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Advice: Let's not be negative



Anooni or Akhondi??

by Someone over the rainbow (not verified) on

ANOONI or AKHONDI?....that is the question? You're conspiracy theory point of view is a little old...come on now, The Bahai Faith has not only converted the "poor" and "uneducated" Africans and Latinos, you really need to access your own "education" and figure out why you hate so much.


Funny this person has so many faces!!!

by Tahirih (not verified) on

Iva,logic, guldost,.... the list goes on and on this person leaves comments under different names.I HAVE STARTED TO SEE JJ'S POINT ,WHICH WANTS US TO REGISTER.

Your south Africa theory is so obsurd that I am sure you had to take a deep breath and write it.

There are people from all different races that are bahai's how do you explain it? I like to hear it!
I am going to introduce something more exciting for you to use in your next conspiracy theory:Bahai's are agents of planet Venous, and they are working on taking over our solar system,that's why we all have a TAIL(or dome in farsi).
Honestly,some people think we have a hidden tail!
Khoda be to yek aghlie bedeh, and for the rest peace on Earth,


On being good

by Alborzi (not verified) on

First off I have to say half of our family is Bahaii, (my grand mother's sister married into that religion), I spent many summer after noons discussing and debating it with my cousin. It seems to me Baha'ullah had many good ideas (like equality of sexes and races and ... ), but most of these were all around and liberal at 18th century. Essentially it is expected that any enlightened mullah in 18th century would come up with those, during the parliament movements there were both bahis and regular Moslem who struggled. Just like the video I do not see why the religion is even brought into arguments, its great to talk to neighbor and Baha'ullah has nothing to do with it.


"Logic" is right

by Farzad (not verified) on

Many years ago I ate a piece of Sangak bread and the small rock lodged in the bread broke my molar tooth. I was told that it was the work of British who conspired to teach bakers to bake this lovely bread on small rocks so that Iranians who love their bread are always in pain. Then they conspired to teach the uneducated to immerse and clean the rock sugar (ghand) in the tea so it becomes clean before eating it. We must always be aware of British conspiracy...

Mona 19

Dear Fair-minded Readers

by Mona 19 on

Most of what Muslims know about the Baha'i Faith at present, is from what other Muslims say, or from what they read in Muslim and other non-Baha'i sources.

Please go and investigate the TRUTH for yourself.In Holy Quran says:"O
ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news,
ascertain the truth, lest ye harm people unwittingly, and afterwards
become full of repentance for what ye have done." [49:6]

The Dawn-breakers is a historical account of the early days of the Bahai revelation by Nabíl-i-Zarandí //reference.bahai.org/en/t/ab/MF/mf-10.html

In Farsi: //reference.bahai.org/fa/t/nz/DB/

In English: //reference.bahai.org/en/t/nz/DB/



Love the thoughts....Hate the propoganda.

by Mani321 (not verified) on

These are very nice thoughts, but please leave the "lets convert more lost souls to our glorouis religion" part at home. Preach to the Africans, Chines and other targets of Bahai missionaries. We Iranians have just had about enough of religous propaganda.....of ANY religios propoganda.


response to Anooni

by logic (not verified) on

There is a good reason.... just like the Ahmadiyeh (ghadyani) movement of Pakistan (how odd they are similar to bahais and they came out at around the same time, ofcourse no Iranians have heard of them since the bahais do a great job of hiding that, read history...), they target poor countries for converts. They mainly target African and South American countries where the religious education level is extremely low, a good number of people were forced into a religion by imperialists and of course there are alot of poor people. So now, a bunch of pretty white people with lots of money, wealth and education come knocking on their door with some religion they have never heard of... It is ironic how I have heard of "entire cities of 100k people" converting to a religion. One must wonder how that really happens, is it converting educated seasoned people or is it following the same kind of tricks that imperialists used to convert people. Instead of using the element of fear, they are using the element of poverty to its extreme to convert people.

Also, of noteworthy mention is that alot of educated Iranian bahais moved to Africa about 30-40s back (obviously with money) and started a family there. Their kids were/are raised in money and as nationals of that country like the lady above. Then they are sent abroad to achieve higher education at institutions in the West and subsequently return to their "home" and take up high positions in government since there is no one else to fill those shoes and the government has no choice but to hire them. Hence exerting their influence on the country. Ofcourse, they never forget who sponsors their religion and who granted one of their religious leaders the title of "Sir" in a time when the British empire was *hated* in Iran by the majority of its peoples.

I think that its a shame that we look at bahaism from only a religious point of view and alot of people associate them with the lack of religious freedom in Iran. All Iranians should look at the bahaism from a national perspective first before looking at it from a religious zealot perspective. When bahaism started, Iranians were very much in the middle of their deep and hard struggle with british influence in their country. There is a substantial amount of history one can read on that issue (really there is no need for references, just go read). During that time, the founders of bahaism were fierce british supporters to the extent that they were given titles from the british government. One must ponder then, why were they really there? Is it really a religion for the people or is it a man made religion that helped to pursue the influences of an imperialist? If so, why were they so much out of line with the majority of the Iranian population. Can we really compare this to Abrahamic religions and their rise? Why was their such fierce support for the brits in time where we hated them and they were the centerpiece of all of our problems... We know now that if the british never interfered in our country's affairs, we would have been a much wealthier country with alot less problems... lets leave it at that, I think everyone understands that.

Please read some history instead of yapping based on the oral history other people give you and those posted on this site. Its not a matter of religion and freedom of religion, its a matter of national interests and reality. Read up on the Ghadyanis/Ahmadiyeh movement of Pakistan and how oddly are they so similar to the bahais in Iran. How strange isnt it? How strange that at the same time Wahabbisim was raised in Saudi Arabia. Hmmm.... really odd stuff dont you think. A quick flash thought, the only thing that fully and completely united Qajar-era Iran was and still is its religion.

We as Iranians should be proud that we blocked them from taking control of our country. Zende bad roohe azime Amir Kabir.

FYI - Im not going to post again and respond to messages here. I firmly believe that anyone who fairly and honestly reads Iranian history with a mind and heart for their country will come to this conclusion. enough said.

Some African person who is Iranian looking should not be considered Iranian.



by Iva (not verified) on

As far as I know, all religions (asemoni din) preach "peace", "solidarity" and "taking care of others" .. and, and and on the surface .. yet, history has shown that religion is nothing but a tool to fool masses and submit masses to oppression; be it Christianity, islamic cult, etc.) As a earlier commentator said, "baba, it's between me and my god". Leave religion in your homes or stop complaining about religion ruining your life (i.e. instead of making a weblog from Shiraz, making in South Africa).

Darius Kadivar

Same Girl ?

by Darius Kadivar on


 Very Nice Comments here too on the Satrapi movie Persepolis



Leyla Jaan Thanks for your positivity

by ramintork on

I think it is good to remember that you can benefit from good advise independent of your faith, or in my case lack of faith as I am an agnostic, so thanks for your positive suggestions.

By the way, I spent a month in South Africa, what a beautiful country but almost got shot by a car jacker! I learnt from the locals not to stop at the robots ( traffic lights) but go slow until the light changes, so you see it is good to listen to good advice.


No no . not pushing religion.. No please!

by Annoyed-Anonymous (not verified) on

Why should you have such a limited small view of the world?


A little suggestion

by Yek ZAN (not verified) on

To all of you haters out there,

I am talking about the people that say that her speech is bad because she is "pushing" Bahaism,

firstly look at what you "push" everyone "pushes" something - If having a perspective on something is bad - then we shouldn't think!

This is very simple logic that unfortunatlely many biased/racist/relgion-hating (perspective-hating) people use...think about that for a while will you?

Beh farsi ham megam keh onai keh fagadr farsi medonan mahroom nashan

Beh onai ke megan ke chon dare tableeghe Bahai mekoneh sohbatesho bad medoni, INO BEDON keh HAMAMOON yek NAZARI darim - pass agar NAZAR cheze badi hast - HECH kodememon nabayad HARF bezanim chon harf zadan yek now TABLEEG yah ebraze NAZAR hast -

Yek zareh fekr kon, yek zare to deleton fekr kon ke in bado bera ha ke megin chera megin - as past bodan hast, as nejat parasti hast, chon madaramon yah akhondeh sareh koche mege Bahaiya badan in chizaro megim...

"yek zare fekr behtaraz 100,000 saleh ebatat hast." (bahaiya ino megan, albate)


And one more thing....

by Majid on

Isn't it ironic that when "ANY RELIGION" is not in power "YET", they ALL are peaceful , humane and loving ?


How I wish.......

by Majid on

I live for the day that we " ALL " leave the religion in the closet !

Wishful thinking ?


BABA !!......It's between "ME" and "MY" GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!



Not we - You (Mr. Gol-Dust)

by Anonymous80 (not verified) on

Ghorban, if you have problem with humanity and unity of humanity that is a different story, but WE did not run from religion, YOU DID.

movafagh bashid


a male-dominated religion

by hengameh (not verified) on

bahai religion discriminates against women, and they cannot become leaders.


تمام این صحبتها که

ٍٍامامزاده عبدالله (not verified)

فرمودید درست و بجای خود. ولی سوال بنده این است:

نهار چی دارین؟


Gul dost ,Or shall I say Hooshang!!!!

by Tahirih (not verified) on

Well I guess your picking up your broken spirit,from our last conversation??!!
Great now you are Gol dust!
Pleeeeeeease, ,let us just appreciate this young lady,who is still fluent in farsi and is so sweet.
Lets talk about what part of her talk was or is harmfull to humanity ,that you are so worried about?

Leyla jan great talk and you are sweet as it can get.

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

  She just briefly mentioned her religion. I don't think there ever comes a day when religion dies, as much as many of us( non-religious people on this site ) would like to see it disappear or weaken. And as long as you are not shoving your religion up my nose, I don't have a problem with it. In a world where killing non-believers is a common way to advocate for your "God", merely mentioning your faith, or lack thereof, should be welcomed by all.



by MM (not verified) on

Is the color harmony (monitor, clothes, wall) intentional?


Too bad your only reason is bahaii missionary!

by gol-dust on

all that sweetness for religion! hows business in s. africa? i guess Austria wasnt good! it would be great if you would have removed the religion from it. BTW forget about the old lady, go after the young and ignorants who can raise many more bahaii offspring! lovely! remeber, we ran away feom any religion, not only eslam!

Mona 19

love thy neighbour...

by Mona 19 on

You're right! we need to put away our differences and consort with all people with amity and concord :)



Nice talk lady, but I am a

by homo (not verified) on

Nice talk lady, but I am a homosexual, and hazrate Baha'ollah mige man bayad avaz besham. mano ghabool nemikone va baraye chayi va ghahveh mano davat nemikone.
There is something above all religions in every one of us, called humanity. If we listen to it, we won't need any religion to guide us. They all meant well, but one way or the other fall short of delivering a comprehensive solution to the problems of our world.



by Naghed (not verified) on

Is criticizing of her acting called negativity??
It is hard for an ordinary viewer to bear with too much of her showing off movements & therefore he or she might become lost in transition.
She could have simply expressed her opinions without offering such exposures.


Youth can move the world

by citizen of the world (not verified) on

Well done!


Nice a lady

by Daram (not verified) on

Me too, was wondering what to make of it, until I heard the majic B word. Not that anything wrong with it. Hey, what do I know? I amI just me.


Iranians in Africa

by Anooni (not verified) on

Wow, there seem to be a lot of Iranian Bahai throughout the continent of Africa. I think once JJ put a video of a little boy adopted by an Iranian bahai family and he spoke perfect Persian. It was really cool. Does anyone know why there are so many Bahai in Africa? Is it because they are supposed to proselytize?


nice until she starts pushing Bahaism (3:25)

by AsgharAgha (not verified) on

I wondered where this was going now I know.


Very bright Lady. Tks!!!

by Dada (not verified) on

Thank you for your positive thoughts. Positive attitude help you live longer, for sure.



by Ayatoilet (not verified) on

Nice thinking pretty young lady