A man named Tehran

Iranian-American man from Washington DC talks about himself

This is great! Saman chill'n with Tehran in Washington DC


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by Disappointed (not verified) on

Why so much hate? This is exactly why I don't like associating with Iranians. Why do most Iranians have a tendency to put each other down? Our nation and culture would be so much stronger if we would stick together and support each other instead of putting each other down to make our own self feel grand. This is a very self-destructive attitude and my fear is that it will never change because it seems to have been embedded in our culture for many years, unfortunately.



by javaneh29 on

Tehran didnt even know there was a story about him here, I told him and he was amazed and delighted. He only recently found out there was a film about him on youtube!

He's a really nice guy.. he doesnt deserve to be knocked here.



stop hating.

by caram (not verified) on

tehran is a great, REAL, awesome person... really down to earth.. how can you have something nasty to say unless you feel jealous? stop hating.



by B (not verified) on

barajechi Eftekhar mikonin? chelokabab dostare? mast mikhore? dogh mikhad, 2ragas va farsi sobat mikone?
Eftekhar nadare....tanha chisi ke efterkhar dare farsish khobe. chonke ironia dar amrica farsiro faramosh mikonan.......


Did you enjoy this?

by Mehran A. (not verified) on

If you did you might enjoy my music. I'm an UNDERGROUND emcee that is iranian/persian/ what have you.

If you enjoy real hip hop elements and ghorme sabzi I think you'll dig my myspace page!




My mom made me watch this

by Kayvon Z (not verified) on

My mom made me watch this clip and I thought it was great. I am proud of this guy Tehran because he is mixed and could just act American but he doesnt. He is proud of who he is and that in a strange way made me proud of who I am. I cant believe people are hating. Maybe he should make more clips and we should be more like Tehran and less like those haters.

He is the one that made me proud of being Iranian not the people that wrote mean or bad comments. After watching this clip I would let him in my house not ever lock the door. And I dont think he made the clip himself someone made it of him.


You are lost in Paris!

by Saman on

Tehran didn't make the story about himself. This is simply a report on Tehran made by someone else! It's called "character story" ... like on TV! The same kind can be made about you or anyone else. This day was Tehran's day, because he's fun and interesting for a mixed kid who's never lived in Iran. He's also an ordinary dude...the kind of dude you'd run away from if didn't know him better...Now you know him.


> Ego

by Another Lost IRANIAN in Paris (not verified) on

1st of, I'm an Iranian, I leave you D.C and Cali people labelling yourself as ''persians'', if that makes you happy to think you live 2500 years ago...

You're talking about ego ? is this a joke ? : this dude has made an entire VIDEO about HIMSELF, the guy eats chenjeh (waw, what a great culture achievement), goes to college (waw again), and cruises around Georgetown talking to himself. and everybody goes like ''afarin , great,damet garm '' (If he would walk by your car at night I bet you'd lock yourself instantly) then someone asks me to calm down my ego ?!? ...

Give me a break. Once again : if he was short, overweighted, half-iranian and half-salvadorian, none on this site would give a damn about him.

This has a name : Khareji or Gharibeh Passandy.

If nothing is sacred, it is time to acknowledge the fact that iranians have a contradictional relationship with black people : love and/or hate.


Come down folks!

by Anonymous iranian 1 (not verified) on

Do not get all excited just because he is half black and half Iranian who has learned how to speak Farsi well and like Iranian foods.He may even be Muslim ,but Do not make a big deal out of his life!


I no him... hes so funny :)

by persianprincess (not verified) on

I no him... hes so funny :)


lost persian in paris

by leelee (not verified) on

You need to calm down. calm your ego down.


Good on ya mate!

by blue eyed eerooni (not verified) on

Great to see a fellow do-rageh doing well.

Cheers mate!



by Amiroo (not verified) on

Saman thank you for this awesome interview. I loved it as well as Tehran his cool.

Can we find out more about him and others like him.

Good job and more power to you.


Saman and Tehran

by Anonymous Information (not verified) on

The guy who made this video is the well known director Saman. He does the videos for the group Abjeez. If you have not seen their videos you should check them out. YOUTUBE: ABJEEZ. Their music is great.

Great job Tehran and Saman.

You should do a follow up. Everyone is very interested to know more about Tehran and see more things from Saman.


I Love Tehran

by I Love Iran (not verified) on

I dont know Tehran but he is friends with my brother. Everyone in Washington DC metropolitan area knows him because he is very involved. He is very motivational. He even has a tv show on Iranian satellite that talks about the new generation of Iranians and how they should be proud. He is also very proud of his black side too. Everyone only has good things to always say about him. Even the people that hate dont have anything real to say about him except they are jealous. As a person that sees him around he makes me proud because he is "do-rageh" but more importantly he is an exceptional person. I wouldnt care if he was white, black, brown, yellow, red, green, or blue. Tehran is truly a great person. This is coming from someone that always sees him around and not only on youtube.


Stop Hating

by Iranian Iranian (not verified) on

I cannot believe someone commented on how many "good" comments are being made. Instead of trying to bring someone down to make them like everyone else we should start treating everyone better. This person is getting a lot of good comments because he seems to be like a great guy. Every comment from everyone that "actually" knows him is an amazing comment. I dont think he is an average person or some "random" dude. He seems to be above average in achievement and pride. Good for him and his family. Bad for us as a culture that we feel that we make fun of each other and thats normal.


Very good

by Dr. Siobhani (not verified) on

I want to say I have known this boy most of his life. I have watched him grow up his whole life. I remember when he played basketball for GeorgeMason. He never complained about injury. He was always very bright and intelligent. Everyone loves and respects Tehran. Everytime he comes into the office my nurses all smile. He has that affect. He makes everyone around him smile. His father and mother worked very hard to raise him. He does not drink, smoke, or do drugs and never even tried. He is a very good boy. I am proud for him.


Tehran. we love you. 8 years

by maz2 (not verified) on

Tehran. we love you.
8 years from now go Tehran, Go, go for it. you have my vote.

You speak Persian and English much better than those who speak Farsi or Englizi, and we have a better chance to solve the misundrestanding B/W Iran and America, once for all.



Don't be a hater...

by Saman on

Everyone is a special person and everyone has a cool story to tell. Even a random dude!


> random dude

by Another Lost Iranian in Paris (not verified) on

I totally agree with the last comment. This guy is just another normal do-rageh who happens to like chelo kabob (how surprising...), SUVs, and speaks persian.

There's nothing fantastic about him, calm down people.

I bet if he was hairy, kachal, and overweihted then he surely would not be so ''cool'' to you guys.


Gharibeh Passandy

by Afsaneh (not verified) on

I did enjoy this clip, it's hard not to.
But the comments are making me feel sad. The community is usually quite abusive and critical - except for when a farangi, (Black, Asian, Orange - it doesn't matter)
- embraces them.
"Ancheh khod dasht, zeh biganeh tamanna mikard" - is what Hafez used to say.

I never thought so many positive comments would make me so sad.


Hats off to him & his parents

by Monda on

What a lovely and balanced young man Tehran is. He's pure joy to meet I bet.


Mashallah! I like your work

by Nash (not verified) on

Mashallah! I like your work and glad to know there are lots of us out there. I am half Iranian but was born in Iran and only came to England in 1989. My little brother was only 1 when we came here and has blue eyes and blonde hair but he can speak Farsi and has the most fantastic accent and best of all loves going to Iran and is very proud of his roots.



by Zahra M (not verified) on

I saw him at a comedy show last night. He was hosting and he was amazing. Funnier than the two comics. Even my grandmom loved him. I saw this clip on YOUTUBE. Great clip and a great guy. Good for you Tehran. Everyone loves you. Even my mom and grandmom thought you were hot. Good luck.


At first

by Zendebad Iran (not verified) on

Who is writing all these comments? His mom? All his friends???
thats what I thought at first when I read the comments before I watch the video.
but after watching the video...I love him too. This guy is great.

He is funny and fun to watch. Put him on the main page. I dont know what this PAAAIA thing is everyone is writing about but i think he should be president of it too. Harchee hameh meegan kam goftan. Even Maz Jobrani talks about this guy in one of his shows. I saw it on youtube. My aunt and uncle said that he hosts concerts and comedy shows and they saw him with Maz in Vegas and that he was hillarious. My aunt thinks he is a superstar.


Kheilee khoshteepeh. Beeya

by Nazgol Salahi (not verified) on

Kheilee khoshteepeh. Beeya Iran peesheh mah. Yek sar bezan. Man asheghesham!!!


Pesareh Irooni

by Sheila Kabiri (not verified) on

Pesareh irooni beh een meegan. Kash keh hameh bacheha mesleh Tehran bashan. Eftekhar mekonam vah beh oon pedaro madaree keh bozorgesh kardan. Afarin beh toh bachehyeh khoob.


Tehran For PRESIDENT!!!

by Behrooz Khashi (not verified) on

Ive seen his I Love Tehran show on persian satellite. Now this. He is awesome. As an Iranian that grew up here he makes me proud to be Iranian because he makes it so cool. Hes not a FOB or a geek he is actually cool and funny and makes me personally want to go learn more about being Iranian and speak more Farsi. He doesn't deny his Iranian side or his American side. He is just so comfortable being who he is. I would vote for him in any election.


My kids love him very much.

by Madareh Erooni (not verified) on

My kids love him very much. He make me proud because they look at him when he host concert and shows and my kids want to be more proud Iranian. They born here but because of boy like Tehran they are proud of Iran and want to speak farsi. Everybody in Washington dc know him and know he a very good boy. Congratulations to his family.


I loved him , since I have one at home!

by I have one at home! (not verified) on

My son is adopted he has blond hair and blue eyes, he speaks Persian , and every morning has to have sweet tea and feta cheese and bread. He is 19 and still speaks Persian to me in front of his friends. his favorite Persian food is ash and lobia polo, and he loves dark skin Iranian girls.The sad thing is that Iranians insist in speaking English to him!