My Life as an American Persian Jew

Light hearted documentary

On Persian culture and Jewish beliefs while growing up in Los Angeles. This is a universal exploration into culture and where we fit in to that culture.


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Iranian Jews

by Heinrik (not verified) on

There is no place in today's world called Persia. Most people agree that calling yourself Persian is just a way to deny your heritage.


If you are also of the Jewish faith, then you are IRANIAN JEWS.

I know many of you are embarrassed by this fact. It's bad enough to be IRANIAN but to also be a JEW, that's really tough.

So stop being perpetrators. No matter what you call yourselves, the facts are what they are.

Bijan A M

This is your dad!!! speaking…..

by Bijan A M on

As another Persian Jew in the other side of this vast land, I feel so proud of you to share your feelings with the rest of the world.

I love you girl… (I wish I knew how to tell you this in Hebrew)


Kaveh Nouraee

Very nice!!!

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Great story! Whether anyone else wants to believe it, or rather, whether or not they want to admit it, this is an increasingly common story, and it was presented here very well. I especially liked the editing of the narration with the pictures.




Why do you wave Israeli flag??!

by Jaleho on

You consider yourself Iranian or American, but is your allegiance to ISRAEL FIRST? Or do you equate Judaism with Zionism?

Are you supporting Israel's stated policy of using nuclear bomb against Iranians as kosher, for example?

Are you supporting some other former Iranian Jews like Israel's defense minister, Shaul Mofaz, who advocated bombing Iran?


Thank you

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

Thank you for sharing this with us

It is unfortunate that in todays Iran minorities or even non-minorities are not respecytefd and treated in inhumane fashion by the barabaric savages who are controling the country.

It is important to be proud to be an Iranian no matter what your religion or ethnicity is.


The True Iranian flag in the video

by Yaghub Kohan (not verified) on

As an Iranian Jew born in Beverly Hills I applaud the maker of this video clip. She has chosen to use the legally valid Iranian flag in her video.

Even in Iran today there is a Jewish representative to the Islamic Republic of Iran's parliament. His name is Maurice Motamed. See:



Beautiful video

by پیام on

It shows that these days it is hard for one to categorize people into different minority groups, it is actually an example of the fact that humans live and are without borders. I must add that the term "Persian jew" used in the video is incorrect since jews that live in Iran (and thus are as Iranian as the rest of Iranians), are not from Persian descent but rather from "bani Esraiel" or "Israelites". So it is not correct to address them as Persian jews, the correct term should be "Iranian jews". The Persian part of this term is a substitute for "Iranian" since being asociated with Iran can be unwelcome these days.


Yeah, but they ruined

by A B (not verified) on

Yeah, but they ruined Beverly Hills!


آره دیگه

injaneb (not verified)

اون پرچمه کارو خراب میکنه. یهودی بودن یک حرفه، اسرائیلی بودن یک حرف دیگه... شما به چه مناسبت اسرائیلی هستید...؟


The good thing

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

about Iran is its diversity. Thanks for sharing.


I like the message this

by Ye Irani (not verified) on

I like the message this video tries to spread;
Thank you for the sharing your life with us!
I would rather share the beauty of diverse culture we have than pounding on each others head with .........


Showing Israel Flag

by Ghamarol Molookeh Vaziri and Russ Putin (not verified) on

was unnecessary, simply because an Iranian Muslim does not raise the flag of Saudi Arabia as an alternative homeland. You were born in Iran and you became a US citizen, simple as that. To bring in Israel or any other country into this is a simple act of egocentric.

Thank you


cool video

by ironi bahall (not verified) on

I like to say we all have something in common living in America and it does not matter what creed you believe on.
Nice work.


Nicely done.

by Tahirih on

My dear you are an Iranian , never forget that ,we all are. You are part of the beautiful and diverse garden that makes our beloved Iran so interesting .

God bless.



Very interesting

by Zion on

Thanks for sharing.


Nice !

by Anonymous-persis (not verified) on

Nice life story, be what you appear to be, a Persian.



by hamid reza tayebi (not verified) on

thank U so much it was very sweet


Nice job!

by Monda on

Thank you for sharing your life with us. Enjoy yourself as you are.