Excerpts of Moslem Mansouri's documentary, "Trial," about incredible underground filmmakers.  Winner of Tribeca and Eye/Kinoglaz film festivals

An unbelievable story about brick workers in southern Tehran making unauthorized movies.


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To: Abarmard... Cheers

by Live From Tehran (not verified) on

I take it back what i said few days ago,,With these two clips you have proven that you are a drinker..2 am here in tehran.. Here's to you a shot of cold vodka with must o khiyar..
God bless Iran..


Dear Party Girl

by Abarmard on

I apologize Party girl.

I did not mean harm. I was watching these clips and for no real purpose posted them here. I absolutely agree with you, I am aware about the director's project and fully support him.

Chakeram :)

Party Girl

Dear Abarmard

by Party Girl on

Thanks for leaving a comment.  You are one of my favorite characters on this site.  I'm at a loss as to how to reply to your comment, though!  Certainly, this post is about a serious filmmaker and a serious film.  Mr. Mansouri had to run away from Iran before this movie was completed and finished its editing outside Iran.  As such it is only fair if we give it its due attention and express our opininon about it in this post.

Not everything has to be overtly serious, however!  What you are proposing is fun, too, in its own rights.  I am compiling some fun and funny oldtime video clips which I will send to JJ for his consideration soon.  I will add your recommendation to the list.  Take it easy and party on!

Party Girl

More on Moslem Mansouri

by Party Girl on

Moslem Mansouri is an Iranian documentary film director who lives in the US.  VOA interviewed him at American University about his movies about Iranian underground cinema.  Here's his website:  //moslemmansouri.com/

and here's that interview: //youtube.com/watch?v=giT8bt9mtyE


I got a more entertaining film

by Abarmard on

Thanks for posting, I had seen this before. But below is more entertaining ;)



How about Osaa Karim:



Oh my God...

by Speechless (not verified) on

This is tremendous. What a crying shame that this movie was made in 2002 and so many of us had never heard of it. Mr. Mansouri, you're awsome. And the people in Khosro... what can I say? They are the ones who make me speechless. That shot of the little boy watching the screen contains whatever hope there may be for both humankind and art.

How can we not love Iran?