Monopoly minus Iran?

Vote for Tehran

Parker Brothers company is about to release a new edition of Monoploly and have the world most famous cities instead of street vote on some preselected cities but you can nominate a city you think should be in the game. I noticed Tehran was not preselected so i nominated Tehran, but for Tehran to be in the game it needs votes, lots and lots of votes, so therefore I urge Iranians around the world to nominate their capital city to be in the monopoly. it's less than 10 days left and we need to vote everyday in mass numbers. I know this might sound weird but we haven't had Olympics, we don't have democracy, at least let's take action and be on the monopoly. Go here>>>


Bahram the Iranian

me too

by Bahram the Iranian on



I voted for Tehran, Iran (general), IR

by xerxes7 (not verified) on

But tehran, Iran is not even on the list "view leader borad"
Nonetheless: VOTE, VOTE, VOTE


I voted, too!

by farrad02 on

I voted, too!  Please forward to eveyone you know. If we get everyone to go vote here, they can't ignore Tehran!



by no_name (not verified) on

voted for, Tehrān, Teheran, IR


Iran on Monopoly

by Farhood Azarsina (not verified) on

I suggest Iran should be on the "GO TO JAIL" box....LOL!!! HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHA

Please take down what you wrote about me being the Iranian of the Day. I find that offensive.


Me Love Tehran Long Time!

by MM (not verified) on

I nominated Tehran, IR.



by Majid on

When you type "Tehran", several pup up, you vote for "Tehran,Tehran/IR"

The rest are : Tehran now / Tehran Sar......etc.



by Majid on

did it too


you so when you go to vote

by Anonymousfasdfadf (not verified) on

you so when you go to vote for tehran, there is like 5 of them, which one should we vote for? Tehran, Tehran, IR or Tehran, Iran (general), IR.


Just did!

by Nader on

Thank you!