Majid the Kabob Guy

When Iranians have people over, the food has to be good

All about Kabob. A great video about Iranians having a fabulous party with Kabob.


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Cy of Persia

The Deductive Logic

by Cy of Persia on

I was curious what part of country these people are living in.  So, I used some deductive logic as follows; The time is the late December of 2007.   The ground is wet from recent rains but it does not look cold enough for anyone to wear warm jackets.

It is definitely not New York, Washington DC or Chicago.   Because during the winter, Majid khan e kaboby and all of the guests would be wearing winter coats, jackets and may be even hats. And there could be snow on the ground.

  Seattle and Portland were a definit may be, but I ruled them out.  Because  they don’t have the Iranian population concentration needed to support a Kaboby catering business and the trees around the house did not look evergreen.         The rainy/overcast climate does not look like usual Southern California.   It is most likely the San Francisco Bay area. So, my guess would be anywhere in the west side of the San Francisco bay. Possibly somewhere in or around Silicon Valley.

PS: if you wish to download and keep a copy go directly to: //  


To: Aghaye Majid khan keh

by az NY (not verified) on

To: Aghaye Majid khan keh kabab dorost mikonid.
Dast shoma dard nakonad!

Mashalla che tar o ferz hastid va vaared!
Man keh az didan in clip delam za'af raft!

AYYYY, man ham kabab koobideh o non zir kabab mikham!
In weekend weekend yek karish mikonim...
Merci, Movafagh o shaad bashid.


Iranian of the day

by Hajminator on


I elect Madjid as the iranian of the day. He gave so much kindness to people there that he deserves it. It takes me more than 5 minutes to roll up the meat on a sikh while it took him no more than 30 seconds it's incredible.


The Iranian-American .COM bubbly dollars!

by benbagheri on

The .COM bubbly dollars are ooozing from this Iranian-American party!!!


Contact Info for Majid Kabob Guy?

by Strongiranianwoman1 on

Does anyone have Majid Kabob Guy's business tel. number? IF so, please post it.

 Thank you.


Can I ?

by Majid on

Can I take credit sharing the same name with him? Even though when I make kabob the only thing remains intact is the "SIKH"....

Wish he would reveal his receipe!! 


Yam Tell him to com to

by Anonymous on

Tell him to com to Australia we need him here


where can we find this Majid

by Rubi (not verified) on

where can we find this Majid agha? anyone??


I second that Mooshmooshak

by hawes380 (not verified) on

We certainly need someone like him in Minnesota.


Kabob gone mobile!!!

by mooshmooshak on

We need a Majid Agha in MN!