Makwan Moloudzadeh

A letter from Paradise

"Makwan: a letter from Paradise" is a video-poem by Roberto Malini and Dario Picciau dedicated to 21-year-old Makwan Moloudzadeh who was hung in prison last December while the international campaign to save his life was collecting signatures and gaining momentum all over the world.

Makwan died an innocent boy. He has become a symbol, both in Iran and throughout the world, for all those who are committed to fighting the inhuman logic of the death penalty.

Thousands of activists all over the world had made a desperate appeal to the authorities and sent them white and red flowers in an attempt to stop the executioner taking his young life. At his funeral a large crowd of townspeople accompanied Makwan's mortal remains, and prayed that his sacrifice would serve to save other human lives by inviting those in power and the judges to realise the horror of the death penalty. This video-poem was made with the support of the Moloudzadeh family, and Makwan's Uncle Mahmoud who lives in Germany.

Two great actors have given their important contribution to the work, lending their voices to this message to humanity: Emiliano Coltorti in the Italian version; Norman Nawrocki in the English version. "Makwan: a Letter from Paradise" opposes the death sentence and its terrible significance (which embodies hatred and revenge) with a respect for life; because murder constitutes, without exception, the greatest possible violation of human rights.


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PMK: More garbage from who else but party girl

by cvaughan59 on

J. C. Vaughan 

Sorry, but I do not understand: are you saying that you approve of killing innocent youths?  Are you saying that such murder can be justified by saying, falsely, "Lavaat!"?  How about all those who rape innocent boys in the prisons (such as Evin)?  Perhaps such "lavaat" is alright if Mullahs order it?  Do you also approve of Abu Ghraib in Iraq?  Or would you approve if only the younger men had been raped?  Or perhaps you would love to see them raped and then "executed" for being dirty homosexuals who did "lavaat"?  Or perhaps you want us to believe that Allah is not merciful and compassionate, that Allah loves child murder, Allah loves child torture, Allah loves child rape?  Perhaps you will get to explain all of this to Allah. Right before Allah throws you into hellfire with the rest of those who love child killers.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

If you were familiar with the case, you would know that he was "convicted" of engaging in homosexual activity. The parties who originally made the claim recanted and stated that it never took place. With no corroboration, there can be no ascertaining that a crime was even committed, therefore, charges should be dropped.

More importantly, the original charges were brought for acts that occurred when he was 13. Not only is capital punishment illegal under international law when the convicted party was under 18 at the time of the crime, but it's illegal under Sharia law as well, where the minimum age is 15.

This isn't about capital punishment in the US. No matter what side of that issue you're on, it's an entirely different matter.

This is specifically about the execution of juvenile offenders.


capital punishment

by zebel20 on

First of all, how do we know he was innocent in the first place, beside this is the American based website funded by Americans, so for all of you living in America, maybe you should fight capital punishment there.


‫آ میتی

لوتی (not verified)

ماواک واز ا ینوسِنت برادر.

مگر نگفته بودم که اگر تاب و تحمل ‫روزه رو نداری نگیر، حالا گرفتی مسلمون بذار بعد از افتار وقتی حواست آومد سر جاش و تونستی بخونی دیگران چی نوشتن بیا حرفاتو بزن


Zionist are so compassionate! Brings tears to my eyes

by Mehdi on

Dear zion, as you stated about Palestinians, "a certain amount of violence is necessary because these are Nazis we're dealing with." Remember? I think this poor guy may also have been a Nazi! So what is the baby-murder quota set by Mosad these days - how many babies murdered a week would be sufficient amount of violence?


‫نقطه جان


The issue is: have we shut our mouths up on what is going on Iran against people because of the threats that these face owing to their own aggressive foreign policies? Don't you think that war is what mullahs search? My choice now resumes to see the beast devouring our entrails or to join my voice to people who have the possibility to say loudly what is going on there.

I don't know Miss Jam and it's a possibility that she is effectively manipulated, but unless I find a more reliable way to say my discontent I'll continue to support this action which is the only that I know. I say loudly no to war, but that even Bush has understood. Then come what may, I don't think it would be worse than what's going on now.

Shini Head

if you kill, you die .....

by Shini Head on



On some commentators' remarks

by . (not verified) on

As the Iranian saying goes, trying to catch fish from muddy waters? Advertising for SCE again? Who is SCE?

Nobody is "skeptical" of events, what people see is that "Miss Jam", an activist for human rights in Iran has the support to set up her podium in the midst of many hundreds of fanatics who want Iran to be bombed and turned into another Iraq, a bomb and start a war against Iran rally, by neocons.

She's either very naive and is being used, or is just playing along and with all its personal financial perks.

Those who know Iran disagree with such tactics, including respected activists who don't have any ties with IRI or with any certain foreign circles outside of Iran, including Shirin Ebadi.

Did CNN have an interview with a Nobel peace prize winner on this issue also when she was abroad? There are no questions on Shirin Ebadi's character and what she stands for, but CNN chose a beauty queen & SCE, XYZ (whoever they are).

I like many, am a huge supporter of human rights.

(Anyone who asks questions should be personally smeared and attacked and insulted, the policy of the neocons who visit and are very active at Don't dicuss the message, try to discredit the messenger immediately, is their motto. And somehow the administrators of the site WILL post their smearing comments and lies, but will censor the replies to such personal attacks, and although those replies are not insulting. I hope this is not a policy and just a case of not being perfect, like everyone else & including myself ).



by Hajminator on

Truth hurts, n'est-ce pas?  This video is a valuable proof of the blind executions perpatrated by the barabric regime in rule in our motherland. People were skeptical when Miss Jam showed pictures of hanged youths.Thanks to PG you have the possiblity to see that these executions are free as they end to the death of innocents like Makwan.

Darius Kadivar

And Some still think SCE is lying ...

by Darius Kadivar on

“Change in Iran will not come through war and bombs; that’s exactly what Ahmadinejad wants. Change will only come from a revolt by the Iranian people, backed by the West, which needs to cry out today on behalf of these children and against Iran’s violation of human rights.”   Nazanin Afshin-Jam




PMK....get a life please

by Majid on

So far you and your ilk took so many lives, this time get a life....will you?

David ET

He was innocent and arrested at the age of 13 !

by David ET on

Iranian Kurd Makwan Moloudzadeh was sentenced to death for rape when he was 13 years old. He was hanged on December 5, 2007 in the morning at a prison in Kermanshah province in western Iran. Makwan was executed despite teh boys who had alleged him of rape, withdrew their accusations. A judicial review and stay of execution was ordered into the sentence but ignored by local authorities. Nothing was done to the local authorities for carrying the death sentence.

In a statement titled "crocodile tears on the cheeks of divisionists" the public relations of the courts of city Kermanshah , where Makwan Moloudzadeh was executed , referred to Makwan as a "villain with background". They referred to the execution as the mean to bring the "sense of security" and "public satisfaction". The local judiciary blamed the "centers of creation of propaganda" for the lying about Makwan. They further blamed Makwan's attorney for abusing words such as "innocent" and "child" in order to influence the public emotions. 

It was reported that 1000's of local residents attended Makwan's funeral. To read more about Makwan visit: // 


‫شهیدان ...




Great Poem!

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

Thank you for the great poem. So fittitng. So sad. And so true. Many have experienced this injustice. He like many may be dead. But the voices of the Innocent will never dies. They will echo and reverbrate in the halls of our collective minds.


More garbage from who else but party girl

by PMK (not verified) on

More garbage from who else but party girl

Kaveh Nouraee

I see this....

by Kaveh Nouraee on

and it only raises my contempt and disgust with these criminals who call themselves a government.

Sentenced to death for homosexual activity committed at the age of 13.

Under 18 (international law), under 15 (sharia law)...TWO violations.

The three who initially said they had sexual relations with him admitted to lying about it. He was executed anyway, having noit committed the act.  VIOLATION #3.

He wasn't executed. He was murdered.



by Zion on

but then again, as our friends say here, it's all Zionist propaganda. Funny how certain people can sleep so calmly at nights.


I wonder if his ethnicity played a role?

by Tahirih on

Being a Kurdish minority , and smoking during ramadan , has signed his death certificate?!!

So sad.....



Makwan was innocent

by IRANdokht on

I remember when I heard Makwan was hanged. He was one of the innocent victims of the unjust system. For people who follow these cases through SCE campaign, knowing that his file was sent back for review brought good news of hope... but they hanged him before the review even began.


Thank you  Party Girl