Messages to Obama from Iran

Representatives of CODEPINK went to Iran and spoke to Iranians

"We are translating Obama's promises for peace into action by bringing our "Let's Talk" Campaign to Iran. In November of 2008, three CODEPINK activists traveled to Iran as citizen diplomats. The Iranian people welcomed them so generously, and shared their own non-violent actions for peace with them. You can read Medea and Jodie's accounts from Iran at our blog, PinkTANK (// /)."


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It is the US the agressor not Iran?

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Not Iran? I beg your pardon but just the islamic Republic of Iran is the agressor and not the american imperialism. The not so great any more satan wants only to come to Iran again and take away what it needs and it wants only that Iran should be again a take away shop for it with the old nice motto: take home now - pay never. That is all. And since those 7ty million fanatic mullahs resist unresonably this friendly expectation from satan so i should urg: Iran is the agressor. another urgument which prooves just the opposit of calling america agressor is: It is the most natural right of that Imperialists to think and to try to rescue their Interessts and supply their needs. Greeting


what does is have to do with obama!!???

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

what does is have to do with obama!!???
the mullahs are the source of the problems in iran!

AND THE PROBLEM WITH Mullahs IS: They count 7ty Millions. 1978they counted only 30 Million. 2050 they will count more than Pakistanis count to day. The latter count 136 Million. So the source of problems the Mullahs in the Islamic Republic of Iran for permanently getting weaker and weaker and smaller and smaller the great satan will permanently grow. This is the real problem. Now: Which voluntaries want and can solve this problem? Mr. Bushy Bushy tried and made only more problems for innocent american nation. who will try it next?
Once I have read somewhere if a matter is a problem it is called so because it is unsolvable. This is the problem. Greeting.


what does is have to do with obama!!???

by ali12 (not verified) on

the mullahs are the source of the problems in iran! why the heck are u worried about the americans? why would anyone try to legitimize these murderers- that's what I don't like.
the program seems legitimate, but would only make sense if you are dealing with a rational and legitimate govt.- which the akhoonds have never been!
instead of this, support the iranian people to get rid of them and separate masjed and state forever!

Nader Vanaki

Remember Oil for Food Program

by Nader Vanaki on

Look at what hardship was imposed on the Iraqi people after the first Gulf War with the oil for food program.  And now we have Obama as president and he is being cautioned against taking similar stance with Iran.

Nothing will ever change with the U.S. government no matter who is the president.  The mindset of every administration has been to talk down to Iran without ever bothering to understand Iran and Iranians.

This is a highly admirable attempt on behalf of these women and everyone's praise goes to them but let's not get too romantic.  Obama will be surrounded by the same anti Iran mindset and as you go lower in the ranks in the administration the ignorance and the careless attitude is even more rampant.

The only ones who know enough or care will never be heard.


Blessed are the peace makers

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

Thank You Code Pink.



by Zion on

What is it now? I did not even speak about any other comment or contributor. Did I touch a raw nerve again? You are so funny buddy. :-D LOL.


The message!

by Ajam (not verified) on

Dear Homayoun, these people's mission is not of an arbitrary nature, but a grass roots attempt at making connections and dialog with ordinary Iranians and focusing on human aspect of the relations between the two countries.

In the face of the American corporate media's attempts at dehumanizing Iran by blowing the nuclear issue out of proportion, exchanges of this sort help reflect what the average Iranian feels about America and the role it can play in the future of this region. Whether Obama is actually interested in working with the progressive elements in the region for genuine peace and stability, or will he resume the old imperialist oil-policies, will dtermine what these people will be turned into, friends or foes!

You can call it the Iranian version of "carrots and stick" game if you will!


It is the US the agressor not Iran1

by Homayun on

In my opinion, it is the US who is the agressor and is only looking for its own interests. So this pink group should actualy be talking to the US people rather than Iranians. We as Iraninas are the victom of amperialistic policies of the US.

We are not causing the UN sancitons, but the US is. Iran is not posing any danger to outside world (let's forget for a moment about Hezbollah and Palestine), so why is IRan not allowed to develop its civil nuclear energy? Even if Iran presses on to develop Nuclear weapon (which I strongly oppose), but it is still, Iran's right to do so, isn't it? Why should US, Israel, Russia, UK, CHina, etc, etc, can have them. We can't!

So this Pink group better go back home and try to fix their own government.

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