of but I like Namjoo.



Namjoo grows on you

by javaneh29 on

When I first heard his music a few months ago , I didnt like it. The more I heard it, the more I appreciated his uniqueness. As I said earlier .. im so jelous he is going to the states and not coming to the UK.

Perhaps it is a good reason for a visit... I will think on that



I'm not a struggling

by Anonymous2222 (not verified) on

I'm not a struggling musician but I am familiar with and proud of our traditional Persian music so titles like "Iran's Bob Dylan" do tic me off. I don't think Mr. Namjoo's music has any roots, neither Persian nor Western.


Hopefully he'll go on

by Abarmard on

He has something and most of us recognize it. Yet I hope that this something becomes mature and establishes itself to something great. I like his personality and a few of his songs. Hope he keeps going with the idea.



by Anonymously (not verified) on

You sound a tad bit bitter...LOL. are you by any chance a struggling musician with no hope of making it?


Who cares?

by Anonymous2222 (not verified) on

I don't know what people like about his music, it's like shotor morgh, neither shotor nor morgh! He is a below average Setar player, most times using existing tunes that took much work from others to create.

Mona 19

ای ساربان...

Mona 19

این قافله عمر عجب می گذرد / دریاب دمی که با طرب می گذرد

ساقی غم فردای حریفان چه خوری / پیش آر پیاله را که شب می گذرد

جناب نامجو موفق باشید.

مونا ;)




Im sooooooo jelous

by javaneh29 on

I wish he was coming to the UK too.



That's great. I hope he

by azadi55 (not verified) on

That's great. I hope he comes to Canada too.


Can not wait

by Amir-ofs-ki on

Thank you "beyondpersia" for working on bringing him here to US.

Does this mean that he already has his visa?