L.A. Akbar Mashti

American discover Iranian ice cream in Los Angeles

Cityzine visits Mashti Malone's in Los Angeles for some delicious and exotic Persian / Iranian ice cream


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Akbar Mashti pour toujour

by marjan (not verified) on

that's perfect, even if in US.


Seriously did somebody just

by skatermom (not verified) on

Seriously did somebody just break down the etymology of the word "akbar Mashdi" and find its roots in Islam?


i dont like it!

by sunshine45 (not verified) on

i am not so sure about it being genetic... i may be the only iranian who does NOT like akbar mashti. i cannot stand the rosewater taste. i do not like faloodeh either. give me some good old baskin robbins 31 flavors or dairy queen!!!!!


Akbar Mashadi ice cream

by John Carpenter III PhD (not verified) on

No one ever notices that "Akbar Mashadi" is the name of the ice cream. It was named such because akbar is an arabic word and Mashad is the city where the 8th Shia Imam is buried. The 8th Shia Imam was named Imam Ali Reza. It is customary to send salutations to the prophet Mohammad and his family after eating Akbar Mashadi ice cream. The same is true after eating a good chelo kabob.
The praise in arabic is, "Allah homa-saleh Ala Mohammad va aleh mohammad".
The best Akbar Mashadi ice cream can be purchased in northern tehran. I advise everyone to take a flight there to get some good ice cream.


Akbar mashti`s Milk Ice Cream

by Faribors Mmaleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

In sunmmerholidays we used to start at early evening for akbar mashti`s Ice shop on foot. As we got there we could drink cool water as we waited for ice. For me is that ice cream, up to this time, the best best Milk Ice cream I have ever eaten. The guests hall was very larg. After we were finished we startet to leave. As we had reached the exit the waiter which had served us said so laud as it was hearable in that far distance the prise we had to pay for our ice on akbar mashti personaly, who sat in the Enterance/Exist door. It was very nice for us to be handled in such a way. So nice that sometimes we meant we go to akbar masshti just because of the way he serves ice and collects and not only for tahe taste of his Milk Ice Cream. Greeting



by mirzakhan (not verified) on

This (Persian) ice cream is heavenly. To love it is genetic. My kids (only toddler) love it after they eat the Chelo-Kabab). Trust me their mom could not cook anything Persian (OK she cann't cook at all!!), so it they like it, it is not by training...