"Living a dog´s life"

Shahin Najafi & Tapesh2012

آهنگ " زندگى سگى ما" تقديم به دانشجويان دربند و شورندگان عليه وضعيت موجود.


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Please write in Farsi

by Mosheh (not verified) on

Dear hossein hajiagha, please write in Farsi, even with latin alphabets, so we can understand you better. Thanks.


you rung ?

by hossein hajiagha (not verified) on

look at this news to day from Globeandmail
Cost of Parliament Hill renovations climbs past $1-billion
after all canada became as best country in world we have over 300.000 homeless
every where we saw poor and homeless, drugs and crime expensive life
now I asking you stop all this propaganda please and look where you live know and future of human right
and why I stop to support Iranian or any others human right groups and be happy as artist to go back and live in Iran.
you are worry to some one like me as independent artist and honest land here and show your dirty ass.
girl's young as 12 years here sale sex for drug and look here to renovated parliament building and $1 billion dollars?
tell me where Ahmadijenad spend such money on own....


This is the best ever on this Hizbollahi web site

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

Basiji comprise of group of thugs, punks, criminals and cowards walk on the street corners beat people up and insult, harass and humiliate women and men.

In Iran the first rule is the rule of jungle, the survival of the fittest brought to you by Hizbollah and the gang of thugs.


Nobody believes our pain

by Shahrokh T (not verified) on

That is the last sentence of the song writer. He is right and the reason is, we the Iranians out side of Iran make others to believe there is nothing going on in Iran!
If some leader says, Ahmadinejad is insane, we say President Ahmadinejad is good. Is some one says, we do not want our flag to have a Allah on it, some other ones say, this is the flag that is known for 30 years as the symbol of Iran. (Please tell me during Shah, what % of the flags had lion and sun on it. I reacll, most shop keepers did not have any signs on their flags.)

Do you know, some one many years ago said.

Az Mast Keh Bar Mast.


Negative, but good........

by Shah Hannah (not verified) on

Artistically speaking good work.We can never have too many artists.Bravo keep-on doing a good job.