Musical Fountain

Mellat Park, Tehran


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yet another achievement

by MRX1 (not verified) on

for this sewer regime.this time copying the idea of dancing fountains from Bellagio in Las Vegas, the so called sin city to real sin city tehran. this is what you get when you have islam nabe mohammadi in your country.
when you bring the standards so low (just as this regime has done for thirty years) just about any thing looks impressive!


Hannah joon

by observer (not verified) on

Go buy a lick a little ice cream and don't interfere with the things you are too young to fathom. Go deary go ...



by Live From Tehran (not verified) on

See how low we're getting that this stupid out of sync fountain has become the pride of our achievement..What is happening to us? where are all the glorious days when all kings and queens from other nations were looking up to Persians. Arabs were jealous of the Iranian nation that was advancing so rapidly ..What happened to all that pride...Iranian people deserve better. Now we are nothing but a country with no identity and very low self pride.

Lets bring back the glory days and enhance our pride..


Dubai is no role model

by Anonymoustafa (not verified) on

Dubai also has a reputation for human slavery in the new millenium. From Sri Lankan, Pakistani, and Indian laborers mistreated and abused to a huge business of importing prostitutes from Iran and Russia, Dubai is no garden of roses to aspire to.


Party Girl

by ThePope on

Nice poem, even though incomplete! We all love Iran-zamin, no doubt about it and no matter what.

But, I agree with "123", that this musical fountain is very dull. While the Persian gulf arab states are progressing with high tech city structure, in Iran we're designing stupid musical fountains! (on top of that, the flow of water has no harmony with that music!!!) And, if you only new, how many other stupid "things" they have built in that small artificial "hoz" of park-e mellat (shahanshahi park)before this fountain (finally) was made.

If this was made before the stupid revolution, it would've been taboo and considered as a waste of money and another proof that the Shah robs his people and spends it on stupid things like the shahanshahi park (imperial park). But now, it's considered sacred! Don't criticize it!!

Yes, you're right , we all love Iran but it doesn't mean whatever stupid they do back home is "lovely". We should start thinking BIG and not give credit to some stupid design. Us Iranians, we deserve much more and we're not less than the arabs (or the rest of the world). I think that's what 123 meant by his/her comment. And Party Girl, Iranians back home are not as "low"(or poor like you explained) as you might think to enjoy and delight over a stupid musical fountain. They criticize it too cuz they're smart and they know the regime has to do much more for their leisure time. Iran deserve's much more than these stupid old outdated designs.

PS: - Not long ago, lots of Iranians died in that artificial lake of park -e mellat cuz of the regime's stupidity... I wonder if sepah designed & built this stupid fountain.

-to Shah Mariam: before the rev., it was illegal to built buildings taller than trees in Shemiran.

-Dr., pilot, commander, political strategist, mayor or whatever else...Ghalibaf is a looser and a brutal murderer (with lots of martyrs under his command).


Bellagio light!

by Anonymo (not verified) on


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!
From "Greta Satan" to "Axis of evil"! :-)


good idea though. Not that flimsy after all!


We belittle ourselves and it's a shame,

by Anonypishi (not verified) on

Tehran is a beautiful city and it's mayor has done a lot to improve it and we should be proud of that. In fact Dr. Ghalibaf is one of the finalists of World Mayor 2008. There are 11 finalists and he is one of them.


Take it easy

by MAZIAR 58 (not verified) on

party girl I watched both the clips as you usual clips offered here all are exellent. fan of your clip club.thank you
any negative comments are not worth hearing
maziar song was nice.
to watch water in ocean,river,acquarrium and....
are source of comfort and healing as it was for 1000 of years practiced in our planet. not123's planet!

peace on earth

Party Girl

فواره های آهنگین

Party Girl

123 عزیز:

می خواستم نکته ای را یادآور بشوم.  بر همه واضح و مبرهن است که ساختمانهای بهتر، فواره های بلند تر، آدمهای زیباتر و موفق تر، و مناطق بسیار دلپذیرتری از آن که در این صفحات منعکس می شود وجود دارند.  هستند اما ایران نیستند و ایرانی نیستند.  برای همین برای ما مفهوم ویژه ای به جز آنچه که هستند، یعنی یک ساختمان یا یک بشر ندارند.

با توجه به وضعیت بسیار وخیم اقتصادی در ایران، خیلی از اهالی تهران شبهای تابستان زن و بچه شان را همراه با فرش و قابلمه’ غذا و توپ فوتبالشان بر می دارند و می روند به پارک ملت، جایی که هزاران نفر در آن هر شب مشغول پیک نیک شبانه هستند.  این فعالیت یکی از کم هزینه ترین و آسان ترین تفریحاتی است که خیلی ها می توانند داشته باشند.  این فواره ها فضایی را متحول می کنند که شاید تنها مفر خیلی ها برای ساعتی تفریح و تفرج باشد.  برای همین هم هست که تا این فواره ها افتتاح شدند، فیلم آنها توسط یک هموطن روی یوتیوب قرار گرفت، چون همین فواره های متوسط مایل به پایین  برای بعضی ها یک دلخوشی است.  این گوشه ای از ایران است.  چه زیبا باشد و چه زشت، چه پیشرفته باشد و چه عقب مانده، و چه ما بخواهیم بپذیریم یا خیر.  خوش بحال دوبی که ساختمانهای بلند دارد.  خوش به حال ما که هنوز مردمی داریم که زیر این همه فشار، با چیزهایی مثل این فواره ها دلخوش می شوند 123 جان.  این هم هدیه ای از من برای شما:

اگر ایران بجز ویران سرا نیست
من این ویران سرا را دوست دارم
اگر آب و هوایش نیست دلکش
من این آب و هوا را دوست دارم
تمام عالم از آن شما باد
من این یک تکه جا را دوست دارم
من این یک تکه جا را دوست دارم


The Water

by Hannah (not verified) on

The water is so beautiful I can just swim in it yes!
Hannah is my name I am 7 years old and I am an Iranian-American too.



by Shah Mariam (not verified) on

Can some one Please tell me what is the human's fascination with buildings? why the country with the tallest,widest,fancies buildings is the better country. Every time we human see a big pile of cement and metal we worship it.All over the world not only us Iranians.Worshiping cement!That must be a better place to live look at all the big buildings they have!!


They Must Have Been Aspired after their Visit to Las Vegas

by t (not verified) on

They must have picked up the idea from their trip to Las Vegas (astakhforella)


تو دبي دارن

123 (not verified)

تو دبي دارن بلندترين برج دنيا رو ميسازن , اينها هنوز برج ميلاد رو كه بعد از 10 سال تموم نكردند هيچي , اين فواره موزيكال مسخره كه مثل لالايي هستش رو درست كردن كه چي ?