Life in Tehran

Song: Hich-Kas, "Ekhtelaf"



CanadaBoy and HajiBasiji

by Iva (not verified) on

What morons! one asks people to shut up in the face of atrocities that are committed by Fascists moslems in Iran because he wants to have sex. The idiot has not realized that it is not pictures of brutality from Iran that cause his lonliness, but rather his islamic attitude toward women that pushes them away. Ant the other BOY, says because there is poverty in Canada and other places then it is OK to have horrible conditions in Iran.

Brainwashed masalmoons ...


Canada Boy

by cyrus- (not verified) on

I have seen the Inidian reserve near Kenora Ontario.
I have also seen the Indian reserve near Hamilton.
But one thing is for sure, they receive a monthly allowence from the federal government. Now how they spend it is another matter.
Also the Indian reserve as a whole receives millions to spend on their society, what the indian chiefs do is also another story. So don't consider yourself as the one who has been around and seen it all.


Canadaboy Again

by kamran in UK (not verified) on

I forgot to add:

what happens if you protest about the social injustice you mentioned in Canada? If you write in order to promote change?

Will you get your head smashed in by a gang of thugs? Will you get a 100 lashes? Spend a while in solitary confinement with a nice dose of torture?

Come on! I find it astonishing that you even compare Canada to Iran. Looks like some of you lot in Canada need to have your citizenships revoked and sent back to IRI.


To Canadaboy

by kamran (not verified) on

First of all it is a music video as someone rightly said and not a documentary.
Second and more important is that the problems in Iran are far far worse than in Canada. That's why YOU live in Canada and not in Iran. That's why almost everyone in Iran wants to get a visa to get out and go anywhere BUT Iran. And finally, the enormous social and economic problems in Iran are a result of and exasperated by poor management, corruption and the desire of a savage regime to survive no matter what.


ISLAMEH Nabeh Mohammadi!!!

by The Executioner (not verified) on

This video is Islameh Nabeh Mohammadi, DEVOUR it!!!!

Hey Hajiagha, you should've done namazeh vahshat after watching this video, I do it after looking at your drawings.

Fuck all Islamo fascists, someday soon we are going to hang all of you islamo-fascist from the poles of Pahlavi streets. it is going to be you hanging from those poles, your days are numbered bache hezboolahi.

In dafeh dige Islamoo, mamado, panj tan o masoomin hameh dast jami raftan be gah, thanks to the mullahs. for now Iranians are enjoying islameh nabeh mohamandi to the fullest.


besmirched "MY" honour

by babol (not verified) on

Re the 14 year old who was stoned by her father... (a horrible horrilble tale to no end)
He did it for "HIS" honor and what people would think of "HIM", in his mind nothing else mattered other than HIM and the HONOR FAcTOR which reflected on HIM.
The child was of no consequence at all!
I could not, did not watch this video other than the first 10 seconds or so, too much horror, although I do agree it can be found in quite a few countries...


to all those who emotionally criticized what I wrote

by Canadaboy (not verified) on

First of all, to some that suggested that I have only seen north of Tehran, that is not true. I had the privillege of going accross Iran (from Urumiyeh to Bandar Abbas) this summer and visited Iran once again during christmas and visited poor areas as well as rich areas. I did not expect Iran to have the same GDP as Canada or Sweden or Switzerland and I definitely didn't expect people's lives to be the same there as in industrilized nations. However, I am sure that all of you who have so blindly seen these pictures have never been to a native Indian camp in Canada. You haven't seen how the government of Canada deals with these poor individuals who have NOTHING. Addiction and Alcoholism runs high and they live in absolute poverty. You have also never been to Ghettos of Kingston, Toronto, Halifax and Montreal to see how homeless people live by selling marijuana to high school kids. As a journalism student I had the opportunity to see all of this, and that is why I said injustice is universal. Now go ahead and make my statement political by calling me an Islamist and a tool of the Islamic Republic.

and to SICK OF ISLAMISTS who said:"May you end up like more than 40% of Iranians who live below poverty line, drug addicted and have to resort to Prostitution." If you have a young daughter that is growing up here in the West, you will see the results of your beloved western culture when she goes to highschool and then university and there is no need for me to hope for anything. She won't have to resort to prostitution as you say, she will simply be one without having the name attached to her.


after I watch this I clean all my Video from you tube

by hajiagha hossein (not verified) on

I had video I try to educated the hezbollah's and Iranian muslims to thinks better and respect to human right , now I clean all , sucks I don't like to see a garbage video had support by this people and then delete my comment on we are hard working to educate the Moslem's in Iran if one of the are going to watch this video he or she go more anger to punish the Iranian there is no messages in this stupid video with western song?


Does anyone know if hichkas

by Anonymous45 (not verified) on

Does anyone know if hichkas actually made this video, and not just by someone putting it together??? I know the song is theirs, but I have seen it with other videos, not this.


you insult the Iranian as wild nation not Mullahs

by hossein hajiagha (not verified) on

copy some photo not belong to Iran show drug and those on drugs not only belong to Iran problems with almost every country in world, poor are living every where such as in USA, execution also here in USA we have , if some one not Iranian going to watch this what they things about us or Mullahs, Irani9an as wild no educated nation? this man Jahansha javeid he also lost his mind
how we can work hard to support human right in Iran if some crazy man like this guy here he don't know what he want and what he do?


do not publish my fucking cartoons on Iranian any more

by hajiagha on


you publish this garbage and when some one apply to and give right answer why deleted why you not delete when some one told me on my editorials cartoon, Insulted me....get fuck off do not publish my cartoons, you don't have any right any more to publish any cartoon from hajiagha


To Canada boy and others with his similar opinions

by Kurdish warrior (not verified) on

Obviously you've only spent time in northern Tehran and not the suburbs. How about Iran's other regions? Kuzestan, Kurdistan or Baluchistan province...If you haven’t been there well then you wouldn't know the horrific living conditions and people day to day misery. So Pls either do some research and adjust your thoughts or be quiet.


An Iranian man and his buddy

by amazing (not verified) on

An Iranian man and his buddy stoned the man's 14 year-old daughter to death after suspecting that she was having a relationship.
AKI reported:

A man known as Sharif has reportedly stoned his fourteen-year-old daughter to death in southeastern Iran because for allegedly having a relationship with a man.

Sharif's wife reported him to police after he and a friend killed the girl in Zahedan, capital of Baluchistan province.

Sharif showed no sign of remorse, telling police who interrogated him: "I suspected that my daughter had a relationship with a man and I had to stone her to death as she had besmirched my honour."

"I had no other choice," he said, telling police how he had carried out the stoning.



Iran has Stoning, Legal

by shame (not verified) on

Iran has Stoning, Legal pedophilia, eye-gouging, amputating limbs. I would much rather be water boarded than to be stoned.

America has many ills, which American freely discuss and criticize all over the blogsphere and even in the Congress and the Senate. They even gather signatures and campaign for impeaching their Persident. Can they do that in Iran? Can they impeach mullah geda Khameni? I didn't think so.

The western gov't are at least nice to their own people and try to provide the basics for them. They are not thieves and as corrupt as the Iranian leadership.

And if someone doesn't make it here in the West, it's their fault not the systems problem. The West also has the most efficient and productive economies and invests its money into research, development, innovation, marketing and creating jobs, precisely because they are not as greedy as the mullahs.

Western countries have middle class and everyone has an opportunity to move up the ladder in the West. Perhaps it's easier in the US than in Europe.


Please visit the ghettos and

by Anonymousl (not verified) on

Please visit the ghettos and slums of South Tehran; Niavaron; communities afflicted with abject poverty, drug addiction and prostitution. And then go to North Tehran and witness the obscene wealth and debauchry of those who are connected to the Islamic Regime...



by yaakk (not verified) on

Who are the "soosool" guys who made this song?
When I hear it I wanna throw up!
What a disgusting voice! Mixing everything together..from drug dealers to rapists and shah's criminals being hanged and some poverty typical of every metropolitan in the world..

Iarn's problems can not be solved with this kind f "Punk" music!!



Interesting, Aghazadeha and

by shame (not verified) on

Interesting, Aghazadeha and Islamists collaborators are insisting that all is well and this is normal and just fine and dandy.

I wonder what they would say if this was a video from the Shah's era? They would have raised holy hell. What hypocrites.

The Shah is a saint compared to these thieves and murderes ruling Iran. The mullahs have looted and killed more than Shah ever did in his entire reign. Shame on you mullah parast. You deserve this republic of sewer and criminals. May you all drown in it furhter.

Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

Thank you for posting this video. I had already seen most of these pictures of Iran before, but i think we, as Iranians, need to be reminded of the ugly face of our own reality. Thanks...Azarin


WOW, WTF? is that all about?

by PS (not verified) on

WOW, WTF? is that all about? I agree unfortunate incidents, but that is not life in Iran. We have this unfortunately in every country, or at least some form of it. But to call this life in Tehran is f*^&## divoonehhhhhhhh....


Give the guy a break!!! and I agree with Marux!

by farrad02 on

Give the guy a break! He didn't say these scenes are all you see there. And he didn't say you can't find misery like this anywhere else! This is a music video/slideshow that matches the rap song being played. Have you not seen American music videos that shows intercity violence in New York or Chicago?!

This is called freedom of expression! Anyone who can't stand or tolerate it is a dictator in nature. And the problem with us (Iranians) is that a majority of us are individual dictators! And that is why dictatorships like the Islamic Republic (and before that the Pahlavi Monrchy) thrive and survive in Iran! 

And finally, I agree Marux. The previous regime was not much better when it comes to brutal treatment of the opposition! Those of us who lived under it remember it well! But again, things haven't changed because WE (Iranians) are not changing! We are the same bunch of lying, cheating and self-congratulating dictatotrs we have always been. And it's even gotten worse! So, why should we expect to get a better system of government? Why?





If you want criticize do it, but be fair

by XerXes (not verified) on

You must be fair so people won't question your motives in a wrong way. How about if I bring you pictures from Catherina and soldiers being killed and call it life in America? Wouldn't you say that's propaganda?


این کاره نیستی داداش لطفا ویدیو نساز دیگه

MM (not verified)

این زحمتی که کشیدی و این ویدیو رو ساختی واقعا چه فایده‌ای جز اشاعه‌ی نفرت و ریختن ته‌مونده‌ی آبروی ما ایرونیا روی نت داره. ایرانین‌کام هم بهش لینک میده ریتینگ‌شو بالا می‌بره فردا تهرانو سرچ کنی ویدیوی آقا میاد بالا. تنها نتیچه‌ی این‌جور کارها فیلترشدن و بسته شدن بیشتر سایت‌های اینترنتیه. اون هیچ‌کس که اینو خونده تهران زندگی می‌کنه ورداشتی یه مشت عکس از تو همون ایسنای خود ج.ا. گذاشتی روش فکر می‌کنی هنر کردی



by Stopthepropaganda (not verified) on



That second last picture,

by azadi (not verified) on

That second last picture, with the bareback of a girl bloodied and smothered, shows you what kind of animals rule Iran. But, that's nothing new.
And Hichkas kicks ass. Very good Iranian rapper.


Canada Boy

by cyrus- (not verified) on

I live in canada just like you. Came back from Iran 2 weeks ago. Have seen it all there and to a lot lesser degree here . When was the last time you went back for a visit and really looked around for those poor people who have nothing ??


Yes, it sucks seeing pictures....but

by Hassan Ghardash (not verified) on

Poverty, drugs, unemployment, and broken system are not only unique to the nation of Iran. Every society has its share of bad and goods regardless of the topic. But, regarding the life in Iran, the Army of Khodi-ha have brought misery and devastation to the Na-khodi-ha. The government of Iran has abandoned a good percentage of Iranians who have no voice and are lost in the midst of economical difficulties. This is happening while their nation’s wealth is siphoned to Syria, Palestine, and those bloody hooligans in Lebanon. Having said the above, couldn't help but saying; fuck Hick-Kas. They are nobody. They are the son's and daughters of those who did enough thieveries during the period of the other retarded asshole.


These pictures are mostly

by shame (not verified) on

These pictures are mostly from last year's crack down of the regime on poor Iranians. Some are from Bam.


Canadaboy: "Injustice is

by sick of islamists (not verified) on

Canadaboy: "Injustice is universal buddy". Remember this when you and your ilk who have been stealing the beit-ol-mal are brought to trial for your theivary and corruption. May you end up like more than 40% of Iranians who live below poverty line, drug addicted and have to resort to Prostitution.

Canada also has one of the strongest economies in the world. Bisavad, check their GDP and Income per capita. I don't even think you know what those terms means. Islamic collaborators days are numbered.

Have you been to Bam Lately? Shame on you immoral criminals.


wish there was youtube before this regime

by Marux (not verified) on

All systems suck including this one. All government lie including this one. All government are despicable including this one. But for those who dream of going back to the old regime, don't have wet dream about that, since those butchers were garbage too but we didn't have youtube then.



by Canada-boy (not verified) on

fuck hichkas and whoever made this video. most of the pictures where from the Iraq war, I guess they just want to make a strong point that they would rather live in the West. Hopefully they'll get a chance to come and see for themselves how poverty exists EVERYWHERE and the people who made those attrocities in the pictures (the Iraq war) live a very luxarious life with no worries. Injustice is universal buddy.