My Persian Family

Persian boy introduces his American girlfriend to his family

A "The Office" style mockumentary about a Persian boy who's hiding the fact that he's dating an American girl from his parents. So in otherwords, this is a fake documentary. Your joking yourself if you think this is what really happened.



Another Shirazi

by Abarmard on

The mother has a cute fading Shirazi accent. Thanks for sharing


nice work

by Farzanehs (not verified) on

I laughed so hard my tummy hurts. Especially when his dad said "Pedarsag!!!"
very funny. I think the gf who dumps a A+ guy over a silly thing like this doesn't deserve him. You should find an iranian one next time, but then again LOVE doesn't know boarders.

programmer craig

Not so bad

by programmer craig on

I didn't think those parents were so bad at all! I could tell worse stories from a white-guy American guy's point of view. I thought the girl in this clip was a bit "off" - she didn't seem like she was trying very hard to make a good impression. I would have thought she'd work harder at it, even if there wasn't a cultural gap.


Off the track... even for a

by sam (not verified) on

Off the track... even for a comedy clip.
The naneh babaye bikhabar az donia who were
so overly stereotypical was way out of line.
As my cousin always says... che beemazeh!


To: Majid

by farrad02 on

You either get it or you don't! And if you're not raising kids outside Iran, you probably don't get it! You'll just have to wonder! :)


Damet garm

by farrad02 on

Well done!



by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

Very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Help me please

by Majid on

I didn't get it ! what was the point here?

I think I'm missing something here ! What's wonderful or nice or cute in this clip? anybody?



by PSTR (not verified) on

As an admirer, and avid dater of Iranian men this girl should know better than to act like a moron in front of Iranian parents. I do not like the way this clip portrayed American women in general.

I think people should date, and be with whom they like. It's all up to you at the end to hold on to your culture, language etc.

A true person would want to learn the Iranian culture, would have dressed appropriately, and spoken to one's parents with respect.

A spoof all together, I was laughing all through it... Very well done for a good laugh.

Thanks for sharing!


> sick of stereotypes

by Another lost iranian in France (not verified) on

I know it's a comedy. I know it's supposed to be funny. Unfortunately it's not funny. I'm tired of this javad style image that iranian families living overseas carry in medias. Specially iranian medias.


Funny but unreal

by ramintork on

I suspect that most Iranian families would show a lot of hospitality.

There could be the long lecture afterwards i.e.

have you thought were this could be going?

We had some plans for you etc.

Otherwise, it was funny, I enjoyed it.


cute, but....

by Tonya (not verified) on

not real.  I can't imagine any girl going to her boyfriend's parents house under those circumstances.  ESPECIALLY if she is American and he is Persian.  I was a friggin nervous wreck when I started meeting my husband's family before we got married.  She was way too theatrical in the whole video.  But... it was


Nice work.

by MM (not verified) on

Nice work.


haha nice, i liked it

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

haha nice, i liked it

Ali P.

Well done!

by Ali P. on