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Rosie T.

NOTHING? NOTHING to offer the world???

by Rosie T. on

Sarzamin, look at your zamin.  Check out my last newsfeed. IRAN just came up with the first successful HERBAL AIDS medication probably since forever.

IRAN is TENTH in stem cell research in the WORLD. They just discovered how to generate HUMAN MUSCLE TISSUE.

Despite the fact that abortion is illegal, IRAN has the THIRD BEST family planning system in the world.

Throughout the entire '90's, IRANIAN cinema was considered THE finest in the world by consensus of ALL major filmmakers, including Goddard.

Kiarostami, Bezaie, Mahmalbaf are IRANIAN.

Shirin Ebadi won a NOBEL PRIZE.  A FEMALE lawyer. I know, I know all the politics behind it, but STILL...a FEMALE lawyer.

NOTHING? NOTHING to offer the world?

C'mon you guys.  Say it loud, I'm Iranian and I'm proud! No matter how terrible the regime, no matter how awful the human rights violations, NOTHING, NOTHING will EVER suppress the Persian genius.  Ever. And I am PROUD of my country no matter WHAT she has to endure. Even now. Even now.

Because...let's face it...we all have to admit...

....that despite the hangings, the imprisonments, the censorship, the fashion police, it IS the IRI that is supporting the research that is starting to put Iran in the forefront of medical innovations in the world.

Ask Dr. Maliknasri.  He's a doctor.  He will vouch for me.

NOTHING? NOTHING to be proud of?



faribors Maleknasri M.D and the .....

by Sarzamine man (not verified) on

Now I know why we still have a backward country with nothing to offer to the world or our people except stoning our women, hanging, torture and etc, no wonder of why we still live like Arabs did in Sahra 1500 years ago. I see that not that our friends in Madineh stole our wealth, they also took away our "KHERAD" as well, thank you for reminding this to us again.



The man with brass balls

by Iranians (not verified) on

I admire him for his honesty and humbleness. God bless him.


He is no solution to any of our problems,

by faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Of course he is not any solution to any of our problems. How can he be a solution to our problems? problems of "IRANIAN"s? Iranians in the diaspora. But his masterly tactics to solve the problems of 7ty million honorable Iranians, living in the Islamic Republic of Iran is admirable. I wonder why the Poeple who are unhappy about virtual corruptness in the Islamic Republic of Iran never loose aword about legaly corrupt kapitalistic system in the united states? ay be it can be dengerous in some way.has mr. Ahmadinejd ever promissed any thing to any "IRANIAN"? O you all my veloveds "IRANIAN"s? The way back home is open. but there is no possibility to get to eat and to get aplace to sleep for poeple who left home in the time of crisis. That time is already over. The time of social welfare, well organised healch service, well organized trafics and and and has begann. Long long ago. And baseless critisism does not help and does not damage. In best case it can be a mild convincing for frustrated and depressed natures. where some of them, now after 30 years of permanence of time of glory for the Islamic republic of Iran, my be have to cure some psycho-organic sicknesses. One remembers only the bad days in Iran as his majesty left on order of carter and Khomaini came in on desire of those 30 millions honorable Iranians. They count 7ty million today. They loose no word about corrupt system in the united states. They do not live there. Greeting


Mission Impossible!!

by Beena (not verified) on

Could not disagree more with the President lovers after reading all their comments. They all missed the following facts:
1. Unbearable/unreal/phony-face expressions during any of his interviews;
2. No explanations after 3 years as president for the disappearance of 350 million dollars from the City budget while he was Tehran's mayor/vice-mayor;
3. Has not prosecuted even a single corrupt officials of the past/present (specially of Rafsanjani's family) as he promised he would do so;
4. He is no solution to any of our problems, only empty promises reps.
5. The worst of all is his belief of being a pre-Messiah & that he is the world 's VIP.


Thank God for Ahmadinejad

by Anonymous7888 (not verified) on

With US spending over 400 Million in overt budget to destabalize Iran and over $500 million in covert funds, I would say thank god we have a strong hard headed man like him in charge...So what he believed in Aura and lights..do you seriously think GW is any better? he is just as fanatic if not more....how about our own shah who fell from his horse and claimed Emma Reza saved him??....grow up people...this guy is humble and had a tough life and is self made....his appeal is due to being simple and modest...do you want someone like westerners or Rafsanjani who runs around with 200 family members and body guards?...I believe this man will one day be regarded as the best president Iran has had in many years because he actually cares and will pull iran out of the current crises...If you travel through ME...from store owners to cabbies to hotel employees and government officials...everyone praises Ahmadinejad...


To Mohammad74

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

Mohammad, you mentioned that you are proud of the President of Iran. Could you enlighten us as why you are proud?

Rosie T.

People. thanks for your comments. To clarify. I didn't SAY he

by Rosie T. on

has been a good or successful leader especially not recently.  I certainly didn't say I like his politics particularly his internal ones, or that I would be able to endure living under him.  What I've said is that it is true that when he ran and was elected, it was EXACTLY as the mytical populist which MSNBC (NOT the Nation, NOT the Village Voice ,NOT his own blogs) has called him and that THAT is precisely why he appealed to the most desperate, wretched sector of the population who formed the base which elected him.. 

I have also said that a person with his extraordinarily high scores on his entrance exams coming from the background he comes from cannot possibly be construed as being stupid (regardless of his religious beliefs or how ignorant he is of economics).  I have said that for a person to have an experience of being bathed in light is not necessarily insane.

I said he is wiley, as do the centrist and conservative policy analysts on this documentary.  I said that his main tactic in such wiliness  is a kind of filibustering.

I said that until you guys and those who think like you in Iran, your friends in Iran, thorughly grasp WHY he appealed so much to the power base that ELECTED him WHEN THEY ELECTED HIM, your country will remain a mess.

Same mistake.  Same mistake the Shah made when he made hijab illegal., Same mistake the liberals made in overthrowing ths Shah when they chose Khomeni as their spokesperson rather than learning to speak directly to that sector on their own.

Same mistake. You seem to never learn. You STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND those people.  The people who could see Khomeini's face on the moon.  The people who saw Mahmood as Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey.

I said he is not a monkey. That is all I said.



Count Down -- Day 3

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

He does possess all the attributes and characteristics of a typical dictator: narcissistic, arrogant, selfish and stupid dictator.

As Dr. Ansari said which I agree with him 100%, Mr. Ahmadinejead lacks understanding of economy. he has mismanaged the economy to the point that is on the verge of self destruction. People carry money by barrels because inflation is above 30%.

This type of economy destroys a government and a regime as it did to the Argentinian government few years ago and Turkey a decade ago and to USA and Europe in the 1930's.

Oil prices over $140/barrel and Iran's economy showing sign of illness clearly show the level of mismanagement and corruption presented by the IRI leadership.

Iran's infrastructure at major cities are below world standards not to mention the Gulf neighbours.

The government is on the verge of self destruction.

Count Down -- Day 3

Amir Nasiri


Rosie you understand more than many on this site do!

by gol-dust on

That's the problem with a lot us iranians. We think because we originally came from Iran we know it all! But we don't! Because we always see things in our own paradigm. I have tried to go out of the box and feel the average people! every couple of years I take along vacation visiting different parts of the country and mingling with people.

Came back a few months ago from Iran where I traveled to Mazandaran, Azarbayjan, Kordestan, kermanshah, hamedan and of course tehran. I met people from all different classes where we talked about the politics and economy. Economy was the most important thing in most peole's minds except the rich. I talked to some youths who just wanted to go the west and didn't like ahmadinejad's policies and didn't see a bright future in iran. In Garmsar, I spoke to Garmsaris and Semnanis who complained about him saying that as a delegate they went to him asking for help in their agriculture and interst free loans among other demands, but mahmoud had turned them down saying they had to stand in line like the rest! They felt betrayed!

Talked to a lot of educated who were really mad at him calling him an ignorant and religious (Hezbollahi)! They thought that he and the regime have really ruined the country by spending the money from the oil as there is no tomorrow! At the same time they were very critical of the West and israel for their intentions of recolonizing iran, but believing that they can only dream on! However, average people liked him believing he is the only one in the government who is not a thief! In fact, he is my uncle's next door neighbor, even though he is hardly there!

So, let's be critical of him for what he does or doesnt, a radical, dictator, but not calling him stupid that he is not! He is like a lot of ignorant Americans like bush, Priests or republican religious rights with only difference of islam instead of christianity or judism! Another word, a Neocon who is not a jew but a moslem! You see the problem now? Radicals in the US and Israel are fighting their own type in Iran! And we the lamb people are paying the price for all that ignorance and hatefulness! May we all be saved from them all by waking up and throwing out Neocons such as AIPAC members, JDL, ADL, etc. Islamic Regimes in Iran and elsewhere! 

He is the problem for the west for one major reason. He is in the way of Israel and the west (US,UK, etc.) to access our oil and may be our neighbors' oil! He cannot be bought! And that frustrates the west the most! At least we cannot say that he is in their pocket as Rafsanjai would be! Because of the "Velayateh faghih" (which i hate)in the constitution US cannot just overthrow the mossadegh and bring the shah anymore. So they would like to change the constitution so they can do that! This is of course a blessing and/or a curse (dictatorship) depending on your point of view.


I am proud of Ahmadinejad.

by Mohammad74 (not verified) on

I am proud of Ahmadinejad. God bless him, God bless Iran.



by lifeAfterLight (not verified) on

1st of all this kinda insanity is called dellusions of grandiocity!
2nd of all denying that a group of people dont exist in Iran is not inteligent, its plain criminal and it has led to the persecution and murder of innocent people whose rights this very denial has undermind!
3rd of all bathing in light means little, what it makes you do is what counts!
The aura belongs to the state of insanity untill that realm is subdued without losing the aurora!
Both the desert and the valley see the sunlight, yet one bakes and cracks atlast and one keeps shimmering green!
someone is dellusional and someone else confused!


Another Abdul Nasser??

by Mesri (not verified) on

Ahmadi Nejad's acts/speeches are mirrors of Abdul Nasser's of Egypt as the history is nothing but a recycling center!!

Rosie T.

Aura. It proves o such thing. Auras are real. They can be

by Rosie T. on

seen by sensitives in other people.  I mayself once had an experience after a meditation retreat of being spontaneously swathed in light.  It didn't mean I was insane.  Now, Mahmood's FAIRY TALE dimension to it all, the Twelfth Imam and the Mehdi and what not, that's IGNORANT.  But it's not iNSANE.  And as far as auras go, well...they happen.  Jesus had one.  Buddha had one.  Now you may say Mahmood is no Jesus or Buddha, and I would agree. But then again, neither am I.  And one time I really was bathed in this AMAZING lifht.

Whatever.You will no doubt consider Mahmood insane until the day you die.  And I don't think that anyone can ever convince you otherwise....


He is a phony

by shirazie (not verified) on

He is a phony..

He has taken advantage of the naive and the poor. He definitely proves the shallowness of Mullah's and their ideas.

They become Nationalist all of sudden!! Khomeini said Iran is just a shell for his movement. His followers believe the same.

Islamic / religious based run government concepts days are numbered. The only thing that is keeping them alive are threats from outside - GWB and the guy in Israel.

Just talk to your relatives in Iran. They do not buy any of his junk or GWB's. Iran still can not produce simple consumer goods. Soviets were also the same, they could make weapons but not Toasters. You can always force your brightest to do the wrong things


Question of serving...

by A (not verified) on

"Zabaan-e sorkh sar-e sabz medehad be baad"

1. Correct
2. Incorrect
3. A Meaningless folk saying


To Azadi55

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

Not only that comment but the new ones that he claims Americans tried to kidnap him and take him to U.S. was even more outrageous. I am just wondering what is going to be happening on the next election. Would it be possible for him to get elected again? That would be another four years of nightmare that people need to reckon with.


insane in the brain

by azadi55 (not verified) on

his comments about when he thought there was an aura over him while giving speech at the UN proves that this man is not sane.

Rosie T.


by Rosie T. on


It is NOT Dabashi.  It is NOT NPR.  It is not NIAC.  It is NOT Noam Chomsky. It is NOT an Islamicist FRONT.

Ali Ansari is an ACADEMIC with family ties to the Shah's reign.  MSNBC is a MAINSTREAM channel.  The Brookings Institue is a CONSERVATIVE think tank.


None of us LOVE him.  I would probably rather DIE than live in his Iran.  But I begrudgingly give him the respect he deserves.

And it DOESN'T MATTER whether he has shot himself in the foot politcally.  That is NOT the point.  The most wretched of the wretched reached out to him.  The ones the SHAH could not reach.  The ones Khomeini did not reach.  THE SAME ONES WHO WERE AT THE ROOT OF THE WHOLE MESS YOU HAVE NOW BECAUSE THE CENTER, LIBERAL AND LEFT THOUGHT THEY COULD USE KHOMEINI AS THEIR SPOKESPERSON TO REACH OUT TO THOSE PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY KNEW THEY WERE TOTALLY ALIENATED FROM THEM.  They thought they could manipulate Khomeini because they didn't have the DEPTH and the BREADTH of IMAGINATION to understand those people themselces. And that is how you got that ASSHOLE Khomeini.

And you're making the same mistake now.  You DON'T understand those people. You DON'T understand what Ahmadinejad represented to them and WHY they rallied to him when he first ran. You STILL don't understand those people.

And until you do, your country is going to remain a MESS.

George W. Bush was a papa's boy who graduated with C's and D's from a privileged school.  HE IS A MORON.  Ahmadinejad was so poor he practically ate the dirt under his feet and he entered college with the highest possible grades. THERE IS NO COMPARISON BETWEN MAHMOOD AHMADINEJAD AND GEORGE W. BUSH.

And yes, he is a beknighted blathering religious FOOL. He believes in FAIRY TALES. And so does half your country.  And Khomeini did not MAKE them that way. And You STILL don't understand those people.

Sorry.  I am TIRED of going okay okay okay when everyone says he's a monkey and then WHISPERING to Q and to Soraya, well maybe he's NOT such a monkey. Shhhhhhhhhh!

I do not like public hangings on major thoroughfares.  I do not like segregated womens' hospitals understaffed because of the lack of female doctors.  I do not like the fashion police.  But that does NOT mean the man is STUPID and it does NOT mean he is alienated from the wretched of your country.  He is alienated from the ECONOMISTS, and to some extent from modernity.  But that does not make him stupid. MSNBC and Ali Ansari and the Brookings Institute back me.  Cagey as a fox. I align myself with them.

NEVER underestimate your enemy.


Rosie Jaan

by Anonymous4now on

Your comments about Mahmud Koochooloo are so off the mark that I don’t know how to respond.  All I can say is your comments may apply more to Chauncey Gardener, who was perceived to be walking on water in the closing scene of the movie, rather than Mahmud Koochooloo.  



by Anonymous4now on

I agree.  Had it not been for OBL who handed over a second term to Bush, he and his father would have been a footnote in history as the only one term father-son presidents.  

I think we sometimes go out of our way to emulate all things American, and this is certainly one of them.




Rosie khanom...

by reader (not verified) on

... you make pronouncements with such certainty! You usually have a more humble persona, what happened? How come you're so sure of what Ahmadinejad is all about? The rest of us whose Farsi is a little better might think you're overstepping your boundaries a little. You're of course welcome to do that but it might tarnish your image of someone genuinely interested in Iran and appreciative of its complexities.

Please don't delete this comment!

Rosie T.


by Rosie T. on

Hardly anyone on this website understands this man. Wiley as a fox.  When interviewed by fools, he FILIBUSTERS them with his endless seeming digressions until they either forget their original question or they are simply ready to drop of frustration and discombobulation.  He's brilliant. He came from a dirt poor family and when he took his entrance exams to college he scored in the high 99 percentile.

He is EXACTLY what msnbc says, he is a "mystical populist".  As was Jesus. He practically wentto the poor of Iran on a donkey like Jesus, he spoke to the most wretched, those whom the Shah had been unable to help with his White "Revolution" and whom Khomeini betrayed and used as cannon fodder. 

In my opinon, the whole Holocaust conference was one big filibuster of the West.  Of COURSE the man knows perfectly well there was a Holocaust of huge dimensions. The West stood still, ranting and gaping, paralyzed, didn't they? And I even think his notorious comment about gays in Iran was a brilliant strategy.  Because if he'd answered squarely about the position of gays in Iran, he would've had to be held accountable.  So he chose to make an ass of himself, a buffoon, a wise fool. 

Those who deplore him were going to deplore him anyway so why not let them deplore and UNDERESTIMATE him?  Those who hold admiration for him will wonder at the statement but it won't stop them from admiring him, anymore than the Holocaust conference did.  He is an EXTRAORDINALY complex man and politician.  And it is noteworthy that this is MSNBC, it is NOT Democracy Now or Znet.  And the people interviewed are conservatives or academics.  And they all give him credit where credit is due.   And you know, these folks here...on this cyberpinwheel in which we dialogue, do they know more than MSNBC? Than the Brookings Institute? Than Ali Ansari? They live in an echo chamber. Go figure.


PS Oh PG, I might've known it was YOU.  Did you see my blog on the Iranian of the Day in response to your posting on Pejman?

PPS Anonymous4now, you'ren missing something about Being There. Being There is one way of saying in English what the Hindu and Buddhist traditions call Enlightenment.  Not that Chauncey Gardner is enlightened...but that is what Being There means.


To Anonymous4now

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

Interesting analogy. I think this is exactly what happened in Iran with Mahmud. Come to think of it, Bush is not so much better than him:-)


This reminds me of Peter

by Anonymous4now on

This reminds me of Peter Sellers’ last movie, Being There, in which he played the role of a simple gardener who spoke in simple terms and understood everything in his own simple terms, but all the think tanks and pundants believed he was drawing on metaphorical parallels to describe politics and the society in general.  He ended up being nominated for the President of the United States, all the while being completely oblivious to what was going on around him.