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Iranian rock: Akheh Beh To Cheh?!


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Move over LA. C @ $ P !

by Majid on

Looks like there's a light at the end of the tunnel !

I think the "Dambooli k***k" days are numbered.

It's very interesting and  promissing. Keep it up Matin. 


pleasantly surprised

by IRANdokht on

it does grow on you! nice voice and new style for Iranian music.

thanks Party Girl,  I liked it! 



Not too bad

by Dariush (not verified) on

Good voice, but What a wast of talent. I wonder where they got this idea from?


You are very talented.

by shekle (not verified) on

You are very talented. However you need to get out of this aza-dary and dark world and be more forward looking and energatic.
With this kind of dark music that unfortunately is popular in the culture of mourning and schitzosphrenia, you send more youth to seek drugs in dark and depression.
Dont give in to a bunch who want to keep you hopeless and depressed, learn to love yourself and others and keep away from the parannoid, doshmanbeen, you can do a lot for the youth in Iran. Get positive man, you can do it.
Remmember its better to have a wise enemy than a whole bunch of stupid friends.



by Abarmard on

It grows on you. Cool voice


I liked it

by Mehdi on

Better than a lot of dimballa dimbol music! Needs a bit of work but definitely good!


holy 80s punk rock bling

by Anonymous* (not verified) on

holy 80s punk rock bling bling crap batman! aim for substance and permanence, guys, not just to fill a 5min video for the youtube generation. i support artistic endeavors, but demand true expression and your heart and soul be put into it. so nice try... but please try again.


Buckle Up!!

by Thankful (not verified) on

As good as the first song "Mordeh-Shoor Khooneh" from this singer.
Buckle up for a real change in our so called "Aseel" but "Mordeh" music!!
Thums up to Mr. Javid for posting it.