Memories of Life before the Bombs

I have intermingled images from Israel and Iran

testupload1 writes: As you are viewing the video, you may find it hard to tell the difference from one country to the other... and that is perhaps because you are noticing the similarities, rather than searching for the differences. At the time of my putting this video together, we are dangerously close to hostilities breaking out between Israel and Iran... and the consequences of such action, could prove to be catastrophic for everyone on this planet! >>> FULL TEXT


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Worrisome and very relevant

by Zion on

I think everyone needs to see these stuff:

or here:

That is the source of the trouble. Unless this is dealt with, this issue can't rest. That is why efforts to accomodate such a system is a fatal mistake (if it is a mistake at all and not deliberate). You need to speak up and support more pressure on these lunatics to prevent a war and a catastrophe.


Its a parallel universe

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Iran has/had the second oldest Torahs (after the ones in Jerusalem), Purim is a Persian custom. However, Israel has changed since 1970's. All three countries Iran/USA and Israel have been now dominated by religious right. All of the original Israel founders were non secular, Israel was as leftist as you could get without being communist. The whole idea of kibbutzim is becoming laughable in Israel, just a bunch of fanatics who will kill you if you drive in their neighborhood on Saturday.
Its a new country, a country fanatics.


Call me a party pooper but...

by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

What is the point of this video, that you can juxtapose locales from Iran and Israel and that we are part of the same planet? Those images with the exception of iconic sites such as the tomb of Hafez and the Wailing Wall / Dome of the Rock could be anywhere in the world. Beautiful sentiments but it should be extended to other people as well, ie. the neighbours of both countries. Implicit in all the posts here seems to me to be an exclusion of other people living in the same region. that being said I don't see any reason Iran should be in conflict with Israel in a direct sense. Iran's national interests are not directly threatened by Israel.


Just like Alborz said we are so similar

by Tahirih on

I was in Israel in March,similarities are amazing. I have said it before, when we were in Telaviv our Taxi driver was a 60 something Iranian who has never been in Iran and he was speaking fluent Farsi!! if this is not love of Iran what else is it?

Some Iranian kids after being here for 5 yrs do not speak Farsi, this man never seen Iran spoke to us in Farsi, he was so exited to be able to practice his Farsi since his parents passed on and his wife was Syrian. He said how he still makes Qurmehsabzi, and loves Iran. 

We are so similar they are our brothers and sisters just separated by man made prejudices from other Iranians.

Please people, work towards saving our beautiful Iran and her brother Israel.




The Bloods and the Crips.

by Shadooneh (not verified) on

The Bloods and the Crips are two major crimes gangs in Los Angeles that have survived several waves of anti-gang activities by the law enforcement. To bring peace to the LA neighborhoods both of these gangs must be eradicated. By the same token in order for peace and stability to visit the Middle East, BOTH extremist religious-based political movements of Zionism and Eslamism must be eradicated. Some forum posters, like Zion, show their biases by expressing opinions such as "No one wants war, with the possible exception of the mullahs in Iran." These folks are dead wrong by ignoring the rabid extremism of the Zionists whose entire agenda is based on occupation, Apartheid, terrorizing civilians and incessant land grab. Attributing war mongering to the IRI and ignoring the Judeo-fascists and their supporters in the US and elsewhere is height of intellectual dishonesty. There quite a few elements that crave for war in the Middle East and other resource rich places and IRI is not the only one. Like that Iranian proverb that says, if you want to get rid of the thieves, you must get rid of ALL of them. Jews and Moslems have lived in relative peace before, therefore it can happen again - with the Zionists and Islamists gone.



by Zion on

This was a great video, and thanks to everyone for your kind comments.
It is true, there are many historical ties, shared world view and legecay of past alliances that bind people of Iran with the Jews and Israel.

The truth is war is catastrophe, No one wants war, with the possible exception of the mullahs in Iran. Everything is being done to avoid it. The situation is dangerous. Israel alongside the US and Europe are doing all they can to prevent a war. unfortunately the regime in Iran is like a time bomb, the world is trying to defuse it before it goes out.

Dear Amir, we hear you. The lunatics in Tehran are criminals who do not allow any form of dissent. It is true. But the Iranian community in the free world still can do a lot. Like it or not, the only option that can prevent war and defuse this time bomb is hard all encompassing pressure on the mad mullahs to crack and give up this lunatic ambition. This is what logic forces us o accept. There is no other hope. We are dealing with fanatics who openly contemplate the feasibility of nuking Israel and consider the ensuing catastrophe as acceptable given the population and area of muslim countries compared to Israel , who openly declare the goal of cleansing the region of Israel... .

The Iranian community must speak out and add its force in favor of hard sanctions and pressure. It would be hard for Iranians inside but compared to a war, even the possibility of a nuclear war, this is much more preferable. There are many vested interest in preventing pressure on the Islamic regime in Iran. Oil companies and Western businesses who can profit from economic relations with the Islamists in Iran are against sanctions. Arms companies, corrupt politicians and under the table briberies going on because of the immense oil money in the hand of the mullahs. Russia and China and political rivalries, and of course lobby efforts in behalf of the regime in Iran. There is a systematic campaign to ward of any pressure on the Islamic regime done in the name of people like you and under the excuse and guise of "peace". You can speak up and add your weight in favor of pressure on the regime. The Iranian community in the free world can do a lot this way to prevent this disaster from taking place. Please stand up and be counted.

Thanks again for your comments and for standing for what is right


doshman e asli

by soopoor (not verified) on

من با اينكه از نسلى هستم كه از بچه گى تا الان شستشو يه مغزى شده كه با اسرائيل دشمن باشم،دليل اى نمى بينم كه به اين دشمنى ادامه بدم...فلسطينى ها ميتونن كشور مستقل ِ خود رو داشته باشن اگر به پول ِ ديگران عادت نكرده و خود براى خود تصميم بگيرن.خلاصه كسى از جنايت ِ كشور هاى ديگه به صدا در مياد كه اول تو كشور ِ خودش جنايت و نسل كشى رو نداشته باشه اميدوارم همه به اين نتيجه برسان كه دشمن ِ اصلى كى و كجا است. .


Great video

by Hooman H (not verified) on

Thanks for posting it.


These images...

by alborz on

...are mostly of nature and man-made structures and yet we find much similarity. Imagine how much more similarity we would see if it was made up of human faces. The aspirations of billions of people are the same.  While we remain focused on another impending calamity that we relate to because of where we were born, we must expand our view and recall that we live in a world that is suffering even in the absence of military attacks and wars. Disease, poverty, lack of access to basic necessities and education continue to take their toll on the vast majority of the human population.

"The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens".


In the hope that this impending crisis is averted and our desire for reaching this ideal replaces our existing frame of reference which remains based on nationality, faith, race and social status.

"...Yet so it shall be; these fruitless strifes, these ruinous wars shall pass away, and the `Most great Peace' shall come... "





Alphabetical order: Iran Israel

by 135 (not verified) on

For millenniums we lived together in harmony and peace.
Iran was one of the first countries in the world who recognized Israel's sovereignty. Iran was one of the two Muslim countries welcoming Israel to open an embassy in its soil. We didn't have any kind of peace treaty agreement with Israel, as we never needed one. But instead there is a mutual dedicated agreement, written in our souls.

Having unparalleled political views with Israel - caused by micro minority in Iran - is just 3 decades old but our integrity history is even older than Christianity or Islam. As far as I remember the TV news in the 70's( I was doomed to watch it, as it was my parents favorite dinner entertainment), Iran always was a pro-Israel nation even during the three fronts conflict of Muslims, Christians and Jews back in 70's! Obviously as kid you eat the mass-media's views without any arguments but now despite international support for Palestinians, a part of me still supports Israeli's. We always have fought the same enemies and I relate to them more naturally; our way of life, mainstream culture, food, family standards, comedy, party, music(where our pop music should be without Jews' Roo-Hozi's).
For god sake, their president is Iranian born! Sacha Cohen's mum is Iranian too. Why I bother, find the rest yourself;

I once heard this story on Lord David Alliance and his wife stating; while listening to Persian classical music, they barely can hold their emotions and not to cry. Until I saw it myself in various occasions.
These two nations are woven to each other and are living a single culture but happen to follow different religions. Right now we are experiencing this with other religions and races in Iran and it never bothered us for ages.
But unfortunately now, a couple of corrupt akhoond and Israeli politicians are planning to add a dark chapter in our history book. This were about to happen thousands of years back by, again, a couple of corrupt and selfish minority but fortunately was neutralized by real Persians and Persian-Jews. Remember Esther Mordechai and Khashayar-Shah?

Mona 19

When a thought of war comes...

by Mona 19 on

...oppose it by a stronger thought of peace.

"War is made for the satisfaction of men’s ambition; for the sake of worldly gain to the few, terrible misery is brought to numberless homes, breaking the hearts of hundreds of men and women!

There is nothing so heart-breaking and terrible as an outburst of human savagery!

We know the effects of war are bad. So let us try, as an experiment, peace, and if the results of peace are bad, then we can choose if it would be better to go back to the old state of war!

Let us in any case make the experiment.If we see that unity brings Light we shall continue it."





you know

by MRX1 (not verified) on

we have no beef what so ever with Isreal and vice versa. Heck we are at least 600 some miles apart. if anything we have more common with them than anything else. But you have to see all this through the mind set of islamo facists. They hate jews period! No logic, none what so ever. their entire idilogy is based on hatered. They hate any thing non islamic, including anything Iranian. Look at the postings from our resident islamists and you get the picture!


Count Down -- Day 5

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

No War

I beg the ordinary and common men and women in both countries to not support this war and protest anything about this war.

This war will cause more devastation, hurt, injury, destruction and hatred. This war will only benefit the warmongers and those big cooperation who will benefit from the blood of innocent people from both sides.

I beg the great Jewish people of Israel who have survived horrible events in their life time not to support a war against another great nation and your friend the people of Iran.

You have more power to persuade your people than we have. We can not persuade our government since the Iranian government is made of an elite group of donkeys and illiterate and ignorant leaders.

NO war with our Israeli friends.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Incredible work. Shows how dangerously close we are to devastation. We can't know for sure, but sure feels like doomsday is approaching.


Why are we leting bunch of arabs destroy our land?

by Zeynab on

We have no problem with Jews ,why are we sitting silent and leting crazy men like Khamenei and antarinejad destroy 2 beautiful countries?