McCain dying to kill Iranians

John McCain jokes about killing Iranians with cigarettes

Los Angeles Times: While waiting for cheese steaks at Pittsburgh's Primanti Bros., famous for its thick sandwiches piled high with French fries, an Associated Press reporter asked McCain to comment on a report that U.S. exports to Iran had increased tenfold during the last seven years -- with cigarettes ranking as the top export. "Maybe that's a way of killing them," McCain responded. He quickly followed up: "I meant that as a joke, as a person who hasn't had a cigarette in 28 years.">>>



recaliberate patrotism

by Realist (not verified) on

Why is it that McCain's tongue and cheek is quickly dismissed as a joke while Ahmadinejad's is instantly polarized as fanaticism?

Is it because of double standards, social engineering, or both?

The Zion, Fred's and Shalom's of this list seem to be in favor of dragging America further into it's own manuer.

Regardless, Iran will emerge.


"Good" is equal to "Stupid" in Jewish worldview!

by Immortal Guard (not verified) on

Shalom Zion:

Do you know this guy:


I hope he knows the Persian expression: "Shahnameh akharesh kosheh".

Should we be stupid enough to give you guys another chance when the time comes????

Your Egyptian monuments in Las Vegas will become your nightmare unless we manage them.


Fool yourself

by Zion on

Shalom, you are not a jew or an Israeli. You are most probably one of the usual smart ass IRI parrots who want to make a point.
Get a life buddy.

I don't see anything harmful in the simple Joke McCain said either. And remember, when he says Iranians it is already assumed he means the officials.


Dump Dump Dump "ON" McCain:-)

by Nader on

The guy is a symbol of STUPIDITY!

Let's see how many morons vote for him...


By the way,

Shalom, get a life.


McCain needs to apologize NOW!

by It's our right (not verified) on

People please get a hold of yourselves here. Instead of attacking Israel or Jews, PLEASE can we all gather around all our power, lobbists and activists and request an apology from McCain. WE NEED TO DO THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
If he has said that about anyone country there would be petitions going up the wazoo.


McCain Is An Idiot, Shalom Is a Bigger IDIOT!

by aaminian on


Do you ever wonder why throughout the history of mankind the Jews have been hated so much?! Because your kind is ungreatful, sneaky and opportunistic. Wherever you go, you create problems. You caused problems for the Egyptians, Babylonians (For Heveans sake, MY ANCESTORS rescued your asses from them!), Palestinians, Europeans (and I don't mean just Germans!), Palestinians (AGAIN), and now ironically your ancient emancipators (IRAN).


On the subject of annihilation, your country certainly got a very small taste of what awaits them if they decided to attack Iran back in Summer of 2006 by your northern neighbors. The difference this time will be that the rocketry WILL BE SPECTACULAR AND PRECISE.


On the subject of survival, I believe your kind will survive for a long time just LIKE FILTHY cockroaches have for billions of years, although I'd rather bite the dust if you get my drift.






Its not that bad

by payamjoon (not verified) on

Smoking is not good for health. His comment is actually is not too bad. If you don't want to die don't smoke! I don't see anything wrong with this. Don't take everything so seriously.


God I hate McCain.

by skatermom (not verified) on

God I hate McCain. Shalom...please don't speak of Iran's survival. Israel would never have been created if it weren't for the Brits dumping them off on Palestinian shores, because they or other Europeans didn't want to deal with them. As for Israel's survival once that check stops coming from the US I wouldn't bank on Israel surviving either. The US holds Iraq? Where have you been for the last 5 years? As for're the one speaking of Iran's annihilation and how it's the enemy, a peaceful notion to be sure. Perhaps you should start laying off the shmaltz... no offense.


one sorry excuse for a presidential candidate

by Dee (not verified) on

It is frightening that this man might actually become president of the United States. He, and the current regime in power, make me ashamed to be American. Perhaps it's time to begin country shopping.


Dump Dump Dump McCain

by Abarmard on

Get him his cane and let him to senior citizens home. Thankfully to Bush, Neo cons days are numbered.


to shalom...

by Mehdi-Palang on

Does Israel know what peace is?  Gee, I can't remember the last time Iran started a war, can you?  It seems like your okay with the suffering going on in Iraq, I guess you'd also be okay with suffering coming out of Iran (if the US/Israel attacks us) right?  Face it, you've got no moral character.   

How has Iran provoked Israel?? (I think it's the other way around) 

Israel is a greedy apartheid state that doesn't want to see the geo-political power in the region shift, and that's why she is provoking war with us and just about every other nation in the region.

oh and YEAH, I know Iran will survive!  No matter what kind of government we have in Tehran, Iran will always survive. 


We will SURVIVE !!

by ... (not verified) on

Dear Shalom, we will survive as we did in the last 3000 years. at the end zions are not worst than their arab cousins or greek friends or turks !? I always like Israel depite i born and grew up in Iran as i think we have so many things in common but there is always people like you who make me be proud of Mr. Ahmadinejad. I advise you to go and check haartz or jerusalam post instead of wasting your time in Iranians and in any case if you are one those double personality losers then please go and visit a shrink !
About McCain's comments, He is not funny at all but since we (Iranians in Iran) always laugh at cheny's lesbian doughters let him to laugh at us !!

May god show you the corect pass which is enjoying the sun and sea in tel aviv as messing with mighty persians bring you the agony and death !! x


Do you really think IRAN will survive?

by sHALOM (not verified) on

Do you really think IRAN will survive? No offense...

The US and other free countries will wipe IRAN off the face of the earth.
They (Iran) will continue to lose land as they have in the past, and be annihilated.

The US now holds IRAQ, and will do so in IRAN if they keep up their provoking.

Why don't they (IRAN) just give up?
Do they know what peace is? I don't think so....
IRAN makes the world a worse place to live as a threat to global living.
The people of IRAN only continue to suffer as they have.

Leave Israel alone!
For IRAN is now the enemy!