Mohsen Namjoo: Eshgh...

Eshgh Hamisheh Dar Moraje'eh Ast



I like "Zolf Bar Baad", but

by AnonymousMM (not verified) on

I like "Zolf Bar Baad", but the rest of his songs... not too much. I think he should stop this armature singing and start working with others and do professional work.


His songs are superb

by LostIdentity (not verified) on

He masterfully tells the story of mankind in this day and age - Deep and clear as Iraj Khan says.

iraj khan

Wonderful! Thank you aidinl.

by iraj khan on

Namjoo's lyrics reminds of Sohrab Sepehri and Froogh Farokhzad's poetry and outlook about life and love. He's an original and one of a kind. The clarity and depth of his observation about life and love is amazing. 

He has the sensetivity of a great artist/philosophor. His lyrics will lose much of its power if it's translated into English as are Sepehrei's, Farokhzad's and Rumi's. It's wonderful to hear him sing and play his music. His music has already shaped my Sunday.


such a good song + such good lyrics

by mazfaz on

one of my fav songs of all time... loved it :D:D