Mixed Nutz

Brought you from the makers of "Babak & Friends -- A First Norooz"

Meet Babak, Sousanne, Saman, Briana, Sanjay, Adele, Michael, Damaris and Jae in the new series Mixed Nutz. In Episode 1 of Mixed Nutz, we meet the crew and their teacher Miss Pickelberry who assigns the kids with a show & tell about their backgrounds. This clip shows Babak's fear of school >>> noroozproductions.com

-- Mixed Nutz on CNN
-- Mixed Nutz -- Sizzle Reel
-- Mixed Nutz Teaser Trailer
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Sweet but...

by Anonymousjoon (not verified) on

What's with the obnoxious voice over voices from 1975? No one actually talks like that except for the cheesy translations from the 70's.

Aside from that, it's great to see Iranians making strides in the right direction to keep the language alive for kids.


Never knew about this!

by Maryam R. (not verified) on

Cheh jaleb! Farsi-talking cartoon characters!