Kurdish guerillas

Patriotic video

Kurdish guerillas "fighting for Kurdish Rights In Kurdistan's Mountains. They are the hope of Kurds for a bright Future."



Why publish this video on Iranian.com

by Ali (not verified) on

There is a limit to the "freedom of expression"!!

These people shown in the video are a bunch of terrorists who DO NOT represent the majority of Iranian Kurds. And publishing such videos will only create animosity, hatred and division among different Iranian ethnic groups.

There are many dark forces who are promoting separatism among Iranian ethnic groups, the editor of Iranian.com should be more responsible with the information he puts on his website.

The Iranian territorial integrity is far more important that "freedom of speech".



by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

I have no ill will to the kurds. But, i will defend the right of the any government to maintain its territorial integrity at any cost. These videos are no different that what we saw made for Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Except one is funded by Arabs, and these idiots are funded by Jews. Killers are killers. I hate to say it, but Khomeini did Iran a great service by setting the Kurds straight in 1980. To the kurds residing in IRAN I say this, you too can migrate to the promise land and leave if you're unhappy! But everyone of you WILL die if you try to break iran apart to benefit foreign interests.


RamiN,,You are an idiot = Bishoor

by bacheyeh kermanshah (not verified) on

Show your fellow Iranians some respect. If you are man enough (have some balls) why don't you go to Kurdistan region and say the things you are saying. Khak bar saret konand ahmagh.



by no_name (not verified) on

I grew up with kurdish friends and I always thought of them with high regards. But, they have since sold their souls to the Israel's mossad and have forgotten about centuries of living with us.

They are very short sighted. They are fooled by the promise of independent kurdistan by the Jewish lobby and the zionist. Turkey will never allow it and it would never happen. They'll wake up one day abandoned after they have out lived their usefulness to the Zionist and now have to live among people the betrayed.



by ramiN (not verified) on

Bunch of terrorist retards!
Why is this video here? These people are killing our soldiers!
they are bunch of terrorist who dont care about iran or irani they just want thier own kurdish country .
They fougth for sadam and were funded by sadam now they are funded by the zoinst regime.
Kurds are generally very retarded i was very surprised that they managed to put a video together.


Please don’t be judgemental.....

by Kurdish warrior (not verified) on

I ain’t a fan of their party because they should unite with others to achieve their goal (bring down the IRI) however I can understand that sometimes you are left without any choice but to defend your rights via what ever you have or given. Please don’t be judgemental if you never lived in that part of Iran to see the circumstances of how people get by their ordinary lives. And as for intolerance please visit the area and you see the hospitality of these people. It’s the ignorance which brings hate.


The problem of Kurdish

by farzeen (not verified) on

The problem of Kurdish people is that they are self-centered and intolerant of other ethnic groups. They need to learn from their own history (mistakes) that they cannot fight with everyone at the same time and expect respect from all. They need to learn how to live in peace with others.


fuck british and USA and CIA

by hajiagha on


to spending large money to brother kill another brother to they rub us and so sad  some people are breanwashed by this way ?as you see in this viedo a guy's look like british man, or perhaps from CIA, remmbers Dr, Mosadegh? remmbers war Iraq attack on Iran?



by Majid on

Very true and to the point my friend.


Agree absolutely with Mehdi and Kurosh

by XerXes (not verified) on

Well said.


They are doing one little mistake and that is.....

by Kurdish warrior (not verified) on

Unfortunately with the current regime which suppresses its people through any necessary tools (hanging, jails, stoning, etc), I believe this is the only way to act against it. However I don’t believe that this group could achieve much without unifying themselves with the rest of oppositions. Majority of Iranians groups (Kurds, Baluch, Khuzestan Arabs and others don’t support independence. Independence is just propaganda from some small groups but they all support federalism where they can enjoy their individual rights (language, customs, etc)


how do we know

by MRX on

this clips are taken in Iran? any how these guys seem to be in shape though that's for sure.


Bunch of little dictators ... deja vous

by kurosh (not verified) on

Here is another one of those videos that that abuses romantic notions of war and independence and ignores the real cost of war. These ideas of Guerilla Warfare or violent revolutions in order to fight for "rights" really belong to a couple of centuries ago.

The future is about a "flat" world without boundaries. Whether these fighters like or not that is where the world is moving towards. They need to ask each other if it is worth dying for a senseless cause. Violence and Arms never brings lasting peace and prosperity for anyone.

Iran's main problem is lack of freedom for everyone and inability to work together as a group. And you can't solve these issues by wars of independence where you'll end up with yet a bunch of more little dictators. You solve thee problems by gradually nurturing democratic institutions where people can start to learn how to work together and do things that benefits everyone.

to the person who creates the video: If you want to be a patriot do something positive. Don't misguide the youth into senseless cycle of violence.


Bright future or "no" future?

by MM (not verified) on

Times have changed. One lesson we all have learned is that with guns and bloodshed you cannot achieve anything except more guns and more bloodshed and more hatred.



by Mehdi on

It always amazes me how some people have no money to build a school or university; they have no money for food and heat or for building better housing. But they can alway buy weapons and proper war attire, and handle the cost of many decades of war. Somehow magically they can afford that. These people won't line up to help for a cause unless there was a promise of some fast action shooting. What is the secret?