Music for Emam Reza

Mohammad Esfahani sings "Khiyaal kon ke ghazaalam"

A very well-made and edited music video centered on Emam Reza's shrine. Volumes can be said about the people praying in the clip.


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re: peterpan

by Suomynona (not verified) on

Yeah right, you were a moslem? Do you think Iranians are dumb and stupid?

Go back to worshipping your piece of 'Promised Land' instead of God you Zio-Nazi. Your time will come too.



by Zion on

How was I disrespectful? I made an observation and compared two groups of people and their worship rituals. I don`t know, I assumed this was a grave. Is it something else? A holy relic, a holy cup or some kind of holy vessel? Nevertheless I don`t think it makes any difference. Chill out.

Iranian Muslim


by Iranian Muslim on

Seeing those faces, those hands brushing past the soft silver joiners I can still feel in my palm...I can't describe it. It shook my frame. This is my home, this is my family. This is my oasis in the desert. This is why, after obsessing over book after book, academic and polemical, whittling away at everything I believe in, the religious sentiment persists and endures. I haven't lost it, it's still there. We are Iranians, we live so that we can cry big, round tears, so that we can stop thinking for a while, stop intellectualizing everything. I miss these people. I miss them and I love them and I hope they're ok. And I dream of that day, when the politics and madness of compulsory religion are behind us, where we can just live our lives and love our saints and cry our big, round tears without being ashamed or afraid.



by peterpan (not verified) on

I left Islam 10 years ago. It's a cult... please read Dr. Ali Sina's wittings and question Qran and if you read it yourself and disect it you will see the truth.


Beshno Azizaaneh Maa

by Haafiz (not verified) on

با دوسـتان مروت با دشـمـنان مدارا

and my beloved dear Imam Reza!

ای صاحـب کرامـت شکرانـه سلامـت
روزی تـفـقدی کـن درویش بی‌نوا را

(Salawaat! :)


totally gone now

by New Yorker (not verified) on

Zion, if there remained a shred of respect for you in my mind.... it is totally gone now.

I live among the Jewish people of NY, and I have seen things far more "simply amazing" -as you put it - but to me it has been their way and means of expressing themselves and getting closer to God and asking for help.

Your total disrespect is a sign of .....
-how shall I put it kindly?

And I am not religious.



by Joshua (not verified) on


shomaha khod parasteen
Maa khodaa parasteem

shoma meeparasteen beh dalileh jaa'ye'zeh
maa mee parasteem beh daleeleh rokheh ra'anaa

nagoo keh maa bot parasteem
esmeh mesr'o nagoo oon shahr ghalbeh shomaa!

imaameh maah nist beh joz aayeneyeh karaamateh khodaa
zal jalaal al ikraam al hey al gayoom!

bot parast?



by Anonymous dc (not verified) on

hey zion show so some respect. no one here has made comments about jews bobbing their heads along the western wall, or the delusion that god has chosen them. so keep the trap shut and show some respect.



by Zion on

To see all this interesting ritual coming out of conflicts within Islam, especially given the outright Islamic opposition to idolatry.
I think Pharaonic egyptians with their obsession with grave would have felt a lot of affinity had they been around (or maybe that`s ultimately what they have evolved into. You know like birds coming out of dinosaurs...)
Simply amazing. Thanks for the video.


unregistered Imam Reza

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

things started coming true that I asked for........
My oponion: Although it can not be prooved that it was HIM who made things come true, there is no reason why one should not construct for her-/himself such helps from "UNVISIBLE". The oposit - it did come true without HIS help, because HE is dead and likewise arguments - can not be ptooved either. Greeting
KHODA HAFEZ = Will God protect you.


Imam Reza

by Anonymous-then (not verified) on


I love Imam Reza...I went to Mashaad and I asked Imam Reza for some things and they all came true.

I'll be honest...I'm not that religious--I don't pray...I don't fast in ramazan...but when things started coming true that I asked for I started thinking as to why?? I'm still not religious but it has me thinking...... are some other songs for Imam Ali


That one was done by a SUNNI Pakistani...but it's nice!!

Here's another one in Arabic


I love them both...check them out!!

If anyone wasn't religious and became religious, please tell me your story on here. I am always interested in hearing why?? If you are religious then what is it that makes you believe?? Please write!!



Nice ...

by Suomynona (not verified) on

Here is another nice one from Shohreh...




by Anonymous washingtonian (not verified) on

nicely done video. let this be an example to those in denial or who have otherwise spent too many years away from iran. those who think that iran is anything but islamic. those who think iran can be summed up with gheitarieh and khiabuneh fereshteh. this is the real iran. people are devout muslims. this is precisely why this regime is not going anywhere. even when the shah was in power, the clergy always had the real power. they could always bring out tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands out to the street with one command.


Thank you Party Girl!

by Nika (not verified) on

This is nice, very nice. I loved the video, people quietly praying and meditating, it's beautiful.
God I miss my people.


Emam Reza (A.S.)

by Joubin Houshyar (not verified) on


Thank you for posting this.

What the song is all about:



/& Salaam


Emam Reza

by tehran24 on

Here is another great song by Mohsen Chavoshi: