Mystic Iran

Women dervish dance and trance

From filmmaker Aryana Farshad's amazing film of spiritual rituals and visits to sacred locations in her native Iran-- "Mystic Iran" (2002).


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Hajiagha has..

by Anonymous333 (not verified) on

his talk show now...ha ha ha ha


He accepts donaton,and said welfare doesn't cover for all his expense so send your donation to Iran news, his TV show.
he's filming in his kitchen.


ديوانه هاي

زن ايراني (not verified)

ديوانه هاي ك....خل, اينها دكترها و ماماها و معلمهاي ما هستند? وقتي آدامها نتوانند آزادي داشته باشند اينجوري خودشان را خالي ميكنند .


This is called ZAR DANCE

by Anonymous ... (not verified) on

Look Here . This is an ancient ritual ...



by . (not verified) on

A "true" darvish and mystic is beyond the comprehension of 'man va tou'.
They live and breathe in another dimension.
Only a "true mystic" can understand this....
-Onan ke nadanand, behtar anast ke khamoosh bemanand...
- I have no opinion of these people, I cannot judge them, only God can be the true judge, but I wish them and all humanity well in any case.


watch Iranian funny show about Islam

by Anonymous333 (not verified) on


I saw know in canada on TV about this

by Anonymous55 (not verified) on

is sofei gary the guy here Iranian advertising Islam and Mullahs go to CHUN Tv program's 9 pm Sunday
In kos shera chea inja ham vel kon ma nestand


You smart materialist people are just full of yourselves!

by gol-dust on

You think you know everything, just because you have gone to school and hate eslam! Those are very decent people who have different way of life than yours. They are not stupid! You are, by calling them that! They have much more dignity than you would ever know! You think life is only what you see and everyone else is wrong! Do you call all the church goers stupid? you wouldnt dare! these guys are much more than that! You need to grow up and don't judge others like this, since you would never understand it! British? this was in iran way before that!


this is beatiful... and for

by bamaze (not verified) on

this is beatiful... and for those who dont know about sufi's please do not comment... these people are mystically blessed by all forces around them... they experience what many people dont and they dont have concerns regarding materialistic choices they care about their faith and love!

ps. these people are Kurdish and not Arabic please keep your religious beliefs to your self as religion is the fire in ones heart... once you expose and criticize it you turn the fire into ice.


voice of ??

by Iva (not verified) on

Is tha voice of Aghdashloo narrating the story?!

anyhow, fire eating women ... that I had not seen before ... I guess they can have future in circus.


fu.... British control your brain to stolen what you have

by Anonymous666 (not verified) on

this is all about stolen are oil or what we have and send us to pray to fu....wall's or building, or a dheat people


Only you can make your country look worse as it seems

by ShirOzhan (not verified) on

If you think you have done something novel, then you are nothing more than what the British want you to do and you did it.

Show something positive about Iran, this savagery and performances are promoted by those who are sold to enemies of Iran....


yek mosht deevaneh

by Jafang (not verified) on

yek mosht deevaneh


Allah back to Arabia

by fozool (not verified) on

Baba Islam nemikhahim.
we need schools, universities, Happiness, Parties, Love and Romance.
Stop with f... B.S. how many more centuries we need to go down to the pile of shit?